Agri-Track Pitches at Startup Battlefield | TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Okay next one number three coming to you From Birmingham New York we have Agra Track presenting for Agri track is Jason Hill give them Round of Applause and Bring them on out Hi my name is Jamie sonneville CEO and Founder of agritrac and I'm on a mission To save Family Farms Well you might have noticed that wasn't My voice we made some last minute Changes here so what I brought you in Instead was a picture of me as a little Kid so this is me I was raised in Southern California but I've sold all Around the world because my entire Career has been in sales at every level And about five years ago I was asked to Lead another act Tech SAS company to Market and getting into agriculture Really helped me understand all the Nuances and uniqueness and challenges That Farms face So about a year and a half ago I Actually met Jamie sonnerville our Founder and CEO and this is Jamie In her family's apple orchard She is a fifth generation Apple grower She's a Cornell grad and she has a Career in I.T so last spring she Contacted me and told me that she had Built a software for forms and she asked Me to help her take it to Marquette so This is agritrack And it was built from the inside out

Meaning that it was built for uh from a By a grower for Growers uh by a farmer For farmers and that makes it one of a Kind the other thing is that agritrack Captures the most vital data that Farmers need which is labor in other Words who is doing what when and where And we digitize the whole process why is It the most vital data because of the H2a program See the h2a program is a government Program that helps U.S Farms get Seasonal labor from other countries and Without this program Farmers can't Survive because they have no labor but Being that it's a government program It's also heavily regulated and with Heavy regulations comes heavy paperwork And everything in a farm has to be Tracked It all starts with a location and with a Worker everything from production to Labor itself to spray records it all Comes down to a person and a place and Farmers do this not just to better Understand their Farms but to be Compliant with labor laws but the Problem is 84 percent of farms today are Still tracking everything with pen and Paper they haven't digitized yet And that's a completely impractical way Of doing it obviously and uh it's really Difficult to stay compliant when you're Recording everything with pen and paper

In fact the Department of Labor says That 70 of their audits result in some Type of violation within the Agricultural sector which is a big Problem So agatrack Helps solve this problem by digitizing The whole process so Farms can utilize Agrit to have confidence in the the data That they're collecting knowing that It's accurate and that if the Department Of Labor comes knocking they feel okay So agri-track accomplishes this in three Different apps one is a dashboard app Which is a high level view of the farm In real time for farmers and managers Has a lot of analytics and Reporting but I won't bore you with a lot of that the Second one is a tablet app that's used In the field for data inputs that feed Directly into the dashboard we also Utilize NFC technology for a quick clock In and out function which is super Helpful on farms and then we have a Phone app which is typically used for Full-time employees that might clock in And out in different locations and we Also geotag those locations which is Super helpful and unique to Agri track So let's just show you real quickly how This works We're going to go to the first demo or Demo one Sam's gonna go ahead and clock in using

The phone app And then while she's doing that we're Going to go back to the dashboard demo And in just a second we're going to go Ahead and see her time card pop right Into the dashboard In a few seconds here There it is and when she clicks on it We're going to be able to see that Sam Is working at the Moscone West and that She is demo driving and presenting and Then she can scroll down and we can see That geotag right here in downtown San Francisco So if we go back to that main page of The dashboard it just shows you colorful Examples of the different data points That are super important for Farmers to See and to have at their fingertips so That they can make decisions based on Data that's informing them we do have Those reports and a lot of analytics the One I want to point to is the labor Audit report it's named that way for a Reason because it has everything that's In step with the Department of Labor and What they need if they come in audit Forum so all they have to do is download That report give it to them and they're Ready to go We do all the heavy lifting for them the Other thing of note is that Farms can Actually pay their workers differently Than other Industries they can pay them

By the hour but they can also pay them By what's called peace rate Basically it's uh paid based on the Number of activities or actions that They're supposed to do in their job so For example how many apples did this Person Harvest and the farmer is Required to pay the the higher of the Two and then you add into both factors Over time so as you can imagine it gets Really cumbersome to try to calculate All of these different rates and what They need to pay to stay compliant good News with agritrack is that we handle All that for them so that they know that When they do a payroll it's accurate and They can hand that over with no problem In fact with payroll our customers are Telling us that what used to take a day Or more to run payroll and do that Process Is now actually being done in minutes With Agri track and they can do it Anywhere so it's a huge Time Savings There So we can go back to the deck Thank you So when I joined agritrac we decided to Do just a test pilot and see what kind Of traction we could get and in that Time about 12 month period we signed 21 Farms still actively subscribed and our ARR is approaching 114 000. you gotta Wrap it up yep and that is just with the

