Ada Ventures has raised a $34M fund to invest in overlooked founders

Are announcing today exclusively with With TechCrunch disrupt that we have Raised a 34 million dollar fund to Invest in overlooked Founders and Overlooked markets Fantastic I think that deserves a round Of applause Great to see some breaking news on the Stage Um that's that's coming out and and What's a sort of like the skinny Matt What's the skinny about what you're Actually going to do with this Yeah we are a very early stage strategy So we're investing in UK companies uh Right at their earliest kind of Inception once they've built a product Of some kind could be very early it can Be an MVP a beta stage product but That's the point in which we're Investing so it's technically a Pre-series a fund but the Gap in the Market certainly in our home Market of The UK is very very early so you know Post accelerator you could think about That as The Sweet Spot Uh we're only investing in opportunities That are kind of global in their Ambition scale so we want businesses That can have an impact at a sort of Global global scale Um and we are as Chex mentioned we've Got a focus on trying to find talent in Places where other investors may not be



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