8 Essential Credit Cards You NEED in Your Wallet (UPDATED NEW OFFERS)

There are a lot of credit cards out on The market some good some bad some Beetlejuice and some that I would Consider to be essential credit cards That every single person should be Carrying at all times now look I know I've made this video a few times but we Have seen some new updated offers which Changes which credit cards that I would Consider actually to be the best right Now so in this video I'm gonna give you My full personal breakdown of what I Believe are the best credit cards that You need starting with this list of Eight and look if you have these eight You won't be good you'll be set now for The first credit card here on my list This is the Capital One saver one card Now the reason this card is still number One on my list is because this card it Acts like it has a 200 annual fee but it Has zero dollar annual fee and you get So much first of all you get a free Uber One membership which includes no Delivery fees and lower prices on food Stacked with a 10 cashback incentive Till November 14 2024. on top of that you're also getting A 200 cash back bonus after you spent a Nearly five hundred dollars in three Months and this would be the equivalent Of getting forty percent cash back on That first 500 you spend on the card you Also get three percent cash back on

Dining entertainment popular streaming Services and at grocery stores and then You also get five percent cash back on Hotels and rental cars book through the Capital One travel portal now the Capital One travel portal it wasn't the Best before but they went ahead and Added a lot more benefits such as the Price match guarantee so if you see a Similar hotel with a lower price you Know on Google on their website whatever It is and then you see it within the Portal you can go ahead and match it Instantly right there and they've been Doing a great job at actually matching It so you can get the best offer Possible on top of that the Capital One Travel portal does something cool that I Haven't seen a lot of other companies do Yet and this is where if the price drops Within 10 days you'll get up to fifty Dollars in travel credit for the Difference this ensures that you're able To get one of the best rates because the Worst feeling ever is when you book a Hotel or a flight and then you see the Price goes down even more one more thing That I I love about this card is the Zero percent intro APR now as you guys Know I never recommend anyone to be Within this space if you plan on Carrying any type of credit card debt Because it cancels out the rewards that You can get but I do also know that

Right now we're going through one of the Worst financial recessions and with this Card if you do need a little bit of Leeway or if you need a little bit of a Cushion to get you by for 15 months you Can enjoy zero percent interest on your Purchases that are placed on that Account if you're unable to meet that Statement balance like I said earlier Though pair that up with this card Having no annual fee and you're looking Here at one of the most underrated Credit cards of 2023. now if you are Interested in getting approved for this Card I highly recommend you have a score Of at least 670 points now I have seen Some people with a 650 credit score Getting approved but you're gonna have Much better odds anytime you have a Better score one thing to note about Capital One is just the fact though if You have a lot of credit cards they tend To deny people that is one of their Secret little rules they don't like People who actually take advantage of The system so just note that if you have Too many revolving accounts they could Deny you but for the most part we've Seen a lot of people get approved for This card all right second credit card Here on my list this should come to you At no surprise this here is the American Express gold card so it's no secret that Within the year of 2022 it seems like

Food has gone up in price and it is Actually true because we're getting even CPI reports that yes indeed food is Going up continuously almost month over Month I mean guys like even back you Know during the bull market this was Some bull market activities but I used To be able to shop at Whole Foods get You know all the organic produce your Boy had to step it back I'm I'm here at Giant Shoppers Harris Teeter now but my Whole point here is yeah food is getting Expensive and I'd rather either cut Costs or learn to maximize it using the Points and cards that I have and the American Express gold card is no Exception because you get 4X back at U.S Supermarkets and at restaurants not only That but you'll also be getting 3x Membership reward points for flights Booked directly with Airlines on Amixtravel.com combine these reward Points with your 100 in hotel credits And you'll be saving a bit of extra Cheese on your vacations but on top of That you get a 120 dining credit where You earn up to ten dollars in statement Credits every single month where you pay With the American Express gold card at Places like GrubHub The Cheesecake Factory goldbellywine.com Milk Bar and Select Shake Shack locations you also Get 120 Uber cash credit that comes in The form of ten dollars a month now by

Taking advantage of just those two Credits you're effectively able to take Down that 250 annual fee all the way to Ten dollars a year the big thing is just If you have this card make sure you're Fully utilizing those two ten dollar Credits which is a total of twenty Dollars a month so you can make sure That you continuously able to get Positive value from holding the card at The time of filming this video the AmEx Gold card is also going to earn you a 60 000 Mr points after you spend four Thousand dollars on purchases on your New card in your first six months of Card ownership now look I know that four Thousand dollars may seem like a lot but You know with current inflation rates And how much people are normally Spending on a day-to-day basis and also The fact that you can extend this to a Full six months I think most people are Going to have an ample amount of time to Be able to get that welcome bonus to Score those free points now sixty Thousand membership reward points is Equivalent to 600 in cash on the more Conservative side but if you watch a Video like my how to redeem Amex points For max value as an example you could Even get 2x 3x or 5x the point of that Value and that'd be multiplying 600 Let's say by three that would be 1800 Total bucks that you'd be getting back

