AI Side Hustles to Make You Rich in the Recession

These three apps all have one thing in Common they were all started in the last Recession of 2008. today those Businesses are worth nearly 200 billion Dollars now we've been going through a Lot of economic uncertainty in the last Year or so both the rise of AI it's Never been easier and cheaper to launch Your very own business so in this video We'll be going over my top Recession-proof AI automated side Hustles and each one will be ranked on Its cost its potential to make money and How recession-proof the idea actually is Now for our first idea we're going to be Looking at kids coloring books now first Of all I know it sounds a little whack It sounds a little crazy but first of All I think there's a reason why this Might be the perfect choice for a Recession as most you guys should know When people have less disposable income They'll likely cut back wherever they Can so instead of going to the Gucci Store going to the Louie store usually People with common sense are going to Prioritize at least their family their Kids and their loved ones now although I Don't have kids I know how much money That some of my friends who have kids Spend on them and it actually blew my Mind just how expensive a lot of those Things end up costing out of all the Essentials and Necessities that parents

End up buying for their kids I realize That books end up being pretty far up on The list now out of all the different Types of books that you could actually Get into I believe that kids coloring Books are a great place to start this is Because after taking a look at several Other Etsy stores I was able to find Data that actually blew my mind as an Example on your screen there is one Store here that is showing that they're Able to make nearly five thousand Dollars a month selling just coloring Books this store here also offers a few Different products and upsells as well As their main product of coloring books Now personally for me I got into E-commerce about five or so years ago And this is a very common strategy in Order to increase what we call the aov Or the average order value instead of Just selling a coloring book for say Twenty dollars with a fifty percent Profit margin if you're able to sell Additional items on top of that that You're able to exponentially raise the Average order volume thus being able to Increase the amount of profit that you Take home now when it comes to coloring Books you have to realize that it does Take a long time to design and you might Not know even how to get started with The r and this is where AI really starts To shine all right so to show you how to

Even get started with this process Ladies and gents I'm just gonna break it Down beginning to end to show you Exactly what you can do step by step in Order to start selling today all right So first we need to create the product To sell and I'm sure you've heard of Dolly at this point so let's go ahead And open that app up and maybe we want It to be say fish themed so we'll enter A prompt like coloring book page of a Cartoon fish swimming in a coral reef With the treasure chest now look guys This is pretty impressive so far and Ideally we'd want to just collect a few Of these but this one for now will do Now the next step is getting it from Here onto the page and with a service Called Lulu or even something like you can get a print on On-demand coloring book and with this They have different size options Different book options and you can Customize it here to your liking at this Point we have our designs and you've got It set to be printed but you might be Wondering well how do we actually get Orders in and how do we Market it so This is where things like Etsy tends to Shine a lot of people go on Etsy if you End up looking at their monthly visitors And see how many daily sales they get Just because you might not be buying From Etsy doesn't mean a lot of the

People across the world are now Etsy Tends to be a really good place for These type of custom designed work once You have your coloring book all you have To do is just launch it on the store and Your main focus would be to make sure That your products get fulfilled once The order comes in now the one store That we looked at earlier had a bunch of Those upsells that we mentioned and you Could also implement this within your Own items too for you to do this you can Get your own crayons your own coloring Pencils your own custom notebook a Carrying pouch for your pencils and pens And your highlighters with a quick Search on AliExpress or Alibaba you can Find find usually the direct Manufacturers that can send it over to You and you can also go ahead and Consider Drop Shipping these items to Your customers as well in a follow-up Email once you're able to secure that Order now at this point if you think a Lot of this is extra work let me tell You I mean making money does cost work But there are other tools that can Automate it even further things like Zapier really takes the additional step Out of the process and if you want to go Ahead and use services like MailChimp or Convertkit and then you could use Something like Chachi BT to make sure That you know if you're not the best

Writer in the world it can help go ahead And copyright different types of Materials for you to get a conversion Now look let me be frank AKA let me be Jung Jung boom hello guys by copying This blueprint here I'm not saying that You're going to be able to make Life-changing wealth you're not going to Be able to turn into a millionaire but By even just doing these simple things You're learning the fundamental skills In starting a business and starting a Side hustle and from there you're Learning the skills that could allow you To start one day maybe an agency or even Just continue to scale your own Venture Now this is exactly what I did about Five years ago when I was still Attending Community College sick of just Being broke my entire life and then most Recently making a couple million dollars From just sticking through persevering But staying true to the fundamentals of Business now starting in Etsy store no Shame in that you are literally starting From the ground up and with this I'm Telling you you're gonna be able to Learn skills and to even get an idea of Whether or not business may be it for You now if you are still a bit more Inspired by this type of side hustle in Particular maybe it might not be Coloring books but instead you choose Another similar product for kids all you

