Alameda Research (FTX Company) is About to Crash Ethereum…

Alameda research which is the sister Company devtx also owned in part by Sam Penman freed as of yesterday Alameda Wallets funneled over 1.7 million Dollars via crypto mixers overnight they Are selling ethereum on the open market And they're buying Bitcoin Alameda Research liquidates ethereum-based Tokens Holdings for Bitcoin and data From Arkham intelligence indicates that 1.7 million dollars worth of eth tokens Were just sold if you hold ethereum this Affects you and just to get specific the On-chain data suggested that 1.7 million Dollars worth of the tokens from the Alameda linked wallets were sold in the Open market over a span of several hours On Wednesday what altcoins specifically Were sold the on-chain data showed that Ethereum-based tokens such as usdc die Curve ethereum convex and others were Consolidated from several wallets to Just two wallets and then later sold for Stablecoin usdt once that consolidation To tether took place the Holdings were Then converted into Bitcoin using Swapping services like fixed float and Change now so now that Sam bankman Freight is out on a bond as well as Caroline Gary Wang all in need of money As they hired the biggest lawyers in That way it's sort of obvious why Alameda is selling user funds allegedly And according to the latest data from

Arkham intelligence Alameda still holds Over 112 million dollars worth of Various cryptocurrencies down from 140 Million held in mid-november as an Etholder I'd keep tabs on this And very quickly I do have to mention Kevin O'Leary has just been caught in a Crypto scam caution Kevin O'Leary's Twitter gets hacked starts promoting Crypto giveaways so this is what he Blasted out he said this morning dear Friends followers in the last few years I've made a lot of money from crypto I Decided to make a giveaway 5000 BTC and 15 000 ethereum giveaway click on the Picture to join the event and this was a Fake obvious scam to steal your Bitcoin I think the concept probably was hey you Just send me a little bit and that'll Give you a double I'll give you more do Not let these scammers get your ethereum If it sounds too good to be true it Probably is and know if something like This ever happens to altcoin daily it's A scam we will never ask you to send us Crypto now will ethereum go lower in 2023 well like Bitcoin and alike 2022 It's still all comes down down to macro We just released this interview this Morning the most realistic Bitcoin price Prediction for 2023 with proof here is a 90 second clip out of the much bigger Interview talking about expectations in 2023 involving the FED how they'll

Probably still remain hawkish because Right now our unemployment rate is still Very strong that's bad for risk assets Like Bitcoin like eth this conversation Kinda gets a little heady but stick with It so vital um so the FED is already Implicitly forecasting a recession in Fact I would like to show a chart on That because I think it's an important Chart to understand that hey look the FED might not come bail you out as Quickly as you think we are as you used To you know this chart here shows the Universe the sort of the u3 unemployment Rate the headline unemployment rate uh At 3.7 it's historically low and the FED Is calling for the fork their forecasts Are calling for a 4.6 unemployment rate By the end of 2023. Um that's a 90 basis point Delta Positive Delta relative to where you are Today well if you look at the history of This time series there's never been a 90 Basis point positive Delta in the Unemployment rate over a 13-month time Frame so from November of 2022 through December 2023 that didn't correspond to Recession So this is the Federal Reserve that Implicitly is forecasting recession and I would argue there explicitly telling Us Market participants anyone who has The ability to do quantitative economics You know that hey look out we're no

One's a recession coming we're probably We're not going to respond to it if you Look at our Dot Plot and so ultimately I Think investors you know their Willingness to sort of speculate early On in phase two which is again the Credit cycle downturn the pricing and The actual recession I think they're Willingness to speculate early on in Phase two might get tempered by the fact That we could very well see a very Hawkish Powell very hawkish fed and more Importantly a very hawkish ECB and Bank Of England and Bank of Japan despite Markets really starting to price move to Price in phase two so I think there's Going to be a time next year where Markets are going to get really ugly I encourage you to watch the full Interview I'll link it down below where We talk specifically about a realistic Price prediction for Bitcoin but if you Had your funds on Celsius who is now Bankrupt we have an update bankrupt Crypto lender Celsius network is Planning to file a motion that would Extend the deadline for users to submit Their claims by another month so if you Haven't filed your claim to get your Money back there's still time yet the Crypto Community has started to grown Patient noting that Celsius lawyer fees Have continued to stack up and are Eating away at the lender's estate and

Of course the more money the lawyers Make the less money there's left for the Users to get back but before that if you Haven't claimed yet to hear the details In a December 29th Twitter post Celsius Announced that it would be seeking an Extension that would extend the current Deadline for claims from January 3rd of Next year to early February 2023 And the Bankruptcy Court is set to hear The motion on January 10th and according To Celsius the January 3rd deadline will Be extended at least until then so make Sure you get your money back at least Try to if this affects you and so far Celsius's creditors have made over 17 200 claims as of December 29th so over 17 000 people have said they deserve Money their money back however celsius's Creditors appear to be antsy as Celsius's administrative fees have Continued to rack up since it first Filed for bankruptcy in July how much Money have lawyers made from Celsius Thus far well a December 27th Financial Times report noted that the fees charged By bankers lawyers and other advisors in The bankruptcy case have already reached 53 million dollars as this story Progresses I'll keep you updated and a Bit of breaking news involving BNB chain And BMW BMW the car manufacturer Taps Coin web and BNB chain for blockchain Loyalty program so German car

Manufacturer BMW plans to integrate this Blockchain Tech into its daily Operations and create a blockchain Loyalty program for all their customers In Thailand and specifically how will BNB how will blockchain in general be Integrated first the decentralized tech Will be integrated into BMW's daily Operations with the goal of automating Time-consuming manual processes and Streamlining the company's automobile Finance financing services so using Smart contracts to streamline operations And the second phase of the operation Would see coin web develop a customized Web3 application or adapt for BMW's Customer Loyalty program and all takes Place on BNB chain that is the video my Name is Austin be sure to grab your Tickets for Bitcoin 2023 in Miami next Year awesome conference I'll be there my Brother will be there and use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket Link down below [Music] That's it Like always see you tomorrow


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