Acatena blockchain product verification

[Music] Our goal is to build a platform that can Help solving the issue of counterfeiting And fraud in premium Goods in premium Goods how did you start the business What led you into the world of Blockchain and premium good verification And authentication I was working in the Corporate world as an executive for Almost 20 years and I was basically to Face in three type of problems so one Problems is counterfeiting of goods Second problem is product diversion and The third problem is the lack of data From consumer integrated in producer Database and my last role in the in the Corporate award was head of innovation And which company in the Honeywell Honeywell okay yeah and I saw the Possibility of of uh using internet of Things and blockchain to solve these Three headaches for which I suffered for 20 years in my life and what sorts of Products are you authenticating now yeah So our first uh vertical is uh Fine Wines which is a vertical that suffered A lot for from counterfeiting so it it Is estimated that eight billion dollars Every year are lost in fine wine because Counterfeiting or my first memories are Related to to Wine I mean I remember so You started young that's what you're Telling me that's correct so my first Supervisor role was uh when I was three

Or three years old and I was helping my My parents in our our uh to Binary in The north of Italy okay so as as someone Who's a a supervisor of a Vineyard at Three what exactly are the the roles and Responsibilities that a three-year-old Has as in a Vineyard I would be drinking Probably but I mean what what were you Up to well uh mostly making a mess and You know and getting dirty yeah so how Is the the solution that you've got Um differentiated or better than sort of Something off the shelf that someone Could get from IBM or one of the other Big vendors that are now making the push Into blockchain Technologies now yeah so It's very good question so I hope so I Try So basically I mean uh on this type of Solution on blockchain-based solution For supply chain the problem is never The blockchain so it's always the Element the source of input that is Integrated with with the Toyota Blockchain is itself and what we use is A special type of solution is a Proprietary solution that combine a near Field communication tags that can sense If a bottle is closed or open and and How does that then work from a Monetization how are you selling it as a Service to to customers how many do you Have initially yeah there are basically Two models so so one is a fee per

Product but in 2020 we are also Launching a Marketplace that is going to Be the most counterfeit proof uh to Consumer Online Marketplace for wine and We will have a fee what's the website For that the marketplace what's it going To be oh it is going to be part of a Container our yeah well then I'll be Shopping there next year thank you so Much sir I appreciate it very much bye [Music]


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