Adobe picks a branding fight with indie app developer Delta l TechCrunch Minute

The Delta game emulator has had one of The wildest Journeys to the App Store of Any app ever even after hitting number One on the charts The Saga of this free In the app just keeps getting even more Eventful the most recent news from Delta Is that adobe forced it to change its Logo because it looked too similar to Adobe but it's also kind of just like The Greek letter Delta so okay Adobe This isn't even the first tech Goliath To take on Delta's two person team in Fact before Delta hit the App Store this Spring it was locked in a 10year Stalemate with apple the Indie Developers tried to find ways to Sideload game emulators without Jailbreaking their iPhones but once they Got around Apple's Walled Garden Apple Would fix the exploit they used to make It work let's back up when Delta's Creator Riley Testa was a high school Senior he wanted to play Pokemon on his Phone who could blame him but he didn't Want to jailbreak his iPhone 4 so he Loaded Pokemon Red onto a ti84 Calculator but that wasn't scratching The itch so he found an exploit that Allowed anyone to download his Game Boy Advanced emulator GBA for IOS onto their Phones millions of downloads later Apple Patched this exploit Testa went to College and we didn't hear from him for A while but suddenly 10 years later

Apple changed its App Store policies to Allow Retro Game emulators Testa was Shocked but luckily he was still working In the app space he's the founder of alt Store which as its name suggests is an Alternative app store why did Apple just Change its stance on emulator app apps So suddenly Apple hasn't commented on This but it could have something to do With increased regulatory pressure on Apple since it was recently sued by the US Department of Justice over antitrust Concerns meanwhile alt store only Existed on Windows and Mac OS but thanks To changing laws in the EU alt store Which hosts Delta was able to come to The iOS in the EU so test thinks that Even if the dog didn't sue Apple the Company still would have budged on its Emulator policy Testa told TechCrunch They just couldn't have the narrative That the coolest app on iPhone is only In Europe thanks to European Regulators Delta's issues with Adobe are a little Less high stakes but it still shows us That big tech companies are paying Attention to the little guys for now Delta changed its logo to look like the Letter Delta with its top chopped off And a skew while the app icon might look Broken the emulator itself very much is Not so if you have any ROM files for Game Boy advanced games GES or Nintendo DS or any other retro game system then

Get ready to set some screen time limits Cuz you're going to be playing a lot of Delta


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