Altcoins are about to go INSANE! (HURRY) 7 Best Crypto Investments!

Altcoins are about to go insane first Bitcoin then ethereum then large caps Then alt season remember this so is Bitcoin ready to explode is ethereum Ready to explode then large caps than Alt season Bitcoin is coiling and Tightening building pressure she will Blow this week ethereum has reached a Price range of 1900 for the first time Since August 22nd this price movement Comes just one week before the highly Anticipated Chappelle upgrade which will Allow for staked eth withdrawals first Bitcoin then ethereum then large caps Then alt season subscribe to the channel This is the kind of thing we talk about On a daily basis if you're interested in Making money in cryptocurrency join the Altcoin daily team so look at this a Breakout is about to happen here and Then fomo will kick in so hard in the Next few months choose your alt bags Wisely and ignore the thought in my Opinion so how do you pick the right Write altcoins number one subscribe to Our Channel but more than that do you Look at things like top 10 chains by Daily transactions do you look at things Like top chains by market share of Active addresses this would be okay this Would be relatively solid not the best Like what we show you we really break Things down for you but if you were to Send this to a friend or save this for

Later this is relatively good Information but let's go deeper coin Number three because make no mistake About it Bitcoin and ethereum make our List there's a reason why money always Flows into Bitcoin and ethereum coin Number three is tezos a smart contract Dap platform competing with ethereum to An extent tezos released and shrined Roll-Ups the other day they're achieving Massive scale while preserving Decentralization tezos utilizing the Advantages of Roll-Ups without the Disadvantages of L2 scaling this is According to founder and CIO of cyber Cap Capital Justin bonds he says eth Should pay attention or get left behind Talk is cheap scalable blockchains have Arrived reminder tezos has a partnership With Google Google Cloud partners with Tezo's blockchain to develop web 3 Tech The partnership will see Google Cloud Become a validator on the tezos network Ethereum does make our list today but Number three is tezos what do you think AI artificial intelligence it's going to Be huge hit the like button if you agree That AI is going to be big and fetch AI When it comes to AI crypto protocols Fetch AI is leagues Above the Rest in my Opinion AI focused crypto protocol fetch AI raises 40 million to deploy Decentralized machine learning Artificial intelligence focused crypto

Protocol fetch AI has raised 40 million From Market maker and investment firm DWF Labs fetch will use the investment To deploy decentralized machine learning Autonomous age agents and network Infrastructure on its platform The Firm Said in a statement on Wednesday the aim Of fetch AI is to provide the tools for Developers to deploy and monetize Applications by providing an autonomous Machine to machine ecosystem so fetch AI Is working on an execution layer of GPT Models so chat GPT like products can Connect messages to verifiable outcomes The goal is to create truly Decentralized and open source AI Products that don't turn you or your Data into the product next up cardano Makes our list today for a big big Reason cardano becomes ethereum's Biggest competitor with its new ethereum Virtual machine integration the cardano Blockchain has recently Advanced to Become the leading ethereum virtual Machine chain in the cryptocurrency Industry very very soon cardano users Will be able to use any ethereum virtual Machine contract any ethereum contract Directly from cardano wallets and They'll do it completely using Ada Thanks to new functionality that the Crypto company milkometer is Implementing and because of all this Cardano is poised to have one of the

Largest user bases among evm networks Milk media intends to launch bounties For all evm users including smart Contract creators as a result cardano Will become the largest evm compliant Chain with a fully functional staking Rewards scheme however some users have Expressed their discontent with this Development on cardano and I'm curious What the cardano holders in our audience Think about this users point out that This would lead to questioning the Validity and uniqueness of the cardano Blockchain as an independent blockchain Network will this development make Cardano too much like ethereum or will This really help cardano capture some of Ethereum's Mark market share and so you Fully understand what's happening Deploying evm on other blockchains like Cardano would allow developers to build Dapps as well as defy applications Similar to how they would be built on The ethereum blockchain milkometer's Latest development will allow ethereum Application developers to build on the Cardano blockchain using solidity the Computer language used to code ethereum Without the need for new tools these Apps can only be used with cardana Ada Tokens instead of ether increasing Utility for cardano holders next altcoin Which to me seems very very promising is Called

Rss3 rss3 aims to be the decentralized Information processor of web3 now if You're not familiar RSS has been Something that's been used in web 2 Forever RSS really simple syndication is A web feed that allows users and Applications to access updates to Website sites in a standardized computer Readable format subscribing to RSS feeds Can allow a user to keep track of many Different websites in a single news Aggregator which constantly monitors Sites for new content removing the need For the user to manually check them so They're building this for web 3. now in February they wrote the developers Behind the project noted that the Deployment of rss3 could take six to Eight months so as we get towards the End of the year information and Awareness on this Project's really going To roll out the white paper noted that Building a decentralized information Processing protocol from scratch was Actually quite a complex task it might Take another six to eight months to Build rss3 nodes the developers are in The process of building a decentralized Autonomous organization system as well But believe a true decentralization will Take time so if they get this right or Close to right or even people think They're getting it right this could be Pretty big now what do I like about it

Well they're integrated and backed by Some of the biggest names in people the Development team has partnered with Ethereum airweave polygon binance smart Chain arbitrum Avalanche flow and X Die Chain to roll out the protocol across Various decentralized networks so Multi-chain the team behind the Decentralized protocol has closed two Funding rounds until now that's all Participation from the likes of coinbase Ventures Dapper Labs dragonfly Capital Fabric Ventures and several others Taking a look at their website we can See the full list and the list is mighty Big so protocol Integrations arbitrum Avalanche airweave BNB ens Poapp Planet plasma so many meat are backers Coinbase Ventures coin chairs dragonfly Fabric Dapper Labs airweave I mean the List goes on and on including Balaji With his one million dollar Bitcoin bet Full disclosure I was compensated in Stable coins to talk about rss3 today Not by anybody associated with rss3 just A private individual who bought their Tokens on the public exchange I looked Into this token myself it looks pretty Cool Thor chain makes our list after Reaching a new Milestone number of Wallets is now over seventy thousand so If there's one month if there's one Month to add roon which is Thor Chain's

Token to your portfolio it's April According to David here Thor chain Lending is now fast approaching with it Roon will burn at a very high rate Strongly impacting the price then fomo Will push it even higher April guys why Thor chain why roon the intensity of Development has never slowed adoption And momentum are growing trust wallet Integration has swaps at all-time high Adding BSC will mean more Savers is used In growing lenders will scale everything Up and drop demand for roon in an Illiquid Market door chain is Mission Critical to defy and generates organic Yield for participants its native roon Token captures value more efficiently Than any other when all of the Development comes together there will be A Moment of clarity and a repricing of The asset be ready subscribe to the Channel guys cryptocurrency is just Getting started if you're interested in Making money make sure you join the Altcoin daily team give the video a like If you got value get your tickets to Bitcoin Miami 10 off code linked below See you tomorrow


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