6 Easy Steps To Win in CRYPTO! Maximise Your Profits!

Crypto is a competition in which the Majority lose while only a small Minority win big so this begs the Question of how to become one of the Winners well while luck certainly plays A role in the answer there are things You can do to increase your chances of Winning so today we're going to give you A stepbystep guide that will tell you Exactly how to do this so that you can Be one of the few who wins B This is a video you cannot afford to Miss okay I'll start by saying that Nothing in this video is financial Advice it's purely educational content That's meant to increase your knowledge Of the crypto market and how it works I'll also note that this video is Inspired by a video done by Alex Becker Where he rightly explained crypto as Being one big PVP game we'll leave a Link to that video in the description if You're interested and that said I want To expand on what Alex explained in that Video basically the crypto Market is not Like other markets like for instance the Stock market this is mainly because of Liquidity which can be simply understood As the amount of money in the market Except for BTC and a few large altcoins Crypto is not all that liquid in Practical terms this means that the Actual values of cryptos you see on Websites like coin market cap are much

Lower than they appear in other words You wouldn't actually be able to sell Say all of the Doge in existence for Billions of dollars you'd be lucky to Get a few hundred million dollars if That now if you don't understand why Here's an example so imagine I created a New crypto currency called guy with hat That had a supply of 1 billion now Imagine that CEO Nick bought one guy With hat for $1 now on paper this would Give guy with hat a price of $1 and a Market cap of $1 billion in practice Though if I were to try and sell a few Of the guy with hat tokens I hold its Price and market cap would quickly fall To zero believe it or not but this is The dynamic that most cryptos have Albeit to varying degrees notably this Means that the first people to sell are The ones who make all the money and Everyone else the ones who blindly Bought will often end up with nothing Sorry Nick in all seriousness the way that Alex describes this Dynamic is everyone Putting their money in a pot watching That pot of money grow and then watching A few people take most of the money out Of the pot and run leaving everyone else With next to nothing this is what Investing in most altcoins is like the Trade-off is that altcoins can offer Much larger returns than almost any

Other asset class it's common for an Altcoin to 10x over a few weeks or Months and there have been hundreds of Instances of it happening in a matter of Days if you manage to be one of the First ones out you walk away a winner And by the end of this video you'll have All the information you need need to do Just that and if you stick around until The very end we'll tell you the method That will guarantee your Victory and by The way if you're enjoying the video so Far be sure to smash that like button Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell so you don't miss the Next one now the first step to winning In crypto is to pick the right crypto Exchange specifically you want an Exchange that's listed the kinds of Altcoins that I mentioned a few moments Ago as it so happens the coin Bureau Deals page has the biggest deals and Sign up bonuses on these kinds of Exchanges specifically it's got trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 these deals are only available To coin Bureau viewers and they won't be Around forever so take advantage of them Before they disappear using the link in The description now the second step to Winning in crypto is to pick the right Altcoins as Alex also pointed out in his Video narrative is the most important

Part of picking an altcoin if you Watched our video about crypto Narratives for the next bull market You'll know these include AI deepin Gamey and dieso in plain English you Want to pick an altcoin that has a Selling point that anyone can understand Especially retail investors that's Because these are the people who are Going to put most of the money into the Pot now if you're not sure what a Narrative that retail investors could Understand is here's an example Decentralized Streaming one of the top performing Altcoins of the last crypto bull market Was a decentralized streaming crypto Called Theta it pulled more than a 200x From bottom to top by contrast here's an Example of a narrative that the average Retail investor will not understand Modular block chains although modular Cryptos like Celestia Tia have rallied a Lot recently it's unlikely that the Average retail investor will understand What they are to the point that they ape In and you can find more about Celestia In the description by the way I digress Now in addition to narrative the right Altcoin will have a low price tag and a Small market cap the low price tag will Give retail investors the false Impression that they could become Billion a if it becomes as big as BTC

