7 Steps to $141,237/Month with Affiliate Marketing

So here in one of my affiliate account Dashboards I was able to generate over $141,200 of uploading content to YouTube I've personally been perfecting my own Strategy to increase my income and make Even over for $4,700 a day after years Of optimizing and learning lessons from Both the highs and the lows of this Business model I'm excited to share with You today my custom seven-step plan in Order to go from beginner to affiliate Marketing Pro hit in that seven figure Mark in just the next 20 minutes so First let's start by explaining what Affiliate marketing really is so to do This I love starting this out by sharing One of my personal favorite stories and This is regarding my cell phone service So growing up in high school you know my Parents didn't have that much money so We were using a cell phone provider that At the time we thought was good this one Was Sprint and by the time I turned of Age I realized okay I'm going to start Paying for the cell phone service myself Take that off of my parents and I kept Using it I moved out of my parents house Moved into a new apartment and in the Apartment I was living in that whole Area had some of the worst reception Possible after going on Reddit and doing Some research I came across a provider Called mint mobile now this is one of Those no contract cell phon providers

And I was a bit skeptical at first after Trying it out for the first month it Turns out I loved it I actually ended up Getting much better service the customer Service was really good and I was able To get it for about 75% of what I paid Over at spring now once I saw how much I Was saving and the great experience that I had I got my entire family to sign up For it now right before I sent them a Link to sign up I also saw on mint Mobile's website that they had referral Links so anytime my friends or family Signed up using my link we would both Get a special bonus at that time they Get like $10 or $30 off and then I'd get Anywhere from $10 to $40 in credits Towards my own cell phone bill now it Turns out my parents loved it it was Also during this time I was also Creating YouTube videos and I thought to Myself what if I share this over on YouTube too granted I wasn't a tech Channel or a cell phone review service Channel but I figured if I can help at Least one person it was still worth Mentioning well since then I've actually Been able to earn enough credits to get Me free cell phone service for the next Few years and this is what affiliate Marketing is just on a smaller scale now When it comes to any business model the Worst ones are the ones that involve one Party not getting value but what I love

About affiliate marketing is that it Completes something that I consider to Be the value triangle so so well all Right so what is the value triangle it's Actually really simple so you just have A simple triangle and there's three Parts to it you have you handsome with The mustache you have the business just Make a little building and then you have Your customers this value triangle here Is so important to know because every Single piece of this everyone is winning Now the business here is able to Generate a sale through you you mention This product to your customer who has a Good experience from that business they Pay you a small commission say like 10 Bucks for this lead you get paid the 10 Bucks then your person gets say 10 bucks For like a sign up bonus and then they Sign up for that business and The Business makes money and say they make a 100 bucks this is just a very small Example of how affiliate marketing can Work because normally in order for any Business to generate a decent amount of Money if they're not running organic Traffic is through running paid ads now The thing about paid ads is that you Have to measure your Roi otherwise this Could eventually just turn into fire you Can lose a lot of money now the great Thing about affiliate marketing is that You pay money based on the lead that has

Already signed up so you reduce that Risk it's great for business businesses But look even better it's good for Someone who's trying to start a business At the end of the day you're just Tapping into to connecting with all These customers and if you're able to Bridge this Gap here you're making money And yes I appreciate you guys for Knowing my beautiful artistic skills now When it comes to affiliate marketing the Right strategy is going to be so Important and this right strategy is Going to help you find the right winning Products it's going to help convert your Audience as efficiently as possible and It's going to allow you to earn The Highest Potential revenue and help you Build sustainable income for the long Term so with all that being said let's Take a look at that seven step strategy And get you started on the path of Success all right so before we do that Though let's take a look at your website Now why is a website hosting domain even Important when it comes to affiliate Marketing well that's because with a Tool like hostinger you can build your Website you can optimize your landing Page you can check your data you can get People to stay on your site longer and They make it super easy with all the new Tools that they released you might even Notice that Down Below in the

