6 More Untapped AI ChatGPT 4 Businesses to Start Today

For the last two years there's no doubt That crypto was a very trending topic as The markets have fallen though and People have lost interest something new Has hit the mainstream from profile Pictures to essays to even live streams AI has been popping up everywhere over The last few months while some people Are even more than scared some people Are terrified there are some people Excited but the matter of the fact is With the newly released gpt4 AI has Gotten much more powerful and you can Capitalize on this and make Life-changing amounts of money today I've gone ahead to come up with six Totally untapped AI business ideas Ranging from side hustle income all the Way to making you generational Million Dollar business type wealth starting With number one a full service marketing Agency powered solely by AI nearly every Business needs marketing to succeed There are some businesses that spend Over 10 percent of their revenue every Year on ads marketing as social media Becomes as big as it is now a lot of Focus is moved towards marketing on Those platforms to take advantage of What we're seeing within the colliding World of businesses using social media And the supplying power of AI I believe That this gives you the tool to launch a Fully automated marketing agency now I

Personally believe that marketing Agencies are one of the best business Models to start it is what has allowed Me to get to the point where I'm at at The seven figure mark because I started A marketing agency just a few years back And I saw the power of scale and being Able to make income starting from Nothing at all now back then I did did Not have the tools and the power of AI And all the plethora of information that We see on the internet but you guys do If done correctly this business model is As simple as just finding the clients And utilizing the proper AI system to Give them the results that they're Looking for to get started with this Your first step is to get into AI by Picking a niche that you can specialize In marketing in whether you pick real Estate fashion brands something that I Did back then was even restaurants Working for free at first and then Expanding locally through Word of Mouth Whatever you decide to focus on at least Make sure that you have some type of Background information just so it helps You find clients a bit easier after that What you want to do is to generate Campaign Concepts and content ideas Within chat GPT now chat GPT itself you Can choose an idea and have chat GPT Then expand upon that concept when I Went ahead and inputted this into chat

Gbt it generated ideas like launching a Hashtag campaign doing influencer Takeovers and a bunch of other great Starting points if you're not someone Who's good with copywriting or you don't Find yourself to be a creative you can Have chat GP T provides you anywhere From five to a hundred different caption Ideas now although chat gbt has been Great so far and it will continue to be Better there are still some other AI Software that allows you to go from Great to even excellent these Alternatives are going to be copy.ai and Jarvis combine that with the image Generation AI service like dolly or Mid-journey where you can go ahead and Create photo marketing materials now Granted although this may not fully Replace product photography just yet We're still seeing some very hopeful Performance from some of this AI where It shows maybe it could do an even Better job sometime soon influenzity is Also another AI power tool designed for Influencer marketing and campaigns Combine that with something like Albert.ai and you can automate social Media ads for your campaigns and the List goes on and on there are even tools Like smart rider.ai which can Automatically customize Outreach emails To help you find new clients for your Business with the help of AI where

You'll need to spend a majority of your Time is going to be within quality Control to make sure that they things Are still looking good things are Running smoothly this is exactly what CEOs operate like and it's for your job To be then finding clients but the rest Is pretty much automated okay so that Here is the first idea but before I Share the next one I just wanted to add That I've been studying AI tools to help You optimize your life and have a bunch More content like this coming very soon If for some reason you still haven't Subscribed guys subscribe hit that like Button down below for the second Untapped AI business model this is Something that we actually touched upon In the last video but it's going to be Related to launching an Etsy store or a Drop Shipping Store but now you can take That to the next level so it turns out That nearly every piece of the sales Funnel can be automated using AI let me Show you exactly how although right now It's not perfect it might require some Basic market research on Tick Tock and Other social platforms you can go ahead Find your Niche and ask Chachi PT to Come up with ideas for products to sell Let's say as an example you know you're Chilling on Tick Tock you see a water Bottle that's trending so you want to Sell accessories to go with it so I

Asked chat cheap to come up with water Bottle accessories that I could sell Online and it went ahead and generated Ideas like bottle sleeves Carabiner Clips infuser rods and smart bottle Attachments I could definitely say some Of these I would not have think of Before and you never know it's always Some of these like whack ideas that You're like okay wait a second this Might be the one that takes off once You're able to simplify a list of items That you believe has potential to sell You can then go on wholesaler websites Such as Alibaba to then Source the Product and then build your store around It now what's equally as important in Setting up the store is then going to be Making sure that marketing is properly Done having a proper landing page is so Important as the next step and headlime Has an AI automated landing page builder That can allow you to optimize your Click through add into the equation Albert.ai onto that and you can fully Automate your add a campaign on social Media platforms because Albert uses Purchase data to inform its campaigns These will only get more and more Effective at selling your product I Remember even about five years ago when I was spending hundreds of thousands of Dollars on face Facebook ads and I was Optimizing my own landing page there

