7 MICRO-CAP ALTCOINS!!! 100x crypto meme tokens (pre-PUMP)!

How do I find New Meme tokens early Before they explode listen low cap meme Coins have been popping off people have Been making and losing crazy money I want to find the next puppy I want to Find the next 100x Hidden altcoin Gem And I know how to do it do you know how Because I know how in today's video I'm Going to share with you New Meme tokens That you haven't heard of that haven't Pumped yet keep in mind this video is Just informational not Financial advice I'm making this video today because you Asked me to I'm not endorsing any of These tokens I'm not endorsing you doing This you should operate under the Assumption that any of these coins can Go to zero at any time never invest more Than you can afford to lose that being Said if you appreciate the occasional Degen video like this like the video and Follow for more daily crypto content and Make sure you watch our peppy video from Yesterday to understand more of the Risks when trading meme coins this one Rule of thumb in crypto has been true Since the invention of crypto when one Successful thing pumps look towards the Derivatives mutant peppy this is is what Mutant Pepe's total price chart looks Like incredibly low circulating Supply Total Supply market cap trading volume Binance smart chain coin this is what You're looking for the legendary mutant

Meme mutant Pepe is a deflationary token Here to reward Traders with bonuses on Trading and volume it's like getting More treats for playing fetch every Purchase is automatically rewarded a Five percent bonus in Doge so every Purchase is automatically rewarded five Percent additional bonus instantly in Your wallet four percent to marketing so Every purchase is charged four percent Which is immediately transferred to a Marketing wallet then there's a weekly Lottery hold mutant and be entered into Weekly Lottery twin token prizes a Quadrillion total token supply ten Percent buy and sell tax five percent Rewards and Doge four percent marketing One percent liquidity this token might Be the most d-gen scammy piece of Bad idea there is but this is what this Video is about and another derivative Coin with an anti-derivative message F-pepi total price chart are you tired Of seeing Pepe on your timeline sick of That green frog join the movement in F Pepe are you tired of watching Everybody Play Hot Potato with the endless Derivative Pepe wojak Bobo coins peppies Have had their day it's time for the Most recognizable meme in the world to Take his reign as king of the memes F Pepe is here to make meme coins great Again launched stealth with no pre-sale Zero taxes LP burnt and contract

Reannounced F Pepe is a coin for the People forever fueled by pure meematic Power let F Pepe show you the way 69 Billion total Supply no taxes no BS it's That simple 93.1 percent of tokens were Sent to the liquidity pool LP tokens Were burnt and contract is renounced the Remaining 6.9 percent of the supply is Being held in a multi-sig wallet only to Be used as tokens for future centralized Exchange listings Bridges and liquidity Pools half Pepe is a meme coin with no No intrinsic value or expectation of Financial return there is no formal team Or roadmap the coin is completely Useless and for entertainment purposes Only I'm getting slightly different Numbers as far as total supply of Max Supply from coin gecko hey the scammier The better with these type of things Right anyway low market cap low trading Volume low fully diluted valuation Ethereum coin see it all here snail Brook 27 million market cap circulating Supply of 80 billion with a total and Max supply of 100 billion fully diluted Valuation 30 million with about half a Million in trading volume picking up This is what the total price chart looks Like snail Brook unites all meme coins Creating a new wave in the industry Hold Your Meme coins to claim free snail Tokens in an unprecedented Fair launch And airdrop distribution to Holders

Snail Brook is a decentralized meme coin Project that aims to create the ultimate Cult Community by inviting all meme Coins for a common cause built on the Foundation of decentralized snail Brook Fosters a Community Driven platform that Transcends the traditional boundaries of Finance and Tech Utopia for all so Discover the details of our tokenomics And how they contribute to a fair and Decentralized ecosystem the total Supply Is 100 billion snail and the Distribution model consists of two meme Coin airdrops the first airdrop Initiates a claimable airdrop for the Top 420 wallets in shib bone Floki dose Chain qom call T Suka W Doge and sov Giving 3780 wallets access to over 10 billion Free snail the second airdrop encourages Competition between all meme coins as The highest holder growth will receive Another 10 billion snail the other 80 Billion is fairly launched on the open Market bolt token Max Supply Infinity Total Supply Infinity circulating Supply Unknown fully diluted valuation unknown Very very low 24-hour trading volume now Their website does say that there is a Total supply of Bolt tokens 420 billion 6900 million bolt ZK sync meme coin the First Dow governed meme coin on ZK sync Meme coin season is coming early Lightning Fast transaction speed and low

Fees their mission to expand the Nets of The ZK sync era and introduce a Community of meme lovers and degens into The ecosystem bolt aims to be the true Community coin of the ZK sync era used By many other projects over 80 percent Of the tokens public endow are given to The community what do you think is Bolt Token worth anything wassi token like Many tokens on today's list very new Very low trading volume very low market Cap not even listed yet circulating Supply unknown total Supply 6900 billion it's an ethereum token and This is its total price chart they also Have a wassi Twitter box that answers Your questions on Twitter if you tag the Bot so what is ask wassi askwassee is Powered by chat GPT and the Twitter API It is a helpful bot that will Automatically reply to any mention of Its name by providing summary of any Tweet above it it's 100 free and can be Called by anybody if they just tag ask The wassi they had a stealth launch Bootstrapping the project as a stealth Launch is aligned with our goals we aim To bring new investors organically and Grow our community thanks to the Automated wassce Twitter bot they burnt Their LP and no ownership will burn the Lp at launch and renounce ownership Shortly after that this is the best way To offer a safe experience for small and

Big investors as we won't keep any Control on liquidity tokens in contract And of course utility driven because They're tying it to the utility of the Twitter bot what do you think is wassi Worth anything Grumpy Cat coin the most Grumpy and unimpressed crypto token out There only a few days old this is the Total price chart website worst font Grumpy cat is a meme inspired crypto Token that is perfect for all those who Are tired of the hype and unrealistic Promises of other tokens Grumpy Cat Brings a refreshing dose of cynicism and Skepticism to the world of crypto grumpy Cat is built on The Ether blockchain and Uses a deflationary tokenomics model it Is also Community Driven which means That its success depends on the support Of the community another huge token Supply that has 420 and 69 in it for 20 100 trillion 6900 billion to be exact 8.3 percent held in multisig for Centralized exchange listing ah yes sex I do it every day and everywhere 91 91.69 Supply liquidity burned Transaction fees F taxes audit and Security contract renounced whatever They're really shooting for 100 000 Holders in a tier one centralized Exchange listing I mean it happened to Pepe buy it or don't I don't care not Associated with the real life cat what Do you think you'd have to be crazy to

Ape into this right maybe you'd have to Be crazy not to nine meme coin wow they Follow me what time is it it's nine O'clock Pepe is right there is No D9 it dogs have had their day Is so much better this is their website And obviously they're using one of the Internet's original memes Nyan Cat time To blast off and go surf the cosmos Together nine believes that the heart of Value for a great meme coin is the Community and the humor let the good Times roll launched in stealth no Pre-sale no tax LP burnt forever Contract renounced nine has been in our Hearts for over nine years and she will Continue for eternity total Supply a Bajillion quadrillion with the only Numbers besides zero being 69 and 420 of Course 91 liquidity pool nine percent For a centralized exchange listing but Keep in mind LP tokens were burnt and Contract is renounced honorable mentions Go to CEO very low Max Supply very low Trading volume IMC CEO I replace Elon Musk it's on the BCS Network utility Token total price chart please let me Know what you think in the comments Below what meme coins do you think have Big potential


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