A Day In My Life | My First Rugby Match, What I Eat In A Day & Relaxing on a Saturday

[Music] Foreign Ladies and gents so today is going to be A bit of a different video because I'm Gonna be vlogging just a day in my life And today is really interesting because I'm gonna be playing in one of my first Rugby games And I think it's been about like five or Six years so I played sevens a few years Ago this is where it's just seven on Seven right now I'm gonna be playing my First 15s game so let's see what happens [Music] [Music] Happy birthday Just a bit of personal accountability Here boys let's stay switched on and Understand that we have a game in half An hour right We'll have a line out on the 20. Plan eight or flank or what eight okay Cool All right first game in a while I pulled Up The last week of the Season I'm gonna Try and score once that's what I want to Do even though I'm not playing with the Bats [Music] [Applause] Good [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] [Music] After the races [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Guys [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Yo I mean we're like hiding underneath One of the uh like because it's crazy Enough [Music] It's pretty crazy Uh and ladies and gents our game got Rained out so hard It was like I've never felt rain like That it was like weighing us all down And uh the game ended early but we were Up like three tries but I got I got Cheap shot it on this last play I don't Know who it was someone was yelling my Name constantly on their other team when I got cheap shot if I got rug burned Like all across my arm here it ain't That bad right now but it stings under

This rain I thought I was gonna like Yeah That's my coach right there that's cool That's coach will that's the best coach Here on the East but uh it was so fun Getting out there I would play again I Think with the way the game was going on We would have won the whole thing by a Lot It was super fun being out here for the First time in many many years I played Flanker out here today how far is it From here [Music] I guess we're gonna go to uh A pub Yeah all right all right boys now we are Going in the car right now we're in the Nice little s class for my boy and the The other guys are meeting up at a pub We usually do this after a game I Usually don't go because I don't drink But they're all like four of them told Me to pull by It's always fun playing a game It's always fun I wish I did better Though A lot better than I thought Because it's been a few years you know What I mean like I thought you're gonna Be rusty it's Instinct he knows what He's doing we made it to a pub Food [Applause]

I'm hungry It's raining Out there bro Yeah I know all right [Music] It's just funny when people can Recognize me when I have like a hat [Music] Okay all right guys so uh we went back Home took a quick shower took Astro out Shout out to credit Astro we came to Guzo because we actually came out with a Whole bunch of new menu items so we're Gonna try it out here and you know I'm With two of my boys here so it's gonna Make it a lot easier to try this food if You guys are in the DMV area if you are Based out of Montgomery County Especially come check out guzo I'm one Of the co-owners here we got a lot of Great stuff coming out on the menu I'll Show you guys what that is today Foreign Three of my favorite meals here if you Guys ever need a recommendation get the Karage we won one of the best chicken Crosses here in Maryland on the Yelp Award the dynamite shrimp is always Super fire and then we got the yaki udon It's one of my favorite as well here Just full of flavor these are all Appetizers so you could try yeah Can you grab that for me and tell them To bring me another one this is an

Assortment Of all the wagyu that we have Accumulated in this restaurant oh the Beef tongue from U.S this is going to be Our U.S River finger this is our U.S top Plate our Japanese A5 short rib Ragu our Japanese A5 tenderloin Japanese A5 Ribeye I know the top is going to be our A5 Stripling followed by a little uni Flight trouble salt Wasabi and then this Mixture the egg and the soy sauce is a Very traditional Japanese stylation of Providing the Waggy boil it's just the Dip it in this kind of a sauce mixture Just because it amplifies the wagyu Flavor the mess we have our mackerel Now I would recommend doing a mackerel After we cook the A5 and so with the Char on there it'll be easier to cook And man and just handle for ourselves But this actually is one of my favorite Things that we've ever put out the Flavor with this mackerel is incredible All right back all right guys so here to My right we got a brand new dish it's Called the wagyu stairway we're getting All different types of cuts of the wagyu Beef and we get ours imported from Japan Very high quality we have some from Australia let's start from bottom and Then go up to the top Two pieces we'll cook this too [Music] Yeah

It's true All right so here in front of me this Bowl is made of ice which I just Realized because I was like trying to Think about where where the Roth all Went but it's going out on the side That's crazy see we do such different Stuff here It was good man you know got some new Items on the menu delicious stuff like The usual and right now just heading Back today was a good Saturday I feel Like every once in a while I gotta play Something I gotta be competitive in Something and what's really cool is I've Been trying to get into boxing for a Really long time and actually like Someone who owns a boxing gym around Here ended up dming me so that's like The next chapter of my life I want to do Something where I'm like looking forward To it and I could competitively play chill man what's good how's your Day Mario it was good man hanging with Ryan Claude size man tackle men like I don't Know like a monster or something I don't Even remember the game I just I don't Remember it Brian was holding people Left and right no no he was it was his First game back in every scrum every Tackle he was in there this is a natural Red cloth he is uh you guys need to stop It ain't a full day unless we got Boba

So we're here at yiping right now Favorite is the mango pomelo Sago with Inflation it's about eight to nine bucks I would not be able to afford this back Then Well I only treat myself to this like Every once in a while Foreign [Music] Guys so we're just going to wrap up Today's Vlog if you guys did enjoy Videos like this definitely let me know Down Below in the comments a little Sneak peek in a day of my life I Appreciate every single one of you guys Like always show some love follow me on Instagram follow me on Twitter and I'll See y'all soon peace out


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