AI was all over Google’s I/O conference | TechCrunch Minute

Google IO has basically turned into Google AI on Tuesday Google kicked off Its annual Google IO conference which is Where the company unveils new hardware And software and sets the tone for the Next year this year they're leading Heavily into Ai and I mean heavily I Hope you like your Google products with A big dose of AI because it's being Added to basically everything let's Start with Google's core AI model Gemini Which is getting multiple facelifts Gemini Pro can now analyze longer Documents codebases videos and audio Recordings than before there's also a New service called Gemini live where you Can have in-depth voice chats and Gemini On Android will be able to work with Google services like Gmail messages and YouTube there are also a number of Upgrades on the generative AI side the Most notable is probably vo which can Create 1080p video clips that are about A minute long but again Google isn't Just putting AI in a silo it's also Bringing the technology into its core Products for example Gmail users can use Gemini to search summarize and draft Email and even for more complex tasks Like filling out a form for an online Return and yes AI is coming to search Google has been testing out AI overviews Which are basically AI summaries of Search results now it's rolling those

Out to hundreds of millions of users in The US to be blunt this is something That's potentially destructive to many Online businesses including Tech crunch But given generative ai's tendency to Hallucinate to just make things up I'm Not convinced this is great for regular Web users either for what it's worth Google says it won't show these Overviews when traditional search Results are are sufficient it also said That during testing the overviews caused People to click on a greater diversity Of websites all of these announcements Came one day after open AI had its own Event where it announced its latest Model GPT 40 now I'm not privy to any Behind the scenes information but it Definitely seems like open AI was trying To steal some of Google's Thunder and Even if there was no deliberate Undercutting it's clear that competition Is in the air open aai has almost Single-handedly gotten everyone excited About the potential of AI and now Established companies like Google need To show that they're not being left Behind of course there are plenty of Other companies large and small Competing in this space so this isn't Going to be the final word on any of These Technologies one of Google's Biggest advantages is the fact that it Already owns these popular web services

So it's less about convincing users to Try something new and more about Improving your existing experience with AI of course for that to be true the AI Actually has to make your experience Better I think the jury is still out on That one I'll see you tomorrow


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