AI vs Humans: Who Can Design The Best Logo on Fiverr?

This video here was sponsored by Fiverr Today we are diving into a big question Can artificial intelligence replace Human creativity here's the mission Brief I'll be hiring three human cover artists And three AI cover artists through Fiverr's new AI Services tab each will Receive the same prompt to create a new Channel banner and we'll be comparing The human designers unique creativity And Personal Touch to the AI designers Speed and Innovation I'm hoping after This challenge I can get an idea of Whether or not this could be the Beginning of an AI Revolution that will Ultimately replace some people's jobs on The other hand I can't help but to think Whether or not AI still has a long way To go and if they can even compete with Human creativity and Minds let's find Out together in this exciting and Thought-provoking experiment boom Boom so I started by hiring the human Cover artist who I found through Fiverr's platform so I gave all six Designers the same prompt to create a New channel Banner for my YouTube page Each artist had a pretty different style And it was interesting to see how they Interpreted my requests the first human Artist we found was the most expensive At 55 I will design an outstanding YouTube Banner top rated seller over

4867 reviews let's try this continue Confirm and pay the next one I found was A bit cheaper at 40 bucks I will create A Timeless YouTube or any kind of social Media Banner 1500 reviews oh fiverr's Choice so we're gonna confirm and pay oh Wow there's a lot more prompts here and Just for fun I found one at a 10 price Point as well this one I I I'm really Going to be impressed by it's a fivers Choice one they can turn me into a Cartoon character apparently and it's Only 10 bucks so let's go ahead and try Try this we're going to confirm pay next What I did was I hired the AI cover Artist which was a new experience for me And I was curious to see how the AI Would handle the task and whether it Could come up with unique and creative Designs if you notice if you click this Little button here they actually created A brand new tab and it's called AI Services and it states add talent to Ai And get the most out of AI with experts Who know it best alright guys so for This seller here they have two orders in Queue they have a pretty solid rating 137 five stars and we're going to be Able to see if they can create me a YouTube channel cover art using AI okay So I've just found another one oh this Person has 14 orders in queue if Anything this will tell you that this Mid-journey AI stuff a lot of people

Don't know how to use it and they're Willing to pay people a good amount of Money to get started now this person's Gonna give me eight variations of my Description all right there's one more Person who has six orders in queue and This is about 30 bucks as well so They're going to create some AI Generated art confirm and pay you know What I'm curious about I'm curious about How much these people are able to make Because I feel like this is a pretty Lucrative side hustle too all right this Is going to be interesting I I really Don't know if they're going to be able To do anything because I think my Criteria I'm asking for is way outside Of what they're able to do but I'm just Curious I want to see him get creative You know we're gonna give them some time To get to work on this and after I'm Gonna go ahead and review the final Drafts that I received from them now Keep in mind guys the humans are more Geared towards this specific task as the AI isn't so I'm gonna be comparing a few Things how long it takes them the Accuracy of this the creativity and Whether or not the AI could actually Compete against the humans within this Challenge all right so ladies and gents It's been about one week since we Submitted these design proposals and we Finally got back all of the designs for

Our Channel Banner my assistant Monique Went ahead and put together all of them Into this PowerPoint and you guys are Going to be getting my first raw honest Opinion and thoughts on whether or not Humans may be superior to AI or vice Versa so the first thing we're going to Go over are the human cover artists and This one right off the bat this one's Actually pretty cool okay so this human Made me into like a cartoon character They got this black Amex with the you Know Brian Jung logo on here with some Bitcoin dollars some gold I do like the Colors Um it it does feel like it's a little Kids channel like if I had like a Personal Channel where it was meant for Kids like money for kids anyways okay if I were to rate this guy's right here I Don't know I I don't know if this is Actually good or not I'll give it a six Out of ten okay all right so uh this one Here this is the second human cover Artist that we got and uh This one's uh this one's interesting so We literally have a jungle there there Seems to be a parrot on a Bitcoin uh we Got uh the ethereum coin here a little Part of a credit card and some cash Flying I'm not sure where they got this Photo from but they went ahead and Blended half of it with the logo and With me in the middle you know with the