In additional value I do want to make Note that there is also some limited Time offers floating around with the MX Gold card so be sure to check out the Link Down Below in the description to Score on that I know there's a 90 000 Mr Points offer and it shows only to select People and that 30 000 points which Would on a conservative note of one Point to one cent would be an extra 300 Back in your pocket too regardless this Still here is one of the best overall Cards I've had the American Express gold Card I use it as my most frequent card In my wallet whenever I'm eating out and I'm going to grocery stores if you are Interested though in getting approved For this card I highly recommend you out Of a score of at least 675 points there Is a misconception that a lot of people Need a 700 credit score to get American Express card but just know that I've Seen a lot of people with an upper 600 Score still getting approved one last Thing if it's worth mentioning the AmEx Gold card it is a metal card and their Customer service has always been Top-notch which makes it a very strong Contender of some of the best credit Cards to own now for the third credit Card here on my list we have the Chase Sapphire preferred first of all right Off the bat the Chase Staff I preferred Has a new limited time promo offer for

80 000 ultimate reward points after you Spend four thousand dollars in the first Three months now compared to the American Express gold card where you had Six months three months is a bit you Know shorter of a time frame but just Note you're getting 80 000 ultimate Reward points and where I've seen even Through my own experience chase points Just being a lot easier to use than to Go through the hoops and moves of American Express this means I actually Value chase points a little bit higher Than American Express because it does Require a little less work and if you Only do domestic travel maybe you're Trying to go from east coast to West Coast or you know you're just trying to Go anywhere within the states it's Oftentimes times that you'll find the Chase Ultimate Reward Points being a lot Easier to use and getting even better Redemption now there's also been reports Of a 90 000 Point bonus offer for the Chase Sapphire preferred but if you do Want to qualify for this you need to Actually walk into a physical Chase Branch and even then it's not guaranteed That they may fully have it I might as Well let you guys know if some of y'all Are very very hungry for those extra 10 000 points but if not the 80 000 bonus Point is a public offer available to you Right now online now when it comes to

The benefits of this card very Straightforward you'll earn 5x total Points on travel purchase through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal excluding Hotel purchases that qualify for the 50 Annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel credit This is something that they didn't do Before but they added in most recent Months where you can earn up to fifty Dollars in statement credits each Account anniversary year for hotel stays Use the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal if You're not getting that 5x you'll then Get 2x on other travel purchases and You'll get 3x points on dining including Eligible delivery services takeout and Dining out you'll also get 3x points on Online grocery purchases but this will Exclude Target Walmart and wholesale Clubs and then you also get 3x points on Select streaming services now I've had The Chase app I preferred for many many Years I've been hold it for about four Or five years before canceling I think One to two years ago when I first Applied for this card I did not get Nearly as many benefits as you would be Seeing now so this card is really buffed Up in its plan but not only that but if You do qualify to get this card you're Going to be eligible for their referral Program where you can also earn up to 75 000 bonus points per year so every Person you refer that's 15 000 bonus

Points that's about 150 per person and Just like I'm doing with these videos You guys can sign up other people to get This card and I feel like the Chase app I preferred is really just an easy sell Only because it has a 95 annual fee but It still covers the benefits of a lot of What people are looking for in a travel Credit card and it may not be the best But it's not the worst at any degree at All and you're still getting such a high Welcome bonus or even after that first Year if you decide to cancel for Whatever reason you're going to be Getting pause positive value that to be Approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card I highly recommend you Have a score of at least 680 this is one Of those credit cards where if you have A terrible score and in this market Where it seems like banks are tightening Up credit just a bit more you might not Get approved but if you do have a decent Credit score if you haven't gone over Things like the chase 524 rule which We've talked about plenty of times on This channel if you don't know about it Be sure to watch My ultimate credit card Hacking guide as well you still have Some pretty strong chances of getting Approved for this card now the fourth Credit card here on my list is going to Be the Capital One Venture X credit card Now this here is what I would consider

To be one of the most underrated and Best Elite travel credit cards this is Because on paper they have an annual fee Of just 395 dollars but you're comparing This to other credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or even the American Express Platinum Card which has A much higher Annual fees so with this Credit card let's do some math right off The bat you'll be getting a 300 travel Credit for bookings made through the Capital One travel portal if you happen To be traveling anyways and and you're Using the portal and like I talked about You have that price match guarantee You're immediately going to be canceling Out the value right there and we could Subtract 300 from that 395 dollar annual Fee with this card you'll also get 10 000 miles to every card anniversary or Just you'd be getting a hundred dollars Back to put it simply now this card also Has a pretty competitive welcome bonus Where you can earn 75 000 bonus miles Once you spend four thousand dollars in Purchases within the first three months From count opening now points and miles Are used interchangeably so just know on A one point to one cent Redemption That's still 750 cashback that you're Getting in addition to even like a Hundred dollar credit that you're Getting on the global entry or TSA Pre-check benefit that they offer you

Just adding up the math cha-ching that Right there is about 1 250 cash back Which I believe makes it a no-brainer Card to get especially if you're doing Traveling with that said we haven't even Mentioned just some of the return rates That you're getting because you're going To be seeing 10x miles back on your card Through hotels and rental cars booked Through the Capital One travel portal You get 5 5x miles back on flights Booked through that portal as well and Then you'll get 2x miles back on all Other purchases every single day now I Believe this card is best for any mid Game card holders that can't yet commit To the high annual fee of the Chase Sapphire reserve the MX Platinum but This card is also very viable for anyone Who travels and they might be in their End game scenario endgame is for someone Who's done everything you know you got All the chases you got all the amexes You've got most of the welcome bonus That you can think of you know you got a Credit card binder like myself with 30 Different credit cards even if you Travel say domestically once or twice a Year I believe you can easily get your Roi back now to get approved for this Card you want to have a score of at Least 700 I've seen other scores getting Approved but 700 I'd say is a good note For this and keep in mind like I

Mentioned earlier at the beginning of The video Capital One is also inquiry Sensitive so if you apply for any new Cards within the past few months they Might deny you so if you do have 15 plus Credit cards 30 plus credit cards However many credit cards just know guys They may deny you but you also have some Other options which we'll go over next Starting with card number five the MasterCard build card which is another No annual fee credit card that was Released earlier this year so simply put This card is just excellent for anyone Who pays any type of rent if you have a Landlord if you're paying an apartment Building straight up you're able to use This credit card negate any type of Additional credit card fees and collect A tremendous amount of points I wish I Had this card back when I was renting in My apartment because after doing the Math I would have gotten up to 50 to 60 000 points every single year and by Seeing how good the travel partner Redemptions are that pretty much is like A free domestic business class flight For me that I could take every single Year and if I did that for the last four Years I would have made a lot of money From the points but I also would have Saved a lot of money because I've had to Pay an enormous fee to some of these Apartment buildings that which I later

Realized okay maybe the math wasn't Working out on either way passes in the Past because with this card moving Forward you get 3x on dining 2x on Travel 1X back on everything else and What I really like about this they do a Little superhero perk because on the First of every month those spending Categories they get doubled so you Actually get six x back on dining 4X Back on travel and then 2x back on Everything else now built also makes it Super easy to transfer your points out To get a higher Redemption and there are Multiple Transfer Partners including American Airlines and Hyatt as an Example I have the world of high card so I get a free hide hotel stay every Single year for the cost of 95 but I Also had the welcome bonus offer and I Also get a little bit of status from Hyatt so just the fact that I can use Another card to pair it up with a hotel That I normally stay at adds even more Value but for the fact that they do all Of this for no annual fee it just makes It a no-brainer now as most of you guys Know I moved out of my apartment I Currently pay a mortgage there are Rumors that built was allowing people in The future maybe to pay their mortgage Using your credit card if that happens That's gonna definitely be a keeper but Just the fact that has no annual fee

Even if you never use this card once you Just sign up for it and maybe you pay Your rent that's like automatic passive Income on the back end be sure to check Out the built MasterCard and by the way Be sure to check out any one of the Credit card that I've mentioned within This video linked Down Below in the Description if you want to learn more Moving on to the six best credit card Here on this list I got the Chase Freedom Flex card look guys I love no Annual fee credit cards because you know When you do get to a point when you have A lot of them you want to make sure that You're always getting positive value and With no annual fee cards you are always Going to get positive value because it's Not going to cost you a single penny to Hold it with the Chase Freedom Flex card You're also earning five percent Rotating cashback and they also have a Great welcome bonus for any beginners With this card you can get 200 after you Spend 500 within the first three months Of opening your account they also have a Zero percent 15 month intro APR bonus Offer so this means if you've got a Little bit of credit card debt or Something you're gonna have a leeway for 15 months if you're able to transfer That balance over to this card and on Top of that chase just allows you to Open yourself up to an ecosystem of

Different products so as an example I Got the Chase Freedom Card first then After that I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and if I ever wanted to Downgrade or upgrade they have many Different products where you can do that Pair that up with the Chase app I Preferred you get access the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal which allows you To take the five percent rotating cash Back even further where it could be Seven or even eight percent cash back Technically that you would get on your Cards now that works if you're able to Pull your points together okay so make Sure you guys know that little extra Step you're not automatically getting Seven eight to ten percent back on your Card but it only happens on the Post Exchange which is when you earn those Points and then you redeem them and you Find that you're getting a better Redemption than you would on a normal Website now to get approved for this Card I highly recommend you have a score Of at least 650 points just because it Is a beginner credit card but with Credit tightening up you want to make Sure you have at least a 670 score the Next best credit card here on my list I Had to spice it up with this list guys Because you know it's a lot of personal Cards and one that I really like is the Chase Inc cash card with this credit

Card here you'll earn five percent cash Back on the first twenty five thousand Dollars spent in Combined purchases at Office supply stores and on internet Cable and phone services each account Anniversary year if you're wondering What some of that maybe just think about Like your Xfinity bill your FiOS bill Verizon Wireless at T that is an example You also have office stores like Staples Office Max Office Depot which could code For that 5x membership and we also had Some data points talking about how People's subscription services for their TV like Netflix Hulu Sirius sling TV Counted at some times as well if you're Trying to maximize and pinch every Percentage back it's good to note those Things but for the most part on the Default you'd be getting two percent Cash back on the first 25 000 spent in Combined purchases at gas stations and Restaurants each account anniversary Year now guys the biggest benefit that You're gonna see with this card is the Welcome bonus offer where you're going To be earning 750 bonus cash back after You spend six thousand dollars in Purchases in the first three months by The way with the chasing cash card There's also no annual fee just in case I didn't mention that now keep in mind If you're limited by the fact that this Is a business credit card and you don't

Think you could qualify you might Actually be surprised because I made a Full guide going over how you can get a Approved for any business credit card And this is going to open you up to have A lot more points within your account You also have to realize with business Credit cards even though you're going to Get a lot higher of a welcome bonus Offer like 750 cashback they often times Require you to spend much more money if You do have a business that has high Expenses every month then this is going To be very easy for you to hit anyways But if you have low expenses and you're In a business where you're not spending That much money that you definitely may Want to reconsider this offer either way I wanted to include a business credit Card into my top list because it seems Like not many people are aware that Business credit cards have a ton of Additional benefits compared to the Counterpart of personal credit cards now If you do want to get approved for Business credit cards I always say safe Bet score is having at least a 700 Credit score last but not least on our List for the final best credit cards I Believe the American Express Blue Cash Every day is one of the most underrated Top dogs that you need to look into now This card is going to give you a 200 Statement credit after spending two

Thousand dollars in six months with this Card you'll also get three percent cash Back at U.S supermarkets on up to six Thousand dollars per year you'll get Three percent cash back on us online Retail purchases on up to six thousand Dollars per year you get three acts back On U.S gas stations and then one percent Cash back on everything else now Immediately off the bat one of the Downsides is the fact that you're Getting cash back so you can't merge Your points with this card but I want to Say that the AmEx Blue Cash everyday Card seems to be accepting a lot of Applicants so if you're having trouble With your credit you need one that Serves a purpose maybe you're looking For a 15 month promotional offer I Believe this is a great staple beginner Credit card that costs you zero dollars To hold within your wallet all of these Cards have all been included within this Video for a purpose for food and Groceries I would be using the AmEx gold Card in the Capital One Saver Card if I'm ordering from ubereats I'm Definitely going to be using that Capital One saver one card because that 10 cash back benefit is still so unreal If I'm paying any type of rent for my Apartment I'm gonna use the build MasterCard and then on the first of Every month I'm gonna take advantage of

That 6X on dining or even the 4X on Travel that I could get back if I'm not Booking travel for the first of every Month then I would look into using the Chase app I preferred or the Capital One Venture X card for both of those cards In that first year you're going to be Getting massive value because of those Welcome bonus offers if after the second Or third year it doesn't make sense to Hold the card you can always downgrade Or cancel it as well when I'm doing Shopping the Chase Freedom Flex is going To be one of those cards or I'm going to Be using the Blue Cash everyday card These two cards I would also consider to Be like my floater cards which means if I don't know what card to use at a Certain place I'm at least just going to Use these in order to get the welcome Bonus for if I just applied for it or I Would just use it in the case that one Of the categories that may be rotating Fits within that month last but not Least I have my big Point Banger card And that's going to be the chasing cash Card and this here is going to open you Up to get a huge welcome bonus to start Stacking up those additional points if You want to travel the world for free or Get some of those business or first Class tickets as well so ladies and Gents that here is my updated video on The eight best credit cards so far let

Me know what you guys think of my list If you guys would change any cards out If you guys have your own setup of cards And if you guys are interested in at all Checking out or learning more be sure to Watch some of the other videos that I Have on my channel and be sure to check Out our Facebook group guys we have like 30 what is it 33 000 34 000 members in There it's a lot of people we'd love for You to join check out the link Down Below in the description throw in your Email and I'll send you a link to join Our Squad as well I appreciate y'all Love y'all be sure to follow me on Twitter Instagram if you haven't done so Already if you all want to stay Connected even more and I'll see y'all Soon peace


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