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Massive altcoin news today smash the Like button before we get to altcoins we Need to talk about Bitcoin we need to Talk about the crypto markets in the Larger macroscope Donald Trump is now Being declared the Bitcoin president the Crypto president by Major Financial Entities like Standard Charter by the Mainstream media like Yahoo finance we Reported this to you the other day Donald Trump being now synonymous with a Pro crypto Pro Bitcoin policy comes After Donald Trump made great remarks on Bitcoin promising to protect the crypto Industry in the US yeah with the goggles On uh a lot of this SM people in crypto Are moving their businesses out of the US because they're scared of like uh the US's regulations because of the Hostility correct yeah crypto is moving Out of the US because of hostility Toward crypto correct so what are you Going to do to stop it well we'll stop It because I don't want that I don't Want that I want that if we're going to Embrace it we have to let them be here Yes Sir you know we did it when s were not Hot and we made nfts hot again looking At Donald Trump's promises versus Biden's actions Joe Biden has almost the Exact opposite views on crypto as Donald Trump for instance the house just Started a formal process to basically

Kill the sec's controversial accounting Policy on the crypto industry this Gary Gensler crypto policy would be bad for Crypto the house would be right to try And kill it but President Joe Biden says He'll kill or veto the proposed Resolution if it reaches his desk for Approval and with nobody standing in Their way the SEC continues to put Intense pressure on crypto businesses in The US recently the SEC has rejected Coinbase's request for appeal saying That having made the weather coinbase Cannot complain that it is now raining Look Joe Biden is receiving his crypto Marching orders from the wrong people Joe Biden would be much smarter to adopt Crypto be Pro Bitcoin and he might lose A lot of votes because of it even Mark Cubin coming out and saying if Joe Biden Loses there's a good chance you will be Able to thank Gary Gensler and the SEC Because crypto is a Mainstay with Younger and independent voters Gensler Has not protected a single investor Against fraud Gary Gensler is trying to Destroy the crypto industry the crypto Industry wants a away to register and Comply it wants a away to keep the Speculative noise out and yet it can't This is the legacy of Gary Gensler he Has made impossible for good companies To do the right thing and Joe Biden Aligning himself with Gary Gensler and

The current SEC not very smart when so Many people are pro crypto so Joe Biden And Donald Trump the two presidential Front Runners planted their flags on Very different sides of the crypto Debate this week Joe Biden makes it Clear that he would side with Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler by continuing to Support the sec's regulation by Enforcement Donald Trump says that he Would stop the hostility towards crypto In the US and make sure to start Accepting campaign donations in crypto We are living in interesting times Bitcoin has never been an issue in a US Presidential election like things could Start getting really massive for Bitcoin And the crypto industry depending on how The next one two years plays out now no Matter what happens Bitcoin keeps on Ticking crypto keeps on building Michael Sailor applauding bitcoin's 1 billion Transaction Milestone continuing to put His money where his mouth is topping up His Bitcoin wallets throughout March and April I famously said I'm going to be Buying the top forever Bitcoin is the Exit strategy it is the strongest asset So what we see right now is the Bitcoin Is just emerg as a trillion dollar asset Class and it's alongside names like Apple and Google and Microsoft but the Difference between Bitcoin and the Magnificent 7 is Bitcoin is an asset

Class it's not a company there's not Enough room in the capital structure of Those companies to hold 10 trillion or Hundred trillion dollars worth of Capital so bitcoin's competing against Gold which is 10x what it is right now It's competing against the S&P index It's competing against Real Estate a Hundred trillion doll plus asset class As a store of value so we believe Capital is going to keep flowing from Those asset classes into Bitcoin because Bitcoin is technically Superior to those Asset classes and that that being the Case there's just no reason to sell the Winner to buy the losers Jack dorsey's Company the block parent company of Squares cash app they're flipping 10% of Their profits into Bitcoin every month Jack dorsy saying I think Bitcoin will Be worth at least a million by 2030 what Do you find appealing about Bitcoin About digital currency where do you see It going in the next 10 20 years I think The most beautiful thing about it is There's no one person setting the Direction and there's no one person on The other side that can stop it we have Have something that is um pretty organic In nature and very principled in its Original design you know I think the Bitcoin white paper is one of the most Seminal works of computer science in the Last 20 30 years it's poetry the

