Seven altcoins in 10 minutes these seven Altcoins you need to get on your radar With the market really picking up like This this might be your last chance and Besides just one or two blue chips in Today's list I've really tried to Include altcoins we haven't talked about That much that you might not know about But I still really like so please Support the channel give this video a Like and comment which altcoins you want To see in a future altcoin daily video If I see enough comments on a specific Altcoins who knows it might appear in a Future altcoin daily video so without Further Ado any coin we talk about you Can buy sell or trade any of these Crypto coins on today's list on bybit Exchange make an account on bybit claim Up to $30,000 worth of deposit bonuses I Like bybit I use them for buying selling And trading first project very early Stage but this project I'm very excited About I don't even think they token has Launched yet that's how early it is the Token is called wealth and the project Is called Commonwealth we're partnered With them that's how I know about them You get aird dropped their token by Downloading their app and completing Simple tasks you need to get on the app Now you need to start doing this if you Complete all 45 tasks you'll have access To these top prizes use our code in the

Description when you sign up for full Airdrop rewards use our code in the Description basically they're calling Themselves the world's first free VC Fund this is a way for retail Participants retail level to get in on The same terms early as early as VC Investors so it goes without saying not For us users unfortunately I can't even Get on this app always follow the laws Within your specific jurisdiction but For those who can all you need to do is Navigate to Commonwealth on X click on The link tree click on the top button Sign up top right enter our referral Code to get the most out of your airdrop Get full perks and start completing Missions to qualify for the full airdrop You can get through some missions in Just a minute there are 45 total the More missions you complete the better it Is for you there's no other project in Crypto like this at all I've never seen An opportunity like this for normal Retail investors to get into projects of This caliber like I just don't think it Exists it's the first time ever a Venture capital fund is going to be Given away for free really some of the Best VCS in the space have invested in All these projects these are very strong Teams I've been building for multiple Years the projects are really insane I Haven't seen anything like this nobody

Leaves empty-handed so if you complete The minimum tasks you get on the Leaderboard for The Campaign you will be Given a reward what is the catch like What are these tasks that people have to Do on the app it can be across socials Join socials promote some key tweets From a project try what the DAP is Whether it's a game or or like a Middleware it's an unreal feeling having This all come to fruition now it was uh Yeah it's been a lot of work you're Getting emotional call oh my God yeah Who knows how big this could [Music] Go we have to put ethereum on this list Bitcoin is digital gold ethereum is Digital oil we have a looming black Rock Ethereum ETF coming up the same thing That happened to bitcoin going into the ETF approval can happen to ethereum this Is the greatest wealth transfer in History we're seeing guys ethereum's Network effect just continues to Dominate ethereum's market cap has just Surpassed some of the biggest names in The world with a colossal market cap of 426 billion ethereum is now bigger than Giants like Exxon Mobile Johnson and Johnson AMD 10 cent even Samsung Expecting at least top 10 in this cycle Understand that ever since when was it 2021 ever since ethereum had the merge And turned proof of stake ethereum's

Supply just continues to shrink Bitcoin's Supply flow shrinks ethereum's Supply shrinks and we're seeing the Price reflect that this is the last 7 Days this is significant ethereum's Supply is shrinking 1% per year that's 1.2 million ethereum per year incredible To be an ethereum I'm really bullish on Chain link I still think chain link is Undervalued relative to the rest of Crypto like when you see what chain link Is doing and after it integrates with The project what happens the chain link Effect is very real so blockchains Without chain link are like computers Without an internet connection the Integration of chain link naturally Leads to a massive ecosystem growth for Blockchains as devs can build Exponentially more advanced daps adding Chain link is a win-win for cross Ecosystem growth so the same thing that Made email as a network blow up in the 90s is what chain link is doing for Blockchain today email networks like AOL Used to be disconnected much like Blockchains today similar to SMTP this Is the standard that made email explode Chain links ccip cross chain Interoperability is a universal standard Transforming isolated digital islands of Blockchains into globally interconnected Ecosystems like understand the three Problems that ccip and chain link solve