Have to do for product research is type In something like kids on Etsy and You'll see a ton of different various Options pop up and from there you can Sort it by the most popular items or the Ones that you think you would enjoy Creating and selling now all the tools That exist today I did not have access To it so you guys are getting a head Start and you're going to be able to Save hours upon hours of time and with The help of AI backing you you're going To be able to make sure that you're Processing orders fulfilling them and You're going to be able to find a bit More of a key advantage that a lot of People didn't have just even six months Ago at the end of the day ideas are Endless and by having as many options And trying things out as much as Possible you'll be able to one day find Success now for our next idea we're Going to be focusing on the pet industry Just looking at the last few years the Pet industry has grown up by six percent A year and the lockdowns only boosted That more as someone who recently became A dog owner let me tell you I've spent a Lot of money on my boy credit Astro over There there's a lot more than I'm proud To even say with that being in mind I've Just realized that there is a huge Opportunity within this space and people Who often have dogs and love their dogs

Will often not think too hard about that Price tag but will still get them the Essentials that they may need now the One downside about the pet industry is That there is a ton of competition with Other products that's competing against You so instead of trying to create the Next huge pet product and putting all This money into research and development And Manufacturing all for you to find Out it doesn't work out I like to think More in the chance of what's going to Give you the highest Roi versus the Least amount of money being risked the Moment of 2023 let me tell you pet blogs And Instagram Pages seem to be one of The best ways to continue making money Off of something that you may have so if You are a pet owner or even if you don't You could find someone who does have a Pet and look to see if you can monetize This through creating a personal brand For that animal's account so I found the List of the highest paid pet Instagram Accounts and it's honestly pretty wild This idea actually came up after one of My friends Charlie told me that he had His dog get paid like 25 or 50 grand for A pet smart post that they did it blew My mind oh hey Astro uh yeah we weren't Uh we weren't talking about monetizing You or anything anyways from the top one Loki the Wolfdog literally gets paid About six thousand eight hundred dollars

Per sponsored post and if you're able to Do those posts once a week that's about 354 000 a year outside side of that you Can also earn affiliate income ad Revenue if you decide to create a YouTube channel and I've seen other YouTube channels like one that I used to Watch was like Gohan the Husky where Literally the owner was being able to Monetize just the dog eating its food so Ad Revenue affiliate income on top of Potentially selling your own products One day and building a business around That is everything you can get within The pet industry now this is definitely Not the easiest idea to execute Especially if you don't have a dog and Even once you do get a dog it's not Guaranteed that you're going to be able To pick up a following but with today's Powerful algorithms from Tick Tock and Instagram I bet through consistency and Posting even just I would say minimum 100 pieces of content one of those will At least Garner you a couple thousand Views which may lead to you getting a Brand deal or even just being able to Build a bigger following for your pet Now say you don't have a dog that's Completely okay because you can still Continue to provide a value for people Within a specific Niche I know that when I got my dog Astro that I was looking at All these videos online just trying to

Figure out how to teach them the Bare Basics there's a lot of YouTube channels That I watched that actually helped me Out a lot and I realized a lot of the Videos that they posted were pretty Outdated if I were to start everything From scratch another great idea that I Believe is possible is trying to become A dog owner by practicing maybe on a few Puppies or a few dogs that I can find Within my neighborhood I would let a lot Of these trainers know hey look I'm Training myself too I'll do this work Pro bono AKA I'll do it for free and if I'm able to see any type of results I Would make sure I write it down and try To figure out what that perfect formula And equation is in order to make sure That I'm teaching them and from there You can teach other people to do it and That's where you can start monetizing a Skill that you learn from scratch even In my area I was trying to hire a dog Trainer and I realized that they are Very high in demand because there's one Dog trainer who lived like 20 minutes Away and he was like oh sorry that's Just a little bit too far now guys like I mentioned with the other side hustle It's all about being creative so think Outside of the box because you never Know what might hit if I know someone Who has a really cute pet and they might Have a little bit of traction on their