Description of my videos all my Affiliate links use my own custom web Domain now the tool that I use to build My own custom website is actually the Partner for today's video and that's Hostinger so hostinger is just a Fantastic tool to create your own domain Build your website using Ai and even Host your website for you now all of That comes at a low $249 right now with their pre-black Friday deal for that price you'll be Getting free professional email Addresses under your domain name a free Domain unlimited Banner with and free SSL or Security on your website now what I really love about hostinger is the Fact that making websites is a lot Easier it's something that I was always Stressed about because I was like do I Really need to learn another tool and This has been fantastic because they Recently released the hostinger AI Website builder now this here is a tool That can create custom options for your Website with just a brand name website Type and a description now the more Descriptive you are with this tool the Better the outcome will be now once you Have that done you can customize a Website even more and optimize it with Some of their other AI tools so if you Don't know what to write use their AI Writer to create copy or maybe you're

Looking for a logo well they have an AI Logo designer that you can use for that When it comes to optimization hostinger Even has something called the AI heat Map generator to predict user Behavior This tool is heavily optimized to make Your Web building experience as easy as It possibly can be but if you happen to Be someone you're like okay I don't want To fully utilize Ai and I want to make The website on myself hostinger also has Over 150 templates available for you to Start with what I also love is the fact That they use WordPress and WordPress Gives you access to thousands of plugins And themes with no limitations on the Design and features of your site WordPress is also a great option because It provides you with unlimited scaling Opportunities and it also makes your Website a bit more SEO friendly now if You want to take advantage of this now Is the best time with a Black Friday Special now if you want to even save More on that you can go ahead and use my Link Down Below in the description with The code Brian Jung 10 to get started Now the first and most important step Out of all this is going to be finding Your Niche to give you a better example My broader Niche here on this YouTube Channel is finance and business content But if I were to break it down more Specifically it can go into the Realms

Of investing which can be specified even More into crypto stocks or businesses And then even underneath businesses we Have things like dropshipping print on Demand affiliate marketing Amazon FBA And more see how I just went from saying Oh you know I just got a finance and Business channel to oh I actually make Videos more specifically on Affiliates And other businesses this here allows You to get the clarity you need in order To know how to create your message to Your audience I've also learned when Your messaging is too broad nobody hears It but if the message is intended for a Very small group of people it becomes Much more clear resulting in better Conversions now if I want people to use My affiliate link for a business credit Card you wouldn't be seeing conversions On a product like this coming from Creators like Mr Beast who actually Might be getting a a thousand times of Views that I'm getting but because I can Cut through all the people who my Message is not meant for I can actually Go ahead and see better results and Better conversions that have Clarity Within a niche knowing that here are two Steps you can use to pinpoint and dial In to a specific market so the first Thing you want to do is start by writing Out or typing out a list of all your Interests this here will help you find

Things you can create content about for The long term by the way here are some Examples of many viable niches that Exist today we have Tech now the benefit Here is that Tech is always improving Every single year and that means there's New innovating products that you can Cover we also have health and fitness Where as an example I'm trying to build A home gym right now in my basement and Before I buy a $33,000 power rack Because they expensive I need to watch Review videos about it I actually found A few channels where now there are Brands that send them these power racks Which are pretty expensive all for free For them to review and then they get Affiliate links and because these are Expensive products they're considered to Be higher ticket Affiliates meaning a 10% Commission on this instead of being Like a $20 commission for you it could Result in a $300 or $500 commission per Sale another example of a viable Niche Finance as you guys know I'm in this I Love it I think it's great it's scalable We've made multiple seven figures from This and I believe there are a ton of Great innovating products here in the Market and if you're someone who likes Discussing anything regarding money it Can be budgeting to investing to even Outside of that building businesses Another example here is going to be home

