Altcoin Daily Crypto Predictions 2024: My TOP 10 LIST!!

Cryptocurrency is about to Skyrocket Seriously you need to start paying Attention this financial giant just made 10 big predictions for cryptocurrency in 2024 in 2024 Bitcoin will set a new All-time high the spot Bitcoin ETF will Be the most successful ETF launch of all Time coinbase's Revenue will double and A lot more send this video to somebody Who is thinking about investing in Crypto here are 10 crypto predictions For 2024 by the team at bitwise invest And number 10 will surprise you Prediction number one Bitcoin will trade Above $80,000 setting a new all-time High and there are two major catalysts That will take us over $80,000 a the Anticipated launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF In early 2024 and B the having of a new Bitcoin Supply around the end of April Supply flow gets cut in half a major Demand Catalyst the spot Bitcoin ETF is Approved their base case is an easy tox From here I totally think this is Possible not Financial advice but this Is an easy way to double your money Prediction number two the spot Bitcoin ETFs will all get approved and Collectively they will be the most Successful ETF launch of all time which Is saying a lot within 5 years we Estimate spot Bitcoin ETFs could capture 1% of the 7.2 trillion us ETF Market or 72 billion in assets under management in

General the fact is there are 13 spot ETFs waiting approval and because these Are all spot AKA physically backed and Bitcoin is a limited Supply flow capped Asset the supply is capped the supply Flow is limited and known programmed Open source because of all this there's Going to be a huge demand shock on Bitcoin not to mention a supply flow Shock I mean you can see what's about to Happen but the prediction being most Successful ETF launch of all time I Think it's possible this would be huge If true prediction number three Coinbase's Revenue will double meeting Wall Street's Expectations by at least 10x so historically coinbase's trading Volume always surges in Bull markets and We expect the same to happen again plus They've launched a wide range of new Products coinbase has that are showing Pretty good traction I think this Coinbase prediction totally has legs I Mean take a look at who are the custody Providers for almost all of these ETFs That are launching it's coinbase and now That binance has had their legs chopped Off to an extent coinbase has a clear Runway in America to be the leading Cryptocurrency exchange and to kind of Signal to America that crypto is here to Stay so beating Wall Street Expectations By 10x doubling Revenue this would be a Big deal before we continue with the

Predictions let me talk to you about one Of the best ways to cash out your crypto And I guess my first question is do you Want to cash out your crypto eventually You will eventually you will want to Cash out your crypto so how do you do it Well one way is taking your crypto to an Exchange and pressing sell that's a Whole process that takes a while another Great way to cash out your crypto is by Getting gift cards through bit refill Bit refill is a channel partner these Guys are a leading crypto e-commerce Store that allows users to live on Crypto by purchasing digital gift cards And phone refills with crypto they also Offer bill payments in specific Countries and plan to extend this Service in more countries in the future It is so easy to exchange your crypto For gift cards at bit refill it's so Easy it's so fast I have so many gift Cards I'm planning to give as gifts this Holiday season I'm using bit refill to Purchase these gift cards again the Process is so simple so quick cryptos That these guys support include Bitcoin Bitcoin lightning ethereum usdc usdt Binance pay Litecoin Dogecoin Dash the Process is so easy seriously just a few Clicks and you get your digital gift Cards that you can use immediately Instantly use promo code altcoin daily You'll get 10% Bitcoin back this is for

Your first purchase only so maybe Purchase a lot on your first purchase And get 10% back on a big order bit Refill is a trusted name in the space For this kind of stuff they've been Operating for a while exchange your Crypto for gift cards live on crypto use Crypto to pay for your Christmas gifts This year guys let me know which gift Card you're going to be using your Crypto to buy I'm going to leave a link Below click through check them out Prediction number four more money will Settle using stable coins than using Visa this would be a major flippening Stable coins are one of crypto's killer Apps growing from effectively zero I Remember when there were no such thing As stable coins to a$1 137 billion Market in the past four years and we Think 2024 will be another major year of Growth this predic is definitely going To happen in my opinion and the Protocols that I'm looking at are the Rails in which these stable coins are Operating prediction number five JP Morgan will tokenize a fund and launch It onchain as Wall Street gears up to Tokenize real world assets I do think Real world assets are going to be a Major Trend we're about to see come into Fruition into the mainstream launching a Tokenized fund would allow JP Morgan and Wall Street to take advantage of the

Efficiencies onchain assets can offer While entering a market whose growth is Exploding and for those of you who think That JP Morgan Chase or CEO Jamie Diamond would never touch crypto with The 10- foot pole I mean he's been Saying I've always been deeply opposed To crypto Bitcoin if I were the Government I'd close it down understand That manipulation is common on Wall Street and you always need to watch what They actually do and not just listen to Whatever they say don't be dumb money Did you know that JP Morgan Chase Already very much involved in crypto but The mainstream public has no idea that JP Morgan Chase has 10% Equity ownership In ethereum co-founder Joe lubin's Consensus this is a major crypto Business in the space number two JP Morgan is already using crypto Technology to tokenize US Treasury bonds Mortgage back Securities and cash in the Form of JPM coin this is their private Blockchain with eth rails and then Number three most importantly Jamie Diamond has a history of Market Manipulation fding Bitcoin then buying Behind the scenes this video explains it And proves it and September 12th Jamie Diamond says Bitcoin is a fraud he says He'll fire anyone of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24% when Jamie Diamond speaks people listen people