Labor component in the future there's a Trace food traceability modules spray Record modules everything that farmers Are going to have to track can be found In Agri track and then we'll start Implementing future Technologies to make Sure they stick and plan And that wraps it up because I'm out of Time thank you so sorry thank you so Much Thanks for filling in the last minute Yeah it did very well thanks okay let's Start with Danielle Um thank you for sharing all this with Us and congrats on the early traction Thank you it's really great to see so I Noticed you guys are focused today Mostly on workforce management whereas Many other agriculture or AG tech Software providers are more focused on The yield management side or the crop Data side Um and then the other observation I Would make is that Farms are very low Margin very seasoned sensitive Businesses so Um I guess two two questions bundled Together one Um what has been the response on Willingness to pay and what has that go To market been like and the second is Would you move towards a more Revenue Driving problem versus more of a time Saving problem

So the first question has is around the Willingness to pay due into seasonality Willingness to pay given that this is a Time saving problem that you're solving Given you know around the paperwork and Et cetera as opposed to a revenue Driving problem Um and then second is I guess a bit more About the roadmap yeah okay so uh the Willingness to pay for agritrack has Been actually overwhelming uh partially Because our strategy is to be make it Affordable for small Family Farms a lot Of the solutions that are out there just Simply aren't attainable for them Um and we build in ARR Strategy for a reason and we actually Base it on their Peak numbers during Harvest knowing that that's what we're Going to have to support at that time But we also factor in that depending on The industry they can only be using it During those Peak months at at those Times the most Um so we price it according to like Drawing it out through the year if that Makes sense And then on the future roadmap uh there Is definitely some cost savings for Example just in the payroll piece we're Finding a lot of farms had what we call Payroll leakage so even though they're Saving time in payroll they're also Capturing the workers by the minute

Instead of just Whenever they you know they can right Um and then there are also some Solutions out there that are like to the Quarter hour and so there's a lot of uh Payroll leakage in between those two Approaches so yeah so I'm sure other Things will will follow in the revenue Side Great thank you we'll go to Rebecca and Then Sam Taking into account that willingness to Pay question that Danielle just asked And how your pricing today as well as The level of complexity and size of a Farm that would require a full-blown Platform to track these sorts of things How do you think about the total Addressable Market Yeah so Um the market is food and we all need it So that's awesome and so the total Addressable Market is quite sizable There's about 600 million Farms Worldwide uh and just about all of them Need to digitize as I mentioned earlier 84 in us alone just still using pen and Paper it's a problem Uh great presentation thank you Congratulations on the 100K ARR Milestone yes uh to that end Um you're going after small family farms Uh I suspect that much of their time is Sort of spent offline and then also the

The amount of Revenue that you can Generate from sort of like a smaller Business that would be a small family Farm how do you think about distribution And customer acquisition strategy given Those Dynamics yeah so what's really Cool is that we started with uh what we Know uh the low hanging fruit so to Speak which is Apple Growers because That's where Jamie's World is Um but what's really cool is we're Actually we've signed vegetable Growers And onion Growers and things as well That have seen the direct uh correlation With what we have and what they need Um so from a scaling position it's more A matter of starting where we are and Then as we Implement more and more Modules that apply to larger Farms Obviously the the ACV is going to Represent that as well so we can go Across different Industries Frederick so thank you so much for your Presentation uh looks like you have a Very good understanding of the market And I really like the fact that it's Regulatory driven and that you need the Compliance and people have to make that Jump to use that product to be compliant So really love that thank you Um that said I'm sure you're not the Only one working on this so I want you To understand what's the competition Looking like what are the increments

That up how are you doing some hope Management system how are you situated In the ecosystem from a competition Standpoint yeah so I know firsthand About the competition because I came From the competition and I think of the World differentiator for agritrack is That we are really Um I mean Jamie is a fifth generation Grower and then I have years of Experience in ag so just really Understanding uh that we're building a Product again from the inside out as it Pertains rather to Farms relevancy Rather than building something from the Outside and trying to help like make Farms fit into that mold if that makes Sense Um so I think we have a lot of Differentiator that make us unique in That space as well as again that just Our ability to go from different Verticals and different crops so I think We'll be okay there yeah okay thank you Hope that answers that we're out of time Thank you so much okay thank you Applause thank you everyone


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