Improvement this is great because Similar to health and fitness Furniture Is expensive meaning higher ticket item Conversions now those are a bit more Broad but there are definitely going to Be microniches underneath the ones that I talked about or even aside in Different markets take as an example the Mattress review sites or mattress review YouTube channels these are a bit more Niche but I do know that this is a Higher ticket Market that tends to do Well think about the people people who Need a mattress who might have some type Of degenerative disc disease where their Back is hurting extra and they need a Special type of mattress that they don't Really know about too much yet now Instead of specific consumer markets you Can also think of different niches in Terms of age or geographical location so I'm 26 right now and if I were to start A new affiliate marketing business I can Think of all these different guides to Make for someone who's 25 or 26 my age Right now and figuring out all the Things that they can do to improve their Life their career their physical body Their Wellness their spirituality Whatever it is another Niche is focusing On even places of where you live so even For me I live in Maryland and by the way If you're in Maryland you know this but There's not much going on out here

There's just a lot of shootings these Days but there is a breakthrough in a Niche we have a lot of cool Innovative Restaurants that are always popping up So I've been seeing a lot of different Food Instagram accounts where they go Out reviewing food and if they can work Out a deal with Affiliates where you Know if they bring a customer they're Able to track that and they give them a Sale on that lead that can also result In a viable business at the end of the Day it's all about getting creative but It's also recognizing things that you Have interest in and dialing in as the Business that you want to start the Second thing you want to do out of that Is to just narrow down your list even More from that just ask yourself these Few questions which of these is the Easiest for me to create content about Which of these has high ticket items Available for sale and which of these is Something I can have my own unfair Advantage in so having your own unfair Advantage results in something like this What is something that you have a Background in or experience in or Something that you know that your Average competitor might not know now it Doesn't even have to be that your own Unfair Advantage could even be the fact That you know how to create content or You have an eye for design and marketing

That other people might not have now Those questions will help you balance Passion and potential income and give You the best opportunity for success now The benefit of this business model of Affiliate marketing is that you invest Nearly nothing to get started other than Your time and this means it costs you Nothing if you decided to try something New again I also want to note that There's also nothing wrong with pivoting Or trying something new I almost even Recommend it because if you take a look At what I've done in the last four to 5 Years we've changed quite a bit my Affiliate marketing business model is Actually completely different 5 years Ago and even across my main YouTube Channel where we've made a lot of money From I've had had to switch over from The range of topics to mastering Different niches that I never thought I Would ever end up doing looking back if I stuck to just making credit card Videos on my channel I wouldn't have Been able to experience the growth I Have but I learned to Pivot and I got Really good about learning things about New markets and then just expanding from There now this leads us into the second Step of this seven series plan and if You've ever tried affiliate marketing For yourself you might know the hardest Part is actually getting the audience in

The first place now most affiliate Marketing guides will either recommend Starting a blog and then just pumping Ads towards it now things that worked Maybe 10 years ago would not work now Especially with Rising ad costs and more And more competition I believe this year What I'm going to say is way better as An alternative to do so in this current Modern day era building up an audience Of people who trust you organically will Not only reduce your risk in the money You spend but it turns out it actually Converts a lot better than just using Paid ads think of it like this too what Is converting right now for a lot of Brands is ugc content this stands for User generated content where it seems Like it's real videos that people make For500 to $1,000 and then they send it Over to the brand and they run it as a Paid ad and it doesn't seem like a Commercial that you're watching on TV People tend to convert a lot better and They actually get more sales from that Now look the equation to this is pretty Simple build up an audience that trusts You from content you're putting out in The form of Education entertainment or Inspiration and the affiliate commission You earn ends up being a byproduct of The businesses that you've built now I Mentioned earlier that affiliate Marketing is really just referrals on a