For entities 1 2 3 listen to chain link Labs describe this revolution himself This is why I'm bullish on chain link in The early '90s in the early days of Email you could only email people within Your particular email service so you Could only email other people who used Aimil who used AOL etc etc it was only When they finally unlocked the ability To to email uh anyone else in the world And any other email service provider That you really had the explosion of Email and it's a similar thing that we Believe uh with tokenization is you need To be able to connect up all of these Assets that sit on different blockchains So the offering that we've launched uh Just a few months ago is called ccip Cross-chain interoperability protocol And it's a universal integration Gateway That enables this connectivity so those Three issues that I talked about earlier This is what ccip solves for firstly Ccip enables Banks large institutions to Integrate with their particular systems So their corporate systems two then once You have tokenized your particular asset Enable that to be transferred securely And reliably across different Blockchains and three if that entity so Decided that they didn't want to Integrate with 5 10 20 different Blockchains they can do so via ccip Seamlessly next coin on our list is

Attached to the web 3 Media Company Behind the show which were producers and Judges on killer Wales the company is Called hello Labs the token called hello The show is on Apple TV and many more Streaming services March 11th or you can Pre-order now on hello lab's website so The launch of the TV show killer whales Highly successful I do know that season 2 is in the works filming this year We're judging and producing season 2 Again so I'm bullish on this company and As far as supply and demand Dynamics This is an interesting move this kind of Excites me ecosystem announcement we're Introduced burning mechanisms into the Hello token ecosystem to make the token Deflationary interesting listen to hello Lab's founder and CEO Paul castlin lay Out the key principles listen to this Okay let's talk about hello since day One we've always had a three-phase Approach phase one was to make the most Playable games in the space and also the Industry's leading TV show I feel like We've done that now and now it's time to Build on those foundations phase two is Now how we bring that all together into One cois of ecosystem with the hello Token at its Center over the next few Months we'll be introducing mechanisms To ban hello tokens on every transaction To make the token deflationary over time Phase three is to stay true to why we

Call hello in the first place and open Our ecosystem up for other projects to Utilize their tokens in the hello Ecosystem and as a net result it'll be Burning of hello token in the background I hope that all made sense and I'm Excited to tell you guys about Everything that's coming over the next Few weeks and months next three coins I Think really making a comeback for this Bull market number one Unis swap they're The leading decks in the western world And they're still continuing to thrive In the Western World in fact Unis swap Has added about 1.32 million new users In 2024 alone and that reflects in the Data right daily average trading volume Per user on UD swap is about 10,000 and You can see the uptrend next up if you Like ethereum l2s or actually more Specifically gaming coins a mutable X is Killing it mutable passport just hit 200,000 users 200,000 real unique Gamers Have assigned up for a mutable passport On top of the millions of players active Within the immutable ecosystem passport Gives you the ability to access games And marketplaces with one secure profile And allows everybody to explore new Worlds with their assets achievements And identity intact they're working on Tons of mobile games and tons of AAA Games I mean mutable is probably a blue Chip in the gaming space another token I

Like is super in the superverse we were Investors in this back last bull market Since then they've partnered with Polygon a mutable X in fact beam also Integrating with layer zero labs to go Omni chain and actually have continued To produce games and produce IP the Reason they make our list today is Because they're rolling out Partnerships With all of these AAA games and the Super token is integrated in such a way That I think people will probably you Need the super tokens to really get Access to the the premium opportunities In these new game rollouts this is the Founder elot trades I mean it's a 7even Minute clip I broke it down into just 30 Seconds and this is kind of how they're Going to be integrating the super token To give you a taste when I told you that Super was going to be partnering with The absolute best and most elite video Games in the entire crypto industry I Meant it and today's partnership Announcement is proof that this is a Project unlike any other because Superverse is partnering with Off the Grid which is a nextg cyber punk free Toplay Battle Royale you if you're Holding any super tokens at all and yes You still have time to get some you'll Be able to claim ridiculously exclusive Loot in this game which could very well Have over a 100 million players this

Year if you're holding any super tokens At all you'll get the chance to farm Some of the most exclusive loot in this Entire game Universe before the game Even launches make sure you check out Any of our videos from the past 6 months To find out what other coins I like in Specific niches like deepin coins coins Or totally new coins my name is Aaron Altcoin daily 2024 is turning into a Fantastic year see you tomorrow my Friends


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