8 Altcoins (BIG BIG BIG POTENTIAL) Most Undervalued Crypto Investments?

What are the most undervalued altcoins In the crypto space today I'm talking About crypto gems that not a lot of People realize could be big while Today's video is not Financial advice Over the next eight to nine minutes I'm Going to take you through eight to nine Altcoins our top picks for today now if You're interested in making money in Crypto subscribe to our Channel if you Like altcoin videos show some love to This video without further Ado coin Number one and two are being promoted by Two of the biggest YouTube stars of the Past 10 years Rat and Link Good Mythical Morning YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Launch web 3 Channel with token rewards With mythical 24 7 on rewarded.tv Rhett And Link aim to bring tens of millions Of combined YouTube viewers into web 3 And their two tokens what are the two Tokens you ask well rewarded community Members who watch the channel can earn The the platform's native replay token Which can be redeemed to unlock premium Content and other perks rewarded Tokenized infrastructure is powered by Theta a layer 1 blockchain Network Focused on video streaming which is Altcoin number two what are these two Tokens the replay token is designed to Keep users hooked on and actively Participating in the broader rewarded Community viewers can amass the

Cryptocurrency not just by watching Content on the platform but also by Competing on leaderboards completing Missions collecting nft Badges and Joining live watch parties Theta the Crypto blockchain that powers it all the Theta network is a decentralized video Delivery Network that provides a wide Range of blockchain enabled solutions to The problems facing the traditional Video streaming sector the platform Provides high quality video streaming at A reduced cost relative to traditional Service providers as well as multiple Incentive mechanisms for decentralized Bandwidth and content sharing data's got A lot going for it these two tokens make Number one and two in today's video Crypto number three is uniswap the token For the number one crypto decks in the World uniswap continues to get used like Crazy uniswap is burning if like crazy Right now because it's getting used Almost four times the next biggest use Of ethereum block space is eth transfers But uniswap is number one when it comes To use but that brings us to crypto Number four ethereum itself ethereum Supply reduced by one hundred thousand Coins since the merge 100 000 ethereum Coins taken off the market forever Because ethereum is getting used Ethereum just enabled unstaking it was a Big accomplishment a feather in

Ethereum's cap but what does this mean For the tokenomics of ethereum going Forward is East getting unstaked bad is East getting staked good think about it Like this ethereum that's unstaken might Be restaked on a new address held in Cold Storage used as collateral in D5 or Perhaps sold but eth that starts staking Is just staking exit Q equals diffused Intent entry queue equals concentrated Intent beautiful asymmetry this is a Reminder that in the next Bull Run Buyers will be trying to accumulate eth With no structural selling while Contrasted against an inflationary USD And fragile Global Financial system There won't be enough eth to go around The mother of all bull runs is coming Now this is this person's opinion I Happen to be bullish on ethereum as well Next token is Radix the first layer 1 Protocol built specifically to serve the Rapidly growing defy industry solving The scalability issues that persistently Hampered protocols like ethereum Radix Has dominated the crypto Market this Month 10 years of research and Development tell me a second project That deserves it more from a Fundamentals perspective after so many Years of hard work starting completely From scratch trying again and again a Revolutionary product emerges in the end Solving the biggest issues facing crypto

Today scalability user experience and Developer experience Radix Avalanche is A big one avax is the native token of The Avalanche platform it is used to Secure the network through staking pay For fees and provide a basic unit of Account between the multiple sub Networks created on the Avalanche Platform key things you need to know Avex fees on the primary Network are Burned avax is capped at 720 million no More than 720 million avacs can never Exist avax can be used as a gas token on Any subnet deployed and this is the Special Sauce here the subnets subnets Are highly customizable verticals that Allow anyone to run their independent Blockchains using the virtual machine Defining any economic Primitives Choosing any set of features gas token Validator requirements and security Models what I do want to talk about Though and to the what is Avalanche Question are subnets so very briefly Sort of like what is a subnet and how Can entrepreneurs around the world Developers that are looking to explore Blockchain use a subnet great question So Avalanche is a latest generation Blockchain and it has this architecture Based on what we call subnets subnets Are unique custom purpose custom Designed blockchains for a specific Purpose so uh what does that mean and

Why do why might you need it if we go Back just so that everybody has the Right context on on what smart we have Systems like Bitcoin which are single Asset single chain systems they do one Job they do it incredibly well we have Systems like ethereum which are Multi-asset but single chain systems There's only one ethereum and it's Designed to supposed to meet the needs Of the world but it's very hard to do so Systems like Avalanche are event not Only is the consensus protocol much much Much faster than everyone else's because It uses something that nobody else is Using not even ethereum 2 with its proof Of stake protocol so not only is the Consensus protocol faster but it has a Different architecture it's not a single Chain yeah multi-asset multi-chain yeah Each and every one of the chains can be Completely different from the other They're isolated from each other Congestion on your chain does not impact Me high fees for you does not impact me So that allows us to be able to Accommodate jurisdictional differences If you want to have an American chain Subject to American rules we can have That at the same time as a say a European chain subject to gdpr and Myriad others I do want to make sure That we at least address the the Elephant in the room that in spite of

All of these subnets have essentially Being micro blockchains capable of Supporting individual assets it is a Single consensus mechanism that is Reconciling the transactions across These different blocks absolutely think Of avalanche ecosystem as a giant Umbrella under which there are many Different chains some are proceeding Very slowly because they're not doing Anything demanding some are going at an Insane clip maybe there's a game on them Maybe there's some highly demanding defy Application there's a decks Etc and and Everything in between so we are at uh at The at the moment when I talk to you I Think we have about five dozen chains That are in production with hundreds That are being staged right now you need To get the graph on your radar the graph Is an open source software hosted on the Ethereum blockchain it exists to collect And store data from blockchains such as Ethereum such as Avalanche so that it Can be searched by users it's like what Google is for web2 data collected by the Graph is organized into indices known as Subgraphs to make carrying the graph More efficient the graph's co-founder And chief business officer explains the Value prop of the graph on Bloomberg you Want people to be able to to publish Open apis contribute to the network for It to be I guess an Open Access platform

Exactly so the graph is a Marketplace For public data so and you think in web 2 you have one Google in the graph Network you have over 400 quote unquote Googles there's 400 different companies All around the world operating Independently to serve queries and when I say query you can think of search in The graph Network for these applications And there's over 700 applications on the Graph Network today and you pay for the Usage of these applications in GRT and That is the the point of GRT to be used Across these applications and it's Exciting to see how many people are Using these applications and and it's at An all-time high Taking I think one of the reasons people Are really excited about this is It's Kind of at the intersection of AI and Crypto a unai startup an AI entrepreneur In that respect I wouldn't say that the graph is a Quote-unquote AI project it's very much About open data but what's exciting Around Ai and the intersection with the Graph in web3 is that you could imagine Having like a chat GPT on top of the Graph with verifiable data and Information and that's really uh an Exciting opportunity because garbage and Garbage out even with AI and now we can Have really great arguments around the Garbage uh using AI technology so if we

Can verify that information that's when It becomes really exciting and so that's Something that the semiotic team one of The core developers within the graph Ecosystem is actually looking at and Working on but within the graph the Indexers do use many of them use machine Learning today around pricing queries by The way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos make sure you get your Tickets to bitcoin coin Miami 2023 Linked below use code altcoin daily 10 Off our final coin has surpassed 200 Million transactions over 4 million Active accounts a steady increase in Daily cumulative earnings compared to Other layer 2 projects such as polygon And optimism it has the highest earnings Over the past 90 days while earnings of Op and Matic remain in the negative Territory this coin has positive Earnings Arbitrage


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