Larger scale and to succeed in affiliate Marketing people can't think that They're actually getting affiliate Marketed too does that make sense Affiliate marketed too so how do you Actually get those free eyeballs that You're looking for so let's be realistic There is no one-size fits-all option Here every social media platform and Every Niche is pretty different but That's exactly why I decided to create Evergrow Academy now this is a course That I'm working on right now to teach You how to go full-time with YouTube Without the pressure of getting a ton of Views now I'm excited to share this Because we cover everything that I Personally use to grow my channel over The last 5 years across multiple niches And scale multiple businesses to the Seven figure Mark not only that but I've Been able to do all of this while even Currently I have more output on the Content side I'm working less and the Revenue is still scaling higher now let Me say this course is still in Development literally after me filming This video here today I'm back to Filming the next module of of my course So we got some time before it actually Drops but if you're interested be sure To check out the link Down Below in the Description I'll have an email sign up Where you can get an alert on when I do

Drop it for a pre-sale order or you can Also just follow me on Instagram where I'll mention it when I release it there Too now beyond all that let me give you Some more actionable tips in getting Real organic views and still building up Your own audience the first starting Point in this is to take a look at Content that has already worked for Other people in the past if you want to Make videos with within a certain Niche That you've chosen you need to do your Research you need to search for that Content and look for over performers now Over performers are a term that we use In finding videos that outperform the Subscriber count of the channel they're Uploaded to through this come up with a List of these videos and see which ones You can add your own twist to look you Never want to directly copy content Instead think of ideas that you can Create with your own experience and Perspective added in it and use what's Already worked for other people as a Baseline in getting started now number Two the easiest content to convert to Affiliates is through review videos and Educational guides that's because all You need to do is link the various Products and services you're using in The tutorial to get affiliate clicks These are also great because they are Easy to update every year when changes

Are made to the process it's also great To Target specific Search terms and get Traffic early on now let me give you a Much better example so we talked earlier About the home gym you know I'm trying To build one in my basement well I came Across a YouTube channel called garage Gym reviews pretty much as I said this Guy's getting sent free products he Mentioned it in those videos he's doing Something he loves he provides real Value to people who need it and he's Getting paid pretty good money doing all Of this that right there is an example Of a review video that brings you Successful affiliate content now what I Love about this concept too and Something we talk about in our course is The idea of having very solid Evergreen Videos so if I reviewed a certain gym Equipment I know generally unless There's new equipment coming out that The review is going to live on the Platform that information really isn't Going to change so people can go back to It even if it was uploaded a year ago Still watch that video and still bring You affiliate commission later on third Strategy here and that is making short Form content now this strategy is Something I've seen work extremely well In the last few years and this is Because short form content can be shared Across multiple platforms and it also

Has great organic reach compared to long Form content now where a lot of people Go wrong is that they end up doing Really well with short form content but They don't actually know how to get a Conversion like even a month ago my Fiance she got an Apple Watch and she Made an unboxing video on that and Within like 2 3 days she posted on Tik Tok and that thing got a million views Now although the views are great a lot Of people then don't know what to do From there I truly believe this here is The most important step to at least Short form content conversions in Affiliates and that's to take a call to Action to follow your long form content And then from there get the conversion So an example of this is going to be a Guy I recently came across well actually His video came across and found me and This here was an account named smoothie Flip and I found a short form video of Him literally flipping smoothie bowls Holding them upside down and watching How thick they were now this year then Led me to watch a long form video on how To make a thick smoothie bowl and in Order for me to do that I needed to use A blender and I then decided to go into The link in his description and use his Affiliate link to buy it so this right Here is just an easy example of going From short form content over to long

Form content then getting a conversion On an item now by the way YouTube also Released a new feature this one is so New most of you probably don't even know About it and that's called direct Product linking on videos rather than Going through something like Amazon Affiliates now this here is huge because You can earn more commission with less Work for people to have to click through And by the way the future on this entire Tool and the world of affiliate Marketing is only getting brighter now I Personally recommend that you take your Time on this step and really develop Your audience before you spend too much Time focusing on bringing in affiliate Income after all that we're here onto Step number three and that is to find Your target audience so in order to do This there's a formula that I use to Make this very predictable before I get Into that formula I need to share with You just some real stats and it's the Fact that if you have even a thousand People watching your video there's never Going to be a situation where you have a Thousand people clicking on your Affiliate links this comes down to the Very principle that every single one of Your viewers watch your videos for Different reasons this also means that You need to start by figuring out not Only the people that are going to watch

