Altcoins about to EXPLODE! ($250k Bitcoin Price)

We are months away maybe weeks maybe Days from a huge altcoin rally let me Tell you why first of all it's important To keep our expectations in check you've Probably been seeing some very high Bitcoin price predictions like $500,000 Bitcoin this cycle just in a sentence Bitcoin clears at least this price this Cycle what do you think $500,000 at Least this cycle yes of course so I I You know and this is kind of I'm glad You asked me that because gold has been The reserve currency for thousands of Years we are seeing in our lifetime gold Being displaced by a more Superior Version this is unbelievable and it's All the numbers are all the data is out There to suggest that we're right the ETF flows have been unbelievable gold is Flowing out and bitcoin's flowing up and We know it's better this is going to be The first Domino or $1 million Bitcoin Way before 2030 so what your your Timeline for 1 million USD Bitcoin now And is there perhaps a price Target Beyond that now yes our Target is above That uh we've got a 2030 Target so uh It's well above that and and uh with our New expectations for institutional Involvement uh the incremental price That we assume for Institutions um actually has more than Doubled is this possible of course this Is very possible is this likely I don't

Know however 250,000 this cycle I think is even more Possible even more likely and in fact This is what glass nodes lead onchain Analyst thinks listen but you've got to Give us a price prediction we need a Quote I think we crack 250k I I would be Very surprised if we don't crack 250k This cycle um I I do think that the last Cycle was was truncated because of um Gbtc I think up too far too fast the Structure I'm seeing in this uptrend is Very very robust the the buas side that Happened on the 30k and actually I think This is a probably good closing point For me um the hodlers pull back this Slingshot right the ETFs Just Let it Fly Because the coins got soaked up in 2023 Before these guys showed up this is just That marginal bid looking for those Coins which is why your price goes up so Quickly but the hods did all the work Bel that and as a result we've got a Very very strong holder base and we're Just not yet seeing them sell and I Think after the pain of 2022 I know for Me I'm not selling at 60k no way I need A much higher price for the pain you put Me through Mr World in uh in 2022 do you Think this is possible do you think this Is likely most people do not realize What's going on here the demand shock That we've been seeing because of these Bitcoin ETFs it's it's a lot like the

Supply shock that happens every four Years with the Bitcoin having Bitcoin ETF equals demand shock Bitcoin having Equals Supply shock you do the math to Me the most amazing part of of this is That if we look at the average net Inflows so since the since the launch of The of the ETF approval we can see that We added about 3.9k bit BTC per day so that is the Demand from these ETFs currently And this is really significant if we Think of the Ford having uh where we go Actually from a supply issuance from 900 Coins a day to 450 coins a day the 4,000 Coins a day of demand that is that is That is actually comparable to the first Having so so actually what we're seeing Is the ETF is functioning of similar Magnitude to the first having so we're Actually having a the first having and The fourth having in a time span of less Than 4 months and I think yeah people Are underestimating the impact of this We have made an alltime high within two Months of this first having let's say The ETF approval now it's it's not Literally a first having because uh Obviously the the ETF it's it's a demand Shock rather than a supply shock so we Have a demand shock but this demand Shock by the ETFs is uh causes a supply Crunch right and so it's it's in a way Uh very similar subscribe to our Channel

We've been giving you Alpha like this From rock bottom prices when other Experts were going on the biggest Podcasts in the world saying this we Told you what was really going on There's no intrinsic value to this asset And now it's starting to be priced Appropriately so it has a you know What's Bitcoin at 16,000 it has another 17,000 to go Down really yeah there's no intrinsic Value to this product Yeah guys you definitely want to hit Subscribe you definitely want to join The altcoin daily Army we literally keep You up to date on everything going on in Crypto on a daily basis and by the time You hear about it on Joe Rogan it's Probably going to be near the top so Bitcoin crypto altcoins things are about To get real crazy let me tell you why First of all Larry fin Black Rock Regularly runs tv ads promoting Bitcoin Crypto Larry Fink regularly makes guest Appearances arguing for Bitcoin and Crypto don't forget he wants to tokenize The world there's a lot of Merit to it There's a lot of opportunity it is a Great store and this where you can Debate is it a good store do you know How it's made a bunch of computers Figure out but there's only but the Issue is if if people believe that it Can be an asset that can be cross border

And let's be clear if you're in a Country where you're fearful of your Government and maybe this is one of the Reason why China has banned it mhm if You're in a country where you're fearful Of your future fearful of your Government or you're frightened that Your government is devaluing its Currency by too much deficits like us I'm not going to go There a little elephant Here you could say this is a great Potential long-term store of value and It as I said it's like digital gold and I and I believe but you still can't buy A slice of pizza with it isn't that kind Of odd that we're but you can't buy a a Price of pizza with Palladium or or gold No but they you can do stuff with them I Can get stuff I mean people use gold for For stuff right but people you could buy And sell your Bitcoin no different than Gold so it is very what is but gold is Put in like jewelry jewelry and and you Know iPhones I think there's there's in Some Electronics there's gold it's more More silver silver but you see what I'm Saying it's there are practical uses Bitcoin it's literally a ledger right it Is a ledger and but it's a international Ledger it's cross border it it over it's It's bigger than any government I see I Agree with you so with the ethereum ETF On the horizon coinbase grayscale the

Applicants meeting with the SEC over This with in fact ethereum's biggest Upgrade since the merge happening this Week there's so much opportunity in Altcoins I've made a few top altcoin Videos in the past few months definitely Check these out and again make sure you Subscribe this is a continued Conversation but let me tell you why Altcoins are about to make a lot of People Rich As far as the altcoin market Goes you are still quite early why Purely because Bitcoin dominance is Still very high this means that the Altcoin market hasn't even started the Mania phase yet the Mania phase begins When Bitcoin dominance starts to drop Sharply this occurs when Market Participants are willing to take on more Risk and liquid liquidity moves into Altcoins from Bitcoin stable coins and Fiat this increases the market caps of Altcoins thus reducing Bitcoin dominance By the way this doesn't mean that Bitcoin's price just drops quite the Contrary as Bitcoin will continue its Own Mania phase to the upside what it Means is as dominance Falls and Liquidity flows into alts the market is Willing to take on more risk hence the Reason why Bitcoin dominance is always Very low at the peak of every bull Market or the end of any Mania phase we Are very close to the beginning of a big

Alt season and indeed the Mania phase Going to be sharing with you some more Altcoin picks that I think have a lot of Upside this cycle so again make sure you Subscribe and I'll see you tomorrow


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