Ada Lovelace predicted the future of computing, but was overlooked

You know 89p in every pound invested in The UK in 2017 went to all male founding Teams 72 percent of capital was invested In London very little capitals going to People who you know don't fit that Demographic and we want to do something Different with Ada Ada Lovelace herself Was this amazing Visionary woman she was Born in 1815 and she kind of predicted The future of computing but she was Completely overlooked and we believe There are other people like Ada out There today who are just there waiting To be found and the fund is designed to Surface and find and support those People so you're going after I think It's interesting to just um Specifically mentioned that you're going After uh people who are aging Populations women young people under 20 Health and then you're going after Sectors like healthcare consumer a Future of work I mean Um Why do you think in particular that um You're going to find some you know Diamonds in the in the rough Um is it because is it something to do With like identifying problems I think that we've tried to look at it From the top level as you're referring To about sectors around Where are very very large markets that Are not being looked at by a relatively

Homogeneous investment class yeah but More granular than that we've built a Unique scouting Network so we have 40 Scouts as part of ADA Ventures which is Thrilling to us and they are all Representatives of Communities within technology and Entrepreneurialism Um and they will bring the best deals From those communities to Aid Adventures


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