Your video but the target audience that You want to get so that they'll click on The link and then convert on whatever Affiliate product you have to offer now Let's take a look back at a real example That I recently did and this was the Beginner's guide to drop shipping now in This video here we had a link to get Started on Shopify that was the Affiliate conversion we were aiming for And if you look at what we did we made a Beginner guide to drop shipping which Means we'll attract beginners rather Than people who were Advanced and Already had Shopify now if I made a Video and it was like the advanced level Shopify guide to take you from six to Seven figures and I had my Shopify Link In there for people to sign up for I'd Probably get a 0% conversion because Anyone who's already at the six figure Mark has Shopify install they've already Committed to a free plan so I wouldn't Qualify for the affiliate but beginners Who have not yet started would most Likely use the Shopify link they get a Better deal than what Shopify has to Offer on their typical Google page and It's a win-win situation remember that Triangle we talked about earlier well This is exactly where it comes into play Now same goes for the example the home Gym again that YouTube channel didn't Make content talking about how to

Optimize your home gym for someone who Already has one but it's really a lot of Content that they created for people who Are looking to build their home gym for The very first time now you can take This formula here and apply it to your Own audience that you built just be sure To ask yourself this who is your ideal Target audience and what are pieces of Content that they would find Value Entertainment or inspiration from now I Know at times getting super specific may Seem counterintuitive because if you Want to reach the most amount of people Generally you're just going to have the Goal of meeting the highest most viral Form of content ever it turns out though In all my experience of doing affiliate Marketing or even just being a content Creator in you getting Clarity on who Your ideal specific audience is you're Going to be able to find messaging that Fits what your audience is trying to Look out for now this here leads into Step number four and this is finding Your product so we've hit the first part Of the formula and we have the Right Audience now how do we then get the Right product to offer that specific Audience well you might be surprised to Hear this but it's really easy to get Access to affiliate products you don't Need a million subscribers you don't Need a ton of views in fact right after

This video you can go ahead and get your Own affiliate links to start promoting Different products today in order to do This you can use many of the different Affiliate marketing dashboards that Exist and even in one of our most recent Videos I go over the five best affiliate Marketing companies that you can look to Sign up with today now at this point we Found our Niche and built out the Formula for the Right audience and the Right product well what comes next so it Turns out this is actually going to be The most important step of it all and That is properly marketing the product And it turns out it's also a lot more Simple than you think it is so for this It just breaks down to three steps Number one adding value no one likes Sitting through an ad if you can start By adding value and showing how great Something is the audience or whoever's Listening is going to have a much more Personal connection with what your Recommendations are number two next St You want to do is make the pitch this Doesn't have to be elaborate if you've Already been able to showcase the value Of the product in the process or example Of whatever you're filming you've Already completed this task there at This point all you have to do is share Where your audience can get the product And what offers might currently be

Available most affiliate programs will Offer a special price for affiliate Sales or a trial and that's also another Great way to get people interested now For the final part make it easy easy to Find the links to the products what I Personally do here on this YouTube Channel which you know we've been making A decent amount of affiliate income from Is I link all my products in the Description and I also pin a comment and Little secret tip that a lot of people Don't talk about is that on screen you Can get a QR code put it on there cuz a Lot of people actually watch YouTube From their TV and if they just scan it Right there on your screen they can Easily access the link and then pull it Up on their phone now for the QR code I Also use a company called bit.ly and They make it super easy to do that with So if you followed all the steps up to Now this should be real easy in getting Your first sale as your audience is Going to be a lot more targeted and You're going to know exactly what to do This Segways pretty well into step Number six and this is reviewing and Optimizing so once you put out a couple Of videos It's time to figure out what Really works if you started by promoting 5 to 10 affiliate products you need to Figure out which ones resonated best With your audience and why this is why

