AI models have favorite numbers, because they think they’re people | TechCrunch

Quick pick a number between 1 and 100 Got it let me guess it's probably not Less than 20 or more than 80 it's not Two digits in a row like 55 or 66 it's Probably not a round number like 30 or 40 and it probably ends in seven see People aren't very good at picking Random numbers we try so hard to pick Numbers that seem random that we end up Following predictable patterns what may Surprise you is that AI models do the Same thing researchers at gramer ask Three big models chat GPT cloud and Gemini to pick random numbers like you Just did in over a few hundred tries They found that these models tend to Pick the same numbers that people do why Don't worry it's not that they're Getting so smart that they're Overthinking the problem like we do if Anything it's the opposite we call it Artificial intelligence but it's not Intelligent it doesn't know what we mean When we ask it to pick a random number It doesn't even know what numbers are All it knows is that in its training Data when the series of words that make Up that question appeared certain Numbers followed more often than others How people responded defines how the AI Responds if no one said eight the AI Won't even consider that a valid answer It's a tiny reminder that these models Don't think they complete patterns and

That's true whether they're writing an Email picking a number or giving you Relationship advice so keep that in mind Next time you ask


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