A new way to find and monetize memes | TechCrunch Minute

One founder is betting on Meme Tech as The next big startup category the Startup World loves to add the word Tech To any existing industry adtech fintech Prop Tech healthtech so it's probably no Surprise there's a startup betting on Something it calls meme Tech the startup In question is meme Depot which launched Earlier this week founder Alex to said The goal is to create a comprehensive Archive of every meme there is to say Meme Depot is different from Cheeseburger and Know Your Meme which he Describes as basically media companies For example you go to Know Your Meme to Get a meme explained whereas meme Depot Is more about organizing and discovering Memes for example you could go to a page Where you'd see every Kim Kardashian Meme ever made Amanda wrote a fun piece About the launch for TechCrunch and she Talked about this idea of a reaction Gift folder that you keep on your Desktop computer or phone I've never Done this which probably just confirms How Deeply uncool I am but anyway the Whole idea of meme Depot is to create The biggest best version of this folder So how is the company planning to make Money you can use cryptocurrency to buy A pass to a meme party which is Basically a chat room then if the chat Room becomes popular and you're an early Passholder you might actually make a

Profit for some users that might be a Deal breaker personally in the year 2024 I have zero interest in participating in A community that requires me to buy or Sell crypto so just to be clear the Crypto layer in meme Depot is completely Optional this model also brings up the Question of who gets to profit from a Meme is it the person featured in the Original image is it the person who Wrote the first version of the meme is It no one to says that on Meme Depot you Can monetize the community without mon Izing the meme itself as with all new Startups there's a huge chance that Meme Depot might fail but whether it succeeds Or fails it does seem like there's a World of meme content and meme Possibilities that startups have barely Explored so I'll be extra impressed if Top can make meme Tech a thing


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