Dashboards like impact is so great Because it gives you a ton of data about Your buyers and how you're able to earn Combine this with things like YouTube Analytics Tik Tok analytics whatever You're posting content on and you're Going to get an even clearer picture on Who converted and why now something we Do here over at Jung media is that we Track every video every conversion every Click every day so that at the end of The month we review where all of our Affiliate income is coming from and then We can then optimize as an example we Had no idea that people were converting On our website because I never promote My website but people go on our website To sign up for different products and Whatnot and we realized okay this might Be something we want to double down on Now we wouldn't have known that if we Didn't track our data in the first place And then review it every single month so I highly encourage that no matter what You do if you're starting out in Affiliate marketing always review the Data see where you're getting the clicks See where the conversion is happening or Where it's not happening and see what You need to do in terms of adjusting the Offer now when it comes to affiliate Marketing the offer is very simple it's Usually whatever the brand tells you to Do but sometimes they'll have different

Things like you know you can promote This free free TR offer or we can offer Credits to the audience or in an Instance where the offer is very good But they're not converting it usually Means you have a problem with the Audience itself so this also here flows Very well into the seventh and last Point and that is to repeat and to try Again look I didn't make millions of Dollars in Affiliates overnight it Actually took me many many years of Testing and trying new markets before I Started to see even my first $10 day now I know that doesn't seem like a lot Because eventually that was able to Steam to the5 to $10,000 days that we Had but I want you guys to know that in The beginning things are going to be Slow and when we're talking about a Business model where it doesn't require For you to put in any Capital AKA risk Any of your money but you're getting a Return back then what you're going to be Sacrificing in exchange for possible Income is just your time now for me back When I was like 21 22 getting into the Space I had plenty of time I just had to Tell all my friends look I ain't hanging Out with you I ain't going out and I Decided to work on my business through That time I experimented with with Different content I got better at making Content and then overtime results began

To compound look when I first started YouTube things were very slow I started Actually three channels before this main Channel here before I started to see any Type of results and the first time that I posted any videos onto YouTube and was Doing it consistently it was actually Over 11 years ago so let me tell you as Someone who's been through it it will be Slow in the beginning I assure you that But you cannot get impatient in this Type of business for real guys I need to Keep it blunt it takes time it takes Energy and effort and in the moments you Don't see any results that's going to be The difference between you and then the 90% of people who decide to give it up During the Journey of you starting your Own process I highly encourage you to Celebrate your small wins so something I Did back then was celebrate my first View my first link my first thousand Views my first 1 cent commission all of This is worth celebrating because this Is going to be the very first step in Getting you to become a successful Full-time affiliate marketer look I'm I'm going to say it again okay I really Needed drill into your heads I did not Go from zero to like a million dollars Overnight it it took even longer than a Year it took multiple years of not Seeing great results I was seeing Pennies and then dollars and then a

Couple hundred dollars and then that Turned into a couple thousand and then Soon as I woke up every month it was Like six figure checks which is amazing So for you to get to this level two of The exact blueprint that I went through To find success now I'm going to recap The exact seven step strategy here Number one find your Niche then get free Eyeballs on your content number three Find the Right audience number four find The right product number five make the Sale number six revise and optimize the Number seven repeat now if you guys did Enjoy today's episode be sure to drop a Like down below if you guys want to see More affiliate marketing videos some Challenges you all want me to do I'd Love to explore different types of Content like that but let me know Down Below in the comments I read every Single one of the comments so I'd love To hear your feedback if you would like To follow me over on Twitter on Instagram I'd love for you guys to join The jungy family over there too so thank Thank you all so much again for watching This video until next time peace out


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