While the small market cap will create The kind of volatility that can result In massive profits for context small cap Cryptocurrencies have market caps of Less than $100 million medium cap Cryptocurrencies have market caps of Between 100 million and $1 billion and Large cap cryptocurrencies have market Caps of more than $1 billion now never Forget that it's the market cap that Deter determines how much a crypto can Moon a smaller market cap means that it Can rally much more and much faster the Catch though is a smaller market cap Means that it can crash just as fast Which underscores the importance of Doing your research now if you don't Have the time to do your own research Then why not become a member of the coin Bureau Club every week we cover small Cap Al coins that were voted on by our Members we also show you which cryptos We hold and which ones we're watching And we even give you daily crypto Market Updates including technical analysis too Better yet we've created an exclusive Members Discord where we discuss the Next big narratives and answer your Questions you can become a member of the Coin Bureau Club using the link in the Description now the third step to Winning in crypto is to understand your Time Horizon the crypto Market follows a 4-year cycle that's believed to be be

Driven by the Bitcoin harving the first 1 to two years consist of a bull market And the remaining 2 to three years Consist of a bare Market depending on Your definitions in any case the fact That the Bitcoin harving is here means That we're about to enter the parabolic Phase of the crypto bull market which Could last anywhere between 12 and 18 Months during this period we're likely To see extreme volatility BTC and Altcoins pumping and dumping by large Double digits however the overall price Trend will continue to the upside that's The nature of the bull market the caveat Though is that some crypto narratives Will pump sooner and others will pump Later if you see that cryptos in a Certain narrative are already starting To go parabolic you have two options the First is to look for other small cap Cryptos in that narrative that haven't Yet rallied that's because there's a Good chance they'll catch up to the of The pack eventually this obviously Requires some research the second option Also requires some research and that's To turn your focus to other narratives That could explode obviously it's Impossible to know for sure which Narrative will explode or when but as a Rule of thumb every single crypto will Rally eventually during a bull market The only questions are when and by how

Much given that we are currently in a Crypto bull market the more important Question therefore is how much and this Ties into the fourth step to winning in Crypto and that's to set realistic price Targets for the altcoins that you've Picked this is certainly easier said Than done because you need to factor in Both price and market cap the price Because that's what retail investors see And the market cap because that's the Limiting factor for example if a crypto Has a price of say 20 cents and it Starts to Rally chances are that $1 is The price Target that most retail Investors will be watching that's Because it's a psychologically Significant Level in this case therefore there are Two possibilities this target will be Front run or purposely pushed higher put Differently crypto Traders will start Selling at around say 80 or 90 cents or Crypto Wales will push the price above $1 causing everyone who sold too early To fomo back in at the worst possible Time if you look at the all-time highs Of most cryptos you'll notice they tend To be over or under a psychological Level now suppose that our hypothetical 20 C crypto has a market cap of $200 Million besides the fact that a $1 Billion market cap is also a Psychologically significant level it

Also means that it's going to be much Harder for it to pump in percentage Terms it's going to need ever more Capital in order order to Rally this Highlights a question that you Constantly need to ask yourself when you See a crypto's market cap growing bigger Where is the additional Capital going to Come from typically the answer is from Another exchange listing which tends to Give a big boost to price in both the Shortterm and longterm if the crypto in Question has already been listed on Every major exchange however then it's Safe to assume that most of the Additional investment has already Arrived this means that you can focus More on price than market cap for these Kinds of cryptos when it comes to Assessing targets Pro tip learn to do Technical analysis this can come in Handy when you're trying to get a sense Of how much higher a crypto could go in The short term as well as how much it Could fall if it sees a correction and We'll leave a link to our first Technical analysis tutorial in the Description for your convenience now This relates to the fifth step to Winning in crypto and that is taking Profits now we know from experience that This is very difficult to do especially When you start to believe in the Narrative your crypto belongs to it

Helps to remind yourself that you're not Here to get married to an idea you're Here to make money of course when you Take profits and how much you take Depends on your risk tolerance and Financial situation if you have a low Risk risk tolerance and a fluid Financial situation you may want to take More profits more frequently conversely If you have a high risk tolerance and a Solid financial situation you can Consider playing the game