AI News Roundup October 2023 | TechCrunch

Hey here's what AI has been getting up To in Tech Science and Arts first some Good news out of Hollywood where the Writer strike has ended with some Interesting terms around AI essentially AI use has to be optional and if it is Used it has to be disclosed and it can't Get a writing credit either that's for Humans only still no agreement for Actors though who have just as much to Fear from abuse of the technology meta Is looking to replicate the success of Character. a and others with some custom Chat bots in its messaging apps they're Fine-tuned on things like travel cooking And for some reason MMA and then they've Got fake versions of Paris Hilton Mr Beast and Snoop Dogg meta is giving kind Of a weird vibe right now last up how do Bugs know where to go their brains are So small but researchers at the University of Edinburgh have shown that A neural network based on an ant's brain Was able to help a robot navigate a Known route it not only supports recent Work in insect Neuroscience but it could Be a more efficient way for robots to Navigate in nature that's all for Today's Roundup of AI in Tech science And art I'm Devon for Tech crunch


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