A Supply Shock is coming 😱 #bitcoin

Yeah I think the price will go up right I mean you you basically have a supply Shock to an asset that Supply shock Cutting in half of the incoming daily Supply obviously if the demand stays the Same not even increases just stays the Same then you are going to have the Price go up over time because there's Less Bitcoin coming into the market Every day for the same amount of people Who want that Bitcoin now what is Interesting about the Bitcoin having Also is as we get closer the media Starts getting louder they begin to talk About it they begin to say oh we're 10 Days away oh we're four days away that's All marketing for Bitcoin and so Naturally demand increases around these Events because more people hear about Bitcoin they're like oh they didn't die I thought that was dead a couple years Ago let me go check that out so that Increases the demand and so you have a Supply shock we're getting a 50 cut of The daily incoming Supply but you also Get this uh demand shock where there is More incoming demand every single day And that leads to


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