Were no tools like this there were a few Tools that were like slowly rolling out Like four years ago but even at that Time it was nothing compared to right Now where it's literally you can read Three or four different prompts pick the One that best suits you and if you still Can't decide you can literally put those Into chat gbt and ask the AI which one They think is going to convert the best Pair that up with in data Labs which Offers an AI powered product tagging and Keyword service which is helpful if you Do decide to sell a lot of products in Your store on top of the fact that clerk Dot IO can then build on that to offer Better product recommendations for your Customers using data from what they Bought before in the past when it comes To selling on eCommerce too I'll give You guys a quick little tip that can Either 2x 3x or even 5x your Revenue but That's to look into cross bundles or to Look for post purchased items that they Can upsell at so if someone decides to Buy a little water bottle off your Website they can have a pop-up that says Hey do you want to by the way add the Carabiner do you want to by the way add Another water bottle for about half off It's those cross cells because you're Selling something anyways and they're in The process of buying that they're more Inclined to add it to their cart and buy

That too now effectively by knowing Which AI power tools to use you can Pretty much have like a full-time Employee and help you to set up this Website with little to no barrier of Entry now the last step that I'll tell You guys that makes everything almost 10 Times better is a tool called zapier That allows you to connect various Platforms to automate processes and Systems a lot of these AI tools that I've already mentioned can be automated With zapier to make it so that you don't Need human intervention anywhere in the Process the main reason why automating E-commerce is so helpful is because the Hardest part is finding the right Product to sell and by automating the Tedious parts of the entire process you Can spend all your time doing research And to stay ahead of the competition to Make your product offering even better Or you can focus on other parts of the Business now the two ideas that I just Mentioned look they're just a great Starting point for you to at least get Your mind rolling and the ball going but These next few business ideas that I'm Going to share with you are going to be The most important for you to know yet Starting with the third idea having a Public relations agency and it's not as Hard as you think first of all what is The importance of this well guys 2023

Everyone's getting canceled think about Some companies like Balenciaga Wayfarer Even Yeezy all three of these brands Have had major customer losses from Having bad press in the past few years Now businesses and even influencers These days will pay a lot of money to PR Teams to make their reputations look Good this is because oftentimes what Presents you have online is going to Determine how your sales does and even The Health and Longevity of that company This here is where you can fit in Because on a smaller scale you can go Ahead and use tools like Chachi PT to Have a curated amount of different Written responses to smooth things over In an event of an escalation or if you Need help writing out good press for Another individual or a company but even On a larger scale you can get data for Businesses using a suite of different AI Tools now Brands one 24 is a tool that Tracks mentions of your brand across the Internet and compiles it into a report To determine consumer sentiment with This data you can either consult chatgpt On ideas to repair or maintain your Brand's reputation outside of that even Simply sharing that data with your Clients is super valuable for them and You can guide their decisions as a Company you can also take that to the Next level by using something like

Browse.ai to scrape web pages and keep Track of what your clients competition Is doing if the competition ain't doing Too well you can find strategic ways to Capitalize or if the competition is Doing well you can help them find unique Ways to stand out again even chat gbt Can find ideas for you if you're ever Stumped but then you have even more Tools like full story that allows you to Track user data across the website and Gather insights as to what is working And what isn't the importance behind This is the fact that the more data on The business and competitors that you Get the more insights you'll get and You'll be able to provide this Additional help to either the company or To help them scale by using all these Tools together you can off for some very Helpful perspectives and data to any Business for your agency but remember a Human touch is always good too when it Comes to PR so make sure that you Quality check everything now the fourth Idea here is going to be starting an AI Based media company as most of you guys Should already know billions of people Are using social media on a monthly Basis across the globe and platforms Like Tick Tock and YouTube are Constantly growing too this means it's Never been better to start your own Media business and it's never been

Easier to make one that's fully Automated we've talked about chat gbt a Whole bunch of times already within this Video but you can continue to use it Because it can come up with ideas for Your scripts your outlines and you can Take it even much further than that so Say as an example you have a passion in A certain video game you have a passion In cars you might even have a passion in Fishing like I do you could start a YouTube channel and if you're able to Get footage of you doing whatever it is And you find a way to educate people or To entertain people and you're able to Hold a viewership there are a ton of Different ways for you to continue Monetizing that to make money if you Happen to be a bit more on the Introverted shy side and you can't be in Front of a camera there are even other Tools such as speeches fight which can Then automate your scripts into Voiceovers offering over 200 AI powered Voices to choose from power that up with An AI generated on-screen character such As Synthesia or Eli and this can come in Pretty handy a lot of this stuff is Insane because we're going to be getting Even more tools as the time goes on and It's all about that first movers Advantage where if you hear about an Idea take a look at it look into the Website see how you can apply it to your