End Instagram another example of just Being able to monetize this is doing a Revenue split with that owner and Letting them know hey yo your dog is mad Cute I know you got like 2 000 followers Let us work together to blow it up to See you know how much further we can Take this now although this isn't one of Those side hustles that I would Recommend someone who really needs to Start making money today this is one of Those creative fun ones that I think Allow you to really build upon something That you might enjoy now the next AI Business idea is a bit more serial and It's an automated web development Company now before you get flustered About how many words there was in that Title let me tell you this is actually Pretty simple even for the year of 2023 You wouldn't believe how many local Businesses still barely have an online Presence now this year is a great Opportunity for younger people because We can help a lot of the older Businesses who might not have tapped Into social media or building out their Website to succeed even for me after I Got into the whole Drop Shipping Saga I Made my hundred thousand dollars in Revenue I moved that over into Wholesaling a private label brand I've Then moved over into starting a digital Marketing agency with a partner from

That digital marketing agency I was able To help out restaurants hair salons real Estate companies we even helped build One of the first major league Rugby Teams here in the DC area if you're Watching a video like this now chances Are you're pretty tech savvy and with All these AI tools that you're hearing About if you're able to combine the tech Savviness with the AI tools you can Start seeing some huge amounts of money Rolling in as an example one service That we would offer back then is video Creation and then running Facebook ads With that on the budget of the client or Another one is if they had a very crappy Website it was built off the dinosaur WordPress from like 2005 we'd say okay We can go in make a brand new website And even back then I was able to charge Anywhere from 200 500 or even a thousand Dollars now let me tell you that's Actually on the cheaper end of the Market just recently I had my Brian website getting revamped and That actually costed us I think it was At least twelve thirteen thousand Dollars in total now if I could go back In time and realize AI is going to start Doing this for us I would have been able To save 10 13 000 but just think about All the business owners that have all These outdated websites where you can do It for the fraction of the cost with the

Help of AI so let me teach you how to Get started and this actually Blends Really well in with a sponsor for our Video today hostinger by the way even if Hostinger was not sponsoring this video I honestly believe this is still one of The greatest side hustles to exist just Because it is consistent and it's one of Those markets that I don't think it's Gonna completely flip and disappear on By the way you can get a free domain With all annual plans at hostinger and Register it there from there you'll want To use WordPress to create the website Based on whatever you or your client Wants now WordPress is great for scaling Any business because they offer a lot of Custom functionality a lot of websites And businesses still use them and they Have thousands of plugins and Integrations to make it easier to use Now combining WordPress with hostinger's Functionality you can actually automate A lot of that process so let's say There's a restaurant here in the DMV Area looking to build up their online Presence so first you'll want to choose Create a new website then click to use WordPress and create your account and Then you can add the most common plugins Here and really this just kind of Depends on what kind of website you're Creating but for now let's just say on The Google site kit from here you can

Choose a styling that you think looks The best or find the colors and then From there when it's asking you for a Name and a description you can fill that In and if you need any help use your old Friend chatgpt to give you a hand from There the AI WordPress tools will get to Work and boom just like that you're Ready you have a website all at the Click of a button so even with this one Tool you can start an entire side hustle And even if you didn't want to offer This as something for other clients you Could build your own website for a very Solid price this is because hostinger is Offering my subscribers a pretty crazy Discount all you have to do is choose a Plan of 48 months added to your card and From there if you use my coupon code Brian Jung 10 you'll get an additional 10 off as well for that low price you're Also going to get 30 day money back Guarantee you get 1 one-click WordPress Integration and you also get on metered Traffic now for the next idea you might Think I'm a bit crazy but let's actually Go back into the whole Etsy World Outside of the common industries that Thrive during recessions people still Need basic items this is something that A lot of people often forget and these Can be like toilet paper but you can't Sell toilet paper but things like coffee Mugs and they would likely still be

Willing to spend a bit of money to get a Couple that they love instead of just Getting the cheap ones that you pick up From Amazon or from Ikea if you're Thinking though well Brian I can't Believe coffee mugs is a viable sidel so You're recommending because they're ten Dollars a cup what's the profit margins And how could this even possibly allow Me to make any money well that's exactly What I thought until I actually saw one Store generating 87 850 dollars a month All from selling coffee mugs this goes To show you that unsuspecting products Can still be massive Revenue generators So it's all about finding whatever Market you can get into and whether or Not you still have an opportunity to Make a difference in there so the way That I would do this differently right Now is utilizing AI to get any type of New designs that are fresh that are a Bit more customized all right so to get Started with this side hustle it's Actually very easy you would sign up for A website like printful which is another Print-on-demand service and they allow You to Custom Design certain items like Those mugs in order to deliver it to Your customer without ever having to Hold inventory up front all right now For this next one we're going to be Making use of one main tool chat gbt Meaning this one is going to be pretty