Prompt that I gave which was not really Specific at all I have to say it's not Terrible between this and the cartoon One you know they I'm gonna have to give This one like a five out of ten and That's me being modest all right let's Check out the third human AI cover oh Wow okay all right guys you know I gotta Keep it real on this channel I don't Know I don't know how to feel about this One like I look different it looks like I have like a like I is it mascara what They call it on girls I look different In this Um YouTuber investor I do like they did Incorporate the jungle theme you know They added a few Bitcoin images stock Images percentage credit cards and cash Would I be able to use this one I don't Know ladies and gents uh yeah I would Probably have to rate this one like a Three out of ten I I personally feel Like I could still have done a better Job but off the prompt that I gave them It's still not terrible so ladies and Gents this is what I'm excited for I'm Excited to see what the AI cover artists Generate and I'm sure it's got to be Good All right okay this one's interesting I'm not gonna lie I feel like I got a Little scammed on this one Um if I were to put into words it feels Like I'm in like a old retro

1990s like RPG type game I don't know Why my why the Jung name is in green is It because that was supposed to be the Jungle and then they also have my logo Here on the bottom but yeah ladies and Gents I I don't know how I feel about This one you know what I'll give it a One out of ten wow all right so the Second AI cover artist okay looks like They just threw in my logo right here in The middle of a jungle uh they have a Gold credit card a little gold Bitcoin And a little stock bar going up I feel Like this one could have looked a bit Better if my face wasn't in the middle Of it and if they just kept this portion Right here either way it's a little bit Better than before I just don't know I Don't have words for this one based off That I give it a two out of ten I Personally think right now at this point The human artists are just way better But maybe this third one will make it up Wow okay okay finally this looks pretty Sick right here so we went ahead and got This AI generated piece of art we have My logo in between what it looks like to Be just uh like a circle or like a Dimension opening up to a city we have Part of the Moon showing here with some Of the birds and just the contrast on This okay this is actually really nice I Really like this one if I were to rate This it would probably be like a nine

Out of ten that is cool all right so Ladies and gents based on the first one I mean we have more of a cartoon Childish Whimsical look we have my Credit cards flying around I think if I Was trying to Pivot this channel into Something else that it's not right now The second Banner cover art I just Personally don't Vibe with it I don't See the vision that's why I did rate it A little bit less but this third one Right here I would say out of the human Cover artist yeah this is something I Would never use if you guys ever see me Using this I'm just trolling going into The AI ones I was not impressed with the First one at all this one is actually Pretty comical for the amount of money That we paid to get this back I feel Like I could have done it a way better Job myself I feel like it started to Progress this one it was getting close To what we're looking for but there was Such a huge difference between this last AI cover artist versus the second one And even the first one that we had so Who designed the best logo on my YouTube Channel well guys I have to say this was A pretty close call because a human Cover artist they are able to still have A unique and personal touch to what the AI cover artist couldn't quite match However the AI cover artist surprised me With their unique creativity really the

Last one it blew me away with the level Of sophistication and details that they Were able to add now at the end of the Day I think it's just most important to Remember that humans and AI both have Their own strengths and weaknesses Before even starting this a lot of them Were asking me more questions like hey We need more details you can't just give Us this simple prompt here and expect us To make something good so I think the More that you can prepare and to Visualize yourself depending on who you Decide to work with this could come to Life at the moment I I do think that AI Still has a little bit ways to go but For this challenge in particular I Personally believe that last AI cover Channel Banner art has just taken the Cake let me know Down Below in the Comments which one I should make my YouTube channel Banner cover art and Whichever one has the most amount of Likes I'll make that one the one that You guys choose for about a week and Then I'll change it back to the one that I think is the winner which is the last AI one so that's basically a wrap for Today's video If you guys did enjoy what You guys saw today and you're interested In trying out Fiverr services for Yourself be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description Fiverr Connects a bunch of businesses with

Freelancers who offer a wide range of Digital Services from graphic design to Web development to even video production I've used Fiverr for the last five years And if you ever need help with your Workflow check them out as well now Super honored for Fiverr to be reaching Out and hopefully you guys found value In this video today and if you do want To learn more be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description


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