American Express Gold Card 2023 Review | 5 Secret Benefits & Perks

So ladies and gents here in my hand is The American Express gold card I Actually have two versions the rose gold And the regular gold this was the first American Express card that I ever got And on top of that it was actually the First card that I ever made a credit Card video here on YouTube about since Getting these cards a little while back These have been an everyday essential Within my wallet and one of my current Daily driver cards so in this video I'm Gonna give you the full rundown of my Own experience with having these cards Are about half a decade and on top of That I'm gonna be giving you an Explanation and a rundown for all the Updated stats that you need to know for This year in addition to five secret Tips and tricks that you need to know in Order to maximize the full benefits of These cards now whether you're someone Who's interested in applying for this Card or like myself your current card Holder I believe this video is still Going to be beneficial to everyone just Because at the end when I do share those Tips I know for a fact that there are Going to be some tips that I mentioned That you guys had no idea about that can Save you hundreds if not thousands of Dollars per year so let's kick this Video off by starting with some of the Benefits that the American Express gold

Card has to offer at the time of filming This video you can actually find a Welcome bonus offer for this card for 90 000 membership reward points now let me Tell you why this is crazy that is Because when this card was first Released the welcome bonus offer at that Time was not high at all it was around 25 to 30 000 Mr points and if you were Able to find a good special offer maybe A mail-in offer where you literally get Something within your mailbox that was Looking towards 50 to maybe 60 000 Points but the fact that you can get 90 000 Mr points which is equivalent one Point to one cent at nine hundred Dollars now this year is incredible and I personally believe that this offer Here is not gonna last for long on top Of that the second reason why the Welcome bonus is insane for this card is The fact that you have six full months Of car to ownership in order to get that Welcome bonus offer where normally you Would only have three months so say You're not a heavy spender say you're Trying to budget you know we're going Through a recession at this time if that Is the case you'd be okay just because You have such a long period of time in Order spend up four thousand dollars Which is not an absurd amount for half a Year in addition to the welcome bonus This card here offers a number of

Ongoing benefits such as Forex Membership reward points per dollar Spent at restaurants worldwide not just Here in the US and Forex points per Dollar spent at only U.S supermarkets up To twenty five thousand dollars per year Then one point per dollar after that on Top of that people often forget that This card is not just for food eaters Alike but you actually get three x Points per dollar spent on flights Booked directly with Airlines or on now the American Express Gold card is one of my staple credit Cards just because whenever I'm going Out I'm usually doing one thing and That's either getting bubble tea or Ordering Chipotle or generally just Eating out or buying groceries there is Yet to be a credit card on the market That offers consistent value at this Rate where I've been able to hold it for Four to five years and find positive Value every single time it's also one of Those cards where once we actually get Into some of the featured benefits such As the dining credit it offers and You're able to maximize that every Single year the annual fee of this card Which is at 250 dollars per year ends up Being as low as 30 dollars per year Minus any of the cashback that you're Getting if the welcome bonus is gonna be Just 900 cash back and you're spending

250 on an annual fee you have three Years to break even on this card minus Any of the other credits that you would Get and even a little bit more time After that I think it's safe to say that The American Express gold card is Literally hands down one of the best Credit cards to exist to date on top of That with this card you'll also find a Variety of different travel and purchase Protections including travel accident Insurance baggage insurance and purchase Protection Now American Express is Generally very good with anything in Terms of chargebacks purchase protection Extended warranty and I've even had Moments where I'm traveling I'm flying And when I had my flight delayed or my Bags missing they would come in they Would clutch it up and they would offer Me that protection that reimbursement For any incidentals that have occurred When you're holding on to a credit card That essentially is free after all the Benefits that you get you realize just How much value you have in signing up For the right one it is worth noting Though a 250 annual fee by no means is Cheap this is a nice fresh pair of shoes That you could pick up or I don't know Just a really nice dinner date with your Loved one but if you think about it 250 For a whole year of card membership and Then once we actually do the math on the

Benefits that you get including the five Additional secret ones that I'll mention At the end you realize this really is a No-brainer card so going into those Benefits you'll get a 120 dining credit And this is with GrubHub The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack on top Of that you'll also be getting a 120 Uber cash to dine or ride credit where On your gold card account you'll Automatically get ten dollars in Uber Cash each a month for a total of up to a Hundred twenty dollars per year now for Me I use ubereats a ton I don't use the Uber dry feature unless I'm actually Traveling but even with ubereats I found So many benefits recently and I really Think this change has started since After the pandemic because during the Pandemic I never ordered out I would Never use food delivery services like This but it seems like I'm using it Frequently like multiple times Throughout the week I believe it's Pretty easy to use those credits Especially if you ever do order from GrubHub just literally put a reminder in Your calendar or your Google calendar or Even your notes section and just make a Point once a month if you plan on Ordering any type of food or on a Weekend if you want to treat yourself to A Starbucks latte or whatever your cup