Simple so it seems like nowadays too Everyone wants to be an influencer they Want to have their own YouTube channel Or even maybe start their own blog Regardless having a second set of eyes On your writing is very valuable to make Sure that you come across clearly and You have the tone that you're hoping for This is where Chachi BT can come in Someone can submit their writing to you And you can prompt chat gbt for a bunch Of different things mainly you want to Be able to help people with their tone Their spelling their structure and other Things like that now the reason why I Would choose chat gbt over things like Grammarly or even your basic autocorrect Is just the fact that you can ask chat Gbt way more specific prompts these type Of side hustles can also be reflected Into other various Industries so if Someone is looking to get tutored within A specific language or maybe they're Trying to improve on their English Diction you can also find creative ways To implement chat GPT to help be almost Of like your assistance within another Side hustle that you might be doing as An example guys like I'm trying to be Touching up on my Korean okay as a baby I was speaking spitting Korean like I Was so fluent back then but As I Grew Older and I realized I wasn't really Using my language other than you know

Talking to my parents as much my career Started to slip off so I've been looking Into getting some more Korean tutoring Korean lesson so I can perfect on my Language and I realize tutors charge Quite a bit of money and it's actually Very easy to find them online so Websites like preply allow for you to Get paid as a tutor or to find someone For a pretty solid price with this type Of stuff if you've never tutored someone Could be pretty overwhelming but you Could ask Chachi BT for a full Curriculum that you can customize to Your own liking if you also plan to Tutor anyone to learn your own language You can also have them submit like some Information on their profile what their Goals is and you can literally move that Over into chat gbt and have that be like Your main assistant to your type of Business now this year isn't gonna Change the game but it's just optimizing The things that exist and if you're Really trying to find ways to make side Hustle money this is just one of those Easy things that you can get started With like as an example this guy charges Forty dollars for a 50-minute lesson Thirty five dollars forty dollars There's one person here who charges 98 Dollars for a 50-minute lesson so look There aren't that many jobs that are Going to pay you nearly a hundred

Dollars an hour so if you ever want to Get started I'm telling you I know People who get very very successful in These type of businesses and instead of Working for someone making 15 or 12 Dollars an hour like I did I think this Is just one of those ways that you can Build up confidence in your own resume You can help people you can see it Direct impact and you can take that Leadership role which I believe also Plays a huge factor in just you building Confidence as an entrepreneur now this Last one here is going to take some Thinking and a bit of coordination but AI can basically give you any answer You're ever looking for with knowing This how can you implement this and how Can you monetize it well a lot of what I've realized at the level that I've Gone to is that people like having Consultants I know a lot of my Six-figure entrepreneur friends and even Seven figure entrepreneurs hire Consultants and they'll pay them Anywhere from 200 to even 500 an hour Just for their time basically what you Need to know is that Consultants are Here to help someone solve a specific Problem now by having your own a Consulting business I believe this is Highly scalable and by having chat gbt To help you out you're like having an Internet robot superpower that's able to

Also help you help them so basically Let's say someone is needing assistance To decide on what areas of business they Need to reduce spending in maybe they Approach you and ask whether reducing And spending an r d is worth it or maybe Also spending Less in marketing might be Better if you have any background in Consulting and you're stuck in this Position where you don't know what kind Of answer to give them you can go ahead And use chat GPD to help you out so what I would do is I would go into chat gbt And I would tell it the prompt hey I Need the pros and cons of cutting Expenses for this specific business what Do you recommend instead of letting Subjective opinions come in Chachi BT's Main benefit is the fact that it's Logical it's very very logical and it'll Give you a lot of unbiased opinion on What it might be best for you to do in a Business situation like this so whether You have your own Consulting agency and You want to scale it or you're getting Started brand new from scratch but you Have certain experience in other types Of field it's first about knowing what Skill set you can provide someone Immediate positive value with is then Being able to Market that to reach an Audience and then collectively using AI Or like Chachi PT to polish things up And to help you become an even more

Better business operator or side Hustler So ladies and gents that is going to be My full video on some of the side Hustles that you can look into utilizing Ai and some of the market trends that I'm seeing now I also want to mention Guys there is so much opportunity please Don't sleep on what we're going through Right now because if you are able to Master or utilize AI That's Another Side Hustle where you can provide someone the Skills in the businesses and say hey Look I'll teach you how to use Chachi BT For you know just an hour of your time Pay me a hundred bucks and boom you got Yourself another side also there the key Really is to get confident in doing Something for yourself and mastering it For yourself and then finding ways where You can Market it and provide others With that same experience if you guys Did enjoy today's video be sure to check Out the links Down Below in the Description for some of our resources You can also pick up a bunch of free Stocks as well be sure to check out Hostinger and sign up for our newsletter If you haven't done so already thank you All again and until next


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