Underlying principles behind it that Went into it even to the point of Releasing it under a Pseudonym I think that's a a very very Powerful statement the timing of when it Was released is powerful it it was it Was a total activist move move in the World and in a way that um I think is Extremely Noble and honorable and Enables everyone to be part of the story Let's get into some massive altcoin news This is information you need to know About eity is transitioning into an Ethereum L2 for entertainment Brands They've got a lot in the pipeline real World asset collectible apps web3 FPS Game and a lending protocol sitting at a $100 million market cap other l2s at 2 Billion so basically aity chain once Known for nfts is redefining itself the Future of entertainment with AI the aity Chain L2 launching soon speaking of Ethereum l2's polygon news I thought This was significant 1 million plus Daily active addresses for 45 Consecutive days straight by far the Highest number in polygon's history Probably nothing and then getting more Into AI if you're bullish on AI coins or Coins that do Tok Burns you know with Better Supply demand Dynamics AIT Protocol continues to do stuff like this Continuing our dedication to regular Token Burns to significantly reduce the

Supply we have successfully burned 128 Million AIT tokens additionally a Buyback burn of approximately 3 million AIT tokens worth almost 900,000 has been Completed moreover excessive liquidity Tokens have also been burned this marks The completion of over 55% of the total AIT Supply being burned Hears to many more in the near future And then in addition to this AIT as an Actual protocol what it does in AI I Think it's interesting I'm an investor Same with lime wire I mean the question Is why aren't more token projects doing Stuff like this completing token Burns And like I said similar to AIT protocol What they're doing with AI I think lime Wire is also what they're doing with AI Is significant is interesting quick Update on what's been going on with them 2.2 million website visits in the last Month 17 million million lime wire Mentions on x 27.5 million tokens burned And then new lime wire all-time high of 176 and here's the thing how can Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren still be Against crypto at this point when 1.6 Trillion asset managers like Franklin Templeton are writing reports how They're bullish on salana they think it Could be a top crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum they think salana has a lot of Room to grow and then more than that I Love stuff like this sana's got a real

Grassroots community I'm getting the Boys together to pump salana you [Applause] In another reason why I'm bullish on Chain link is because their strategy is Unique and I think powerful they're Targeting the financial institutions Where the money is traditional markets Have hundreds of trillions of dollars Personally I think that all the value Will eventually be reformatted into the Blockchain format and chain link wants To be the ones who do it be right next To that money coming to crypto once you Do enough market penetration in all over The world in consumer markets and the Retail hedge funds and the prop Traders Kind of get the industry to10 Trillion what's next like where where Does the other $490 trillion that this Industry is going to secure come from Well turns out it comes from the place Where it is which is the traditional Financial system right and so the Challenge is how do you convert and Transfer all of the value in the Traditional Financial system into the Blockchain format of value what what are The things that need to happen and Eventually we'll we'll be in a world Where the way a def5 protocol is Successful is by allowing all the users In various large asset managers and Banks to use that def5 protocol Phantom

Foundation launching a $6.5 million Prize pool to incentivize safer meme Coins Phantom really putting their money Into the mem coin Market on their chain Avalanche recently partnered with Payment firm stripe enabling verified Stripe users to purchase avac crypto and Transfer to their wallet stripe Significant this is good for Avalanche a Lot is going on in crypto my friends Blink and you're going to Miss It smash The like button send this video to a Friend tune in to our Channel every day Make sure you subscribe we keep you Updated on a daily basis keeping you Informed on everything going on in Crypto if you're interested in making Money sub to the channel see you Tomorrow 2024 is going to be a great Year


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