Of tea may be use this card and you'll Find that you're reaping the value back Pretty quick now if you do want to get Approved to a card like this you are Going to need a credit score of at least At least 680 but most recommended is to Have something at least 700 to 720 and Anything above that you are almost Guaranteed to get approved for a card Like this at the time of filming this Video you still have both options of Getting the gold and the rose gold I Personally prefer the regular gold card So before we get into the five essential Tips I want to share with you in this Video to maximize your credit card if You haven't yet signed up for this card And you'd like to do so I have affiliate Links Down Below in the description Remember to make sure you get the best Competitive offer for yourself but by Using those links down below you do Support this Channel and no a cost to You and it helps me to create more Valuable videos like this to help you Guys earn more money make more money and To live a financially free life now with That being said the first thing that you Want to do if you do plan on picking up This card is to actually enroll your American Express gold card to the Following places that accept the Benefits so whether that's with the Uber Account or even with your GrubHub

Account make sure you get your card Number put it into those sections and Actually go into clicking a button on The app that says enroll by doing this You'll make sure that you don't miss out On any of those benefits number two with This card you'll actually be having Access to the American Express Hotel Collections URL I'm here on the website Now and with this if you stay at a Property that's listed on the website And you can use Hotel Finder you can Pick whatever destination you want to go To whether it's Canada Mexico Central America Europe they have a lot of places By staying for two or more nights you'll Be getting a 100 experience credit where You can use it towards I don't know Maybe a breakfast or brunch for two or a Massage all complimentary using this Credit you'll also be eligible for a Room upgrade upon arrival and on top of That you'll be getting 2x for a prepaid Hotel bookings using this card and on Top of that you'll also be getting some Additional membership reward points if You do use it to pay for your stay now This 100 credit can come in handy I mean It is more than a free meal at some of These places and the room upgrade is Always pretty nice instead of just using Expedia or just booking on the hotel Website and not getting any type of Additional benefit you at least have a

Chance of getting a better room maybe Something with a higher floor a nicer View or maybe even a sweet upgrade now On top of that American Express also Offers something called the experiences Tab real quick if you're into music Festivals like Coachella you can have Exclusive access if you want to have Exclusive access to the Kids Choice Awards I mean these are things that are All available that normally you wouldn't Have access to so make sure if you do Sign up for this card you take full Advantage of some of these things like If you ever wanted to go to Monaco to Watch the Grand Prix or you want us to Go to The Wimbledon VIP Center Court These packages are available to people Who are card owners and a lot of people Have no idea that exists I mean even on Top of that you got Hamilton stranger Things and if you're not into shows like That you also have basketball tickets That you can get more better exclusive Access to next on this list is when you Do have this card by going into the American Express offers and benefits tab Within your dashboard you can go ahead And find additional discounts or credits Put back onto your card on select places That they offer Now American Express Refreshes that list pretty often whether It's every few days or every week you Want to make sure you check in because

If you want to find additional savings That portal right there would surprise You with the many places they offer last But not least once you do get this card You can also score an additional free 200 to 300 dollars in referrals and That's by just referring one friend so I Never recommend like getting your Friends to sign up for something that Wouldn't benefit them but if you're Watching this video this card is only Full of benefits you will get positive Roi even if you held onto this card for One year and you got that welcome bonus Offer I would even suggest just sharing This video to them and showcasing them Halo credit cards are not evil you can Literally make free money and then Cancel it if you would like the whole Point and the reason why I mentioned That is that if you do refer a friend You're also going to be receiving your Own welcome bonus offer and if that Amount is just twenty thousand a thirty Thousand Mr points they're actually Offering a lot more than that one to one That is still 200 to 300 you can get Back on your credit card in cash for the Year of 2023 would I still recommend This card and that is absolutely yes This is a viable card I do not ever see Myself canceling or downgrading I think The 250 annual fee is still very very Easy to get your monies back worth in

And if you ever wanted to get into the American Express ecosystem or say you Already have your beginner starter card This really is just one of the best ones That you can still get following up that Sequence now if you guys found any value In this video at all be sure to drop a Like down below comment down below if You all learned anything new and if you Guys do want to check out some of my Other credit card videos on this channel I got a full guide on getting into Business credit cards I have a full Sequence guide on getting into all of The credit cards and knowing how to do It and what it's all about if you guys Want to sign up for any of these cards At all be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description as well Like always thank you all so much again For watching this video have an amazing Day and I'll see you all soon peace


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