Own life and when you realize that there Are really No Boundaries when it comes To AI generated media and this business Model in specific then you might even Have that realization that it can only Get better from here now for the fifth Business idea this is going to be AI Power tutoring and also having your own Education platform e-learning has become A massive industry already worth over a Hundred billion dollars and it's Expected to Triple in value in the next Five years getting education into less Educated regions of the world has always Been difficult often because of Available resources and people but with AI and the internet these regions can Get access to education regardless of Knowledge level wealth or even language AI algorithms that can take in data and Information from a user and generate Learning material to teach anyone how to Get from the beginning to the end would Be incredibly valuable now the problem Often comes from translation and the Cost to create the materials but if you Could feed an AI Learning Network Instructional video and research report To learn a concept and be able to Explain that to anyone at any school you Would be having a very high value Product offering this is where AI comes In because pretty much they're able to Break Down The Walls of the entire Gap

That was made whether it's using an AI That allows you to put in bullet point Information that you're getting from Chachi BT and then making a whole PowerPoint presentation on it and then Curating your own small audience on Twitter and then using that in order to Build up free content that you got from Chat gbt I mean the game is getting a Lot more easier now let me say when it's This easy and I'm giving you guys like The secret nuggets that can literally Make people millions of dollars you're Going to be seeing a lot more Competitions so in other ways what you Can do is to make sure that you take the Level or barrier of Entry to the next Level this is by really building a Persona doing things that allow you to Stand out or getting access to Information that maybe AI doesn't even Know moving on though the final and last Business idea or what I would consider To be like a 10 000 IQ idea is instead Of launching an AI powered business why Not provide AI Consulting to help other Businesses launch and integrate with all The software coming up all the tools That I mentioned in this video have Value for businesses that already exist And being able to help them integrate AI Can save them thousands if not even Millions of dollars if you are able to Bridge that Gap in teaching them look if

You're watching this video I'm telling You you guys are already ahead of the Curve but they're going to be a lot of Traditional businesses where AI can help Them out significantly he can save them So much time in many different ways and They're not going to have access to it They're not going to tap into it and you Could be someone who owns your own Agency in teaching other people how to Master and utilize AI so instead of just Picking one you could also offer ideas To businesses on how to integrate Everything so as an example if there is A coffee shop business go ahead and say Instead of me being the agency that Represents you guys I will be the agency That hooks you up with all these AI Tools I'll give you a full video Recorded tutorial I'll walk you through How to maximize this and that way Instead of paying four full-time Employees where they're costing you a Hundred thousand dollars every single Year I'll give you these AI tools where You pay a subscription of maybe like a Hundred dollars or less and you'll be Able to save even more time get better Results that you can track like I Mentioned way earlier in the video this Here is going to be the worst AI will Ever be so this means that AI is only Going to get better it's going to get Smarter and it's going to optimize as

Time goes on with the evolution of this Whole Market you can go ahead put some Clients on a retainer and let them know Hey look even for just like 500 a month Anytime we get a giant company coming Out their new version of AI I'll go Ahead and make sure that you guys are Updated with our own newsletter or I'll Come in in person and walk you through a 30 minute console so a lot of the Business models that I mentioned earlier In the video was going more b2c which is Business to Consumer but towards the end We talked a lot about going business to Business a lot of people will vouch on Their life that B2B is the way to go Just because it usually entails less Stress and it's easier to scale Regardless of whichever business idea or Model that you're trying to go for at Least just check out these AI tools so You know what's going on now ladies and Gents if you don't know where to get Started with AI that's going to be Completely okay because I'm going to be Following up this video with a ton of Other resources and guides as an example I just finished scripting a video Talking about how you guys can utilize The free chat GPT that exists right now Into your own personal assistant that Could either save you thousands of Dollars or if you already have your own Assistant and they're not doing a good

Job like this could really replace them On top of that I have some additional Further guides coming up how to utilize This and how to stay ahead of the curve But if you guys do want to have early Access to any videos or any ideas that Are coming up be sure to check out my AI Newsletter down below so anytime we get Any cool ideas or I'm seeing an opening Within the space or I'm seeing companies Like Adobe breaking through you guys Will be the first to know now ladies and Gents with all that being said if you Didn't like this video be sure to drop That Thumbs Up Down Below make sure to Subscribe to this channel down below and I'll see y'all soon peace out


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