Listen so that weekend we found out that The largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund That's in Europe that buys physical Bitcoin point right the largest buyer Was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and That's not Illegal he says it's a fraud says he Fire anyone that buys yes and at the Same time his company is buying it his Company is buying it so IR it's just I Mean so unethical so I think this is Very much going to happen I think this Is already happening prediction number Six ethereum Revenue will more than 2x To 5 billion as used users flock to Eth's crypto applications so for context In 2023 users paid 2.3 billion in fees To use ethereum we think that will at Least twox in 2024 making ethereum one Of the fastest growing larg scale Tech Platforms in the world Yes actually look For protocols that are producing the Revenue that's how you know these Protocols are going to be here years From now because they can sustain Themselves so ethereum is a big one I Think this will continue chain link Another big one actually nowadays there Are plenty of many crypto protocols Blockchains tokens that produce major Revenue putting them in the black making Them sustainable it's an amazing time to Be in crypto with such real working Products generating real Revenue gaining

Real users getting real adoption so yeah Just a 2X I think this is conservative Prediction number seven Taylor Swift Will launch her own nfts to connect with Fans the largest artist in the world Will launch her own set of crypto Digital Collectibles to connect with Fans and this makes sense if you Understand what's actually happening Behind the scenes to some of these big Players one possibility and we we know Spotify is doing this Spotify where Swift was the most streamed artist in 2023 with more than 26 billion streams Is experimenting with token gated Playlists that require listeners to own A particular nft in order to listen Because we know that Taylor Swift Famously never went through with their Partnership with FTX and SPF this actual Digital Collectibles that her fans might Will want many of them this would Actually be a very nice safe foray into The digital age I think Taylor Swift Will be doing this because Spotify Apple Music they're all doing this Taylor Swift the biggest artist in the world Also redoing all of her early albums Taylor's version of course could be a Pioneer in this new digital age digital Collectibles really give artists a Better way to monetize and fans a better Way to connect prediction number eight Involves ai ai assistants will start

Using crypto to pay for things online Affirming crypto as the native currency Of the internet We Believe AI assistance Will prefer digital native money like Bitcoin or like stable coins and we Thank think that starts happening in 2024 one thing that AI does well is do Trivial mundane tasks in an instant Automated way and in order to pay each Other they're going to be using Cryptocurrency to pay you watch the World is only trending more digital we Need a native online digital currency Prediction number nine more than 100 Million will be staked in prediction Markets which will emerge as a new Killer app in crypto we think Decentralized prediction markets will Become a primary venue for both Event-based and more traditional sports Related wagering look it's no secret That gambling that speculating is a Major killer use case for cryptocurrency People like to do this so yeah I think Prediction markets will be seen very Shortly as another killer app for crypto Because decentralized open prediction Markets are better predic number 10 Surprised the hell out of me and you let Me know if you think this is likely or Not likely prediction 10 a major upgrade To ethereum will drive the average Transaction cost below 1 cent the Upgrade that they're referring to is

Called EIP 4844 you might have heard it referred to As Proto dank sharding before has to do With saving space with layer 2 rollups So EIP 4844 could result in a 90 % plus Reduction in the cost to use ethereum This would be huge we think this upgrade Will pave the way for the first truly Mainstream applications in crypto please Let me know which predictions on this List you agree with what you disagree With let me know other predictions that You've heard that you like or or maybe You have some of your own here's a bonus Prediction One in4 financial advisers Will allocate to crypto in clients Accounts by the end of 2024 we Anticipate that once Bitcoin becomes Easily accessible more and more advisers Will allocate to crypto in clients Accounts guys subscribe to the channel We give you an edge in cryptocurrency if You're interested in making money Subscribe to the channel we put a one Video every day keeping you informed see You tomorrow 2024 is going to be a Fantastic year for crypto holders hey Don't forget use bit refill to cash out Your cryptocurrency get gift cards these Guys are a leading crypto e-commerce Store that allows users to live on Crypto by purchasing digital gift cards And phone refills with crypto they also Offer bill payments in specific

Countries they plan to extend their Service to more countries in the future Guys again I said this already but this Is such an easy way to cash out your Crypto with exchanges that's a whole Process that takes a lot of time with Bit refill it's easy you get any of These gift cards to places you actually Go or just get a Visa gift card and Spend it just like cash this is such an Awesome opportunity this is such an Awesome service to cash out your crypto Use code altcoin daily 10% off your First order again linked below


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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