8 Altcoins set to EXPLODE (HUGE NEWS)! Best Crypto to Trade & Invest?

The altcoin space is about to get out of Control here are my top 8 altcoins Making huge news for accomplishing huge Milestones pay very close attention to All eight coins in this list if you like Crypto give this video a like comment What coins we should include on a list Like this in the future without further Ado Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain that Uses key elements from Facebook's former Blockchain DM launched in October 2022 With a mission to redefine the web3 user Experience today Aptos is landing some Of crypto's biggest strategic Partnerships MasterCard the future of Identity is web 3 and Aptos is Partnering with MasterCard to make that Future a reality with mastercard's Crypto credentials program and on-chain Identity and verification framework with A variety of applications in payments Remittances ticketing and nfts as a Master card credentials partner Aptos Will support the infrastructure for Identity security trust and verification Tools that enable the free flow of funds Between individuals and across borders So this program kicks off with Remittances between the United States Latin American countries and Caribbean Countries in addition Aptos is Partnering with the likes of Google Exciting news Aptos and Google are back At it again this time with Google's web3

Startup program this collaboration will Provide startups with the support and Resources needed to develop the Infrastructure Bridge platforms and Foster the future of web 3. the Google Cloud web3 startup program gives web 3 Startups The Tech Community and Resources they need to explore serious Innovation over reliable infrastructure Enabling the evolution of dapp's web Retooling services and more at scale Aptos is on a mission to bring web 3 to The masses and this program is a major Step towards that goal for more on this Google partnership let's hear from Co-founder of Aptos himself Aptos is a Layer one blockchain it's been designed With evolution in mind it allows you to Support all the use cases of web3 to Build applications seamlessly when we Think about Aptos and how it's Positioned in the market as a network we Want it to be a network that stands the Test of time it's infrastructure and Infrastructure needs to be reliable it Needs to be scalable and it needs to Continue to evolve I see the Aptos and Google Cloud partnership giving users And developers infrastructure that Allows them to build easily with things Like bigquery developers and the Ecosystem feel very confident Google Cloud can help us go to market faster in Three ways the first is developer

Tooling the second is ecosystem fund and Supporting and the third is continuing To support the network growth and Providing continuous infrastructure and Reliability two industries that are Really well positioned to take advantage Of web 3 and aptos's network our gaming And social media gaming experiences Continue to push the boundaries to Shares experiences with people in Multiplayer environments across the World and now you can share digital Assets with those players Gamers don't Want their experience to be disrupted You need a network that works really Well it has fast throughput it has Extremely low latency and it has Infrastructure that's completely Reliable Google cloud and Aptos together Can provide that what we're excited About at Aptos is to help bridge these Different platforms connecting the People together that's the original Vision of the internet Aptos wants to Remain a network that can help bring That Vision to life and we're excited to Partner with Google Cloud to make that a Reality You might think you know cardano I don't Think you know this cardano makes our List today because they have a huge Development Milestone coming up it's Called Aiken it's a new programming Language this will take cardano's

Capabilities to the next level by orders Of magnitude I don't think the broader Crypto ecosystem truly understands What's about to happen to cardano over The next few months cardano's core Tech Has always been great but the major Limiting factor has been the developer Experience those shackles are now about To be completely removed buckle up a new Programming language that's not Haskell What's all this about to help answer Your questions let me play you a short Clip from fellow YouTuber and crypto Educator red spark he's more technically Minded he breaks down what this new Cardano update is all about give him a Like give him a follow he puts out great Crypto content Aiken called Dano the Cardinal specific language written to Make smart contract development a lot Easier now for those of you who aren't Familiar with Akin it's a new Programming language that was developed As it became obvious that programming in Haskell wasn't quite right the good Thing about Aiken is that it takes Inspiration from a lot of other Well-known languages and really tries to Get the best of every world into one Package now if you like this person and Thought cardano's smart contracts had to Be written in Haskell while this is a Common misconception the current Cardinal node implementation does indeed

Happen to be written in her school Cardana uses something called a uplc Okay this is what's actually used by Cardinal smart contracts Haskell simply Just compiles down to uplc Haskell Compiles into uplc and you can have Other languages compiled into uplc Ublc does not need Haskell okay so That's why we're able to have a language Such as Aiken it's just another way of Writing code in a language and then the Compiler will take that code and compile It down into uplc and I've seen some Interesting benchmarks with Akin and These other languages that are popping Up whereby they actually compile down Into much smaller more efficient file Than the official haskell-based plutus Language which I thought was quite quite Interesting algorand is an altcoin that If you subscribe to us you certainly Understand the basics of algorand by now Today I want to highlight a travel app Oriented project building on algorand Who shares their three reasons why they Chose Al Grant to build on instead of Ethereum from cointelegraph reporter Rachel wolfson's podcast why you guys Chose to build on top of algorand which Is a blockchain network which is a Wonderful blockchain network instead of Using something like ethereum for Instance mainly because of three reason The first one is the performance they do

Have an extremely good performance the Sigma one is the cost we travel has a Very lower martians we really needed a Network that had really low costs so That's another reason why we have chosen Algorithm and the third one is because Algorithm is a carbon neutral chain and Especially in the travel industry but we Believe that that's extremely extremely Important avax makes our list today They've been firing on all cylinders for A while now we've been keeping you Updated on avax for a while now yet the Price of the token still disconnected Down five percent yet over the last 90 Days daily active users up Revenue up Core development up do not sleep on Polygon if you watched our video from Just the other day you understand why Polygon is going to be such a big deal Their Google partnership accelerates the Adoption of core polygon protocols using Google's infrastructure and tools Transforming the blockchain landscape Forever again check out this video if You want to learn more injective Protocol making great strides injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange That offers cross-chain margin Trading Derivatives and Forex Futures Trading The injective protocol is built on Cosmos blockchain as a layer 2 app the Protocol uses cross-chain Bridges which Allows traders to access

Cryptocurrencies from other platforms Such as ethereum polka dot binance and Like I said throughout this bear Market They've been making great strides most Recently in just a few days the Injective ecosystem witnessed Integration with seller Network Bona Fida deployment testnet and smart Contracts integration with a polka dot Project asked our Network and polka dot Assets protocol Talus beginning to Create first nft marketplace with Injective unmatched progress as always By the way make sure you subscribe to Our channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos are you bullish on the Altcoin Phantom I am because a phantom Crypto bank is coming the blockbite boys Explain this this has to be very Exciting for all Phantom holders is Phantom opening a crypto bank so I hit Up Andre this morning and said hey can You tell me more about this and his Response to me was if you're asking Whether or not Phantom has obtained a Banking license and is launching a Crypto friendly Bank the answer is yes That is happening so here's what I was Given that I can share with you is that It is a crypto friendly bank it's going

To not really be a retail facing bank It's a little ways out it's probably Like a year out like hey this is Actually something that's happening They've been building this out very Quietly for quite some time very very Intelligent move on behalf of phantom I Know no details behind sort of the setup Of the bank itself but like what an Interesting move on behalf of the Phantom Foundation given all the Regulatory and banking shutdowns we've Seen over the last month and a half Again I want to hear from you comment Your thoughts below let's have a Conversation in the comments section What coin would you add or subtract to Today's list make sure you get your Tickets to bitcoin Miami Conference this Month may we will be there use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your tickets Our final pick in today's video is ICP Internet computer protocol let me know If you want me to do a deeper dive on ICP crypto in the future it is different From a lot of other blockchains even Mark Cuban recognizes this Warren Buffett has this great thing first is The innovators then there's the Imitators then there's the idiots did You know Mark Cuban mentions this one Blockchain in particular is different Than others They're all

They're all Forks of each other there's Not a lot of innovation there yeah you Can talk about some of them you know Maybe the ITP likes to think that They're a lot different in some ways They are the chains no that there is not Room for a hundred different blockchains There is not room for 20 different Horizontal blockchains now if you want To look at vertical applications that Are specific to you know maybe ICP and Others that have specific ways of doing Things that have applications that are Better suited for those change okay Maybe the total number will grow


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