Amazon Plans Eight-Episode Drama on FTX’s Collapse [ Crypto Espresso 11.25.22 ]

Uh I can't move ate too much still not Fully digested belt out of holes and so Many leftovers but I can't sit around It's Black Friday which means I have to Throw hands at a nearby Walmart to save 15 on a TV the walking hurts so much can Someone just roll me towards the Walmart Anyway before I participate in the Time-honored American tradition of a Post Thanksgiving retail melee I've got News to give because I am your engorged Host Andrew and this is crypto espresso Your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines there's Only 30 days left until Christmas don't You know first up binance us is Preparing to make another bid for the Embattled crypto lender Voyager digital Speaking to Bloomberg CZ confirmed that His exchange is very interested in a Deal now that FTX is no longer able to Follow through on that commitment as a Refresher Voyager digital slid into Bankruptcy over the summer and halted Withdrawals after suffering losses of 650 million dollars on a loan to the Doomed hedge fund and three arrows Capital a highly competitive auction was Later held for its assets and back in September it was confirmed that FTX had The winning bid of 1.42 billion dollars But the sudden collapse of FTX which Until recently had been positioning Itself as a savior for stricken crypto

Firms makes this acquisition very Uncertain in other tangential Developments binance has announced that It's committing two billion dollars to An Industry Recovery initiative as the Bear Market continues to bite saying as A leading player in crypto we understand That we have a responsibility to lead The charge when it comes to protecting Consumers and rebuilding the industry The Exchange says that it's already Received 150 applications from companies Seeking support overall it's hoped that The effort will help restore confidence In web 3 and successful applicants will Be expected to offer Innovation and Long-term value creation a viable Business model and a laser focus to risk Management binance which reminders the Parent company of coin market cap has Initially pledged 1 billion dollars to The fund but this was later doubled on Friday confirming that people love to Spend money the day after Thanksgiving Well that was quick the implosion of FTX Is being transformed into a TV drama Reports are suggesting that Amazon has Already ordered an eight-episode series Documenting the rise and fall of Sam Bankman Freed's exchange that's not too Surprising given how it's a tale of Billions of dollars Vanishing overnight With drugs and sophisticated sex Hierarchies in a Bahamas Penthouse mixed

In for extra spice according to variety Magazine Joe and Anthony Russo's Production company will be tasked with Bringing the story to life a number of Journalists are even set to contribute Reporting to ensure that the show Remains accurate production is expected To begin early next year and finally the New York Times is coming under criticism After it confirmed that disgraced former FTX CEO Sam bankman freed will be Speaking at its upcoming deal book Summit on Twitter journalist Andrew Sorkin confirmed that SBF will be Answering questions live at the event on November 30th adding there are a lot of Important questions to be asked and Answered nothing is off limits his tweet Led to a rage Avalanche of replies from A number of high-profile personalities Some complained that the interview will Only prove useful if it aids law Enforcement in their investigation Against bankman freed and FTX and still Others asked why SPF even has the Freedom to perform interviews in the First place and speaking of amas I've Got a question here from Frederick Bosworth Isaac or FBI for short asking Me to talk about any crimes I've Committed well nothing's off limits Frederick let's see I jaywalked at the Age of 16 and when I was 25 I Accidentally ripped a tag off of a

Mattress that I didn't own that'll be Our little secret though right what Isn't a secret is that I want you all to Like this video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on that little bell Icon to get buzzed whenever new crypto's Personal video goes live and speaking of Gripping crime dramas on yesterday's Video back to crypto wrote hey Andrew Why not make a three minute video about Yourself so we all know who is doing These great videos challenge tell you What get me in touch with a high-level Amazon producer and will make it happen And I want to be played by Ryan Gosling Tell me who should play you in an Amazon Original Series in those comments below Because I read them and sometimes I'll Shout out my favorites in a future Episode questions about our headlines Are crypto in general ask Alex in that Description below Alex is a great Resource for all things web 3 and the Metaverse and that about does it for Today again I've been your festively Plump host Andrew and ladies and Gentlemen the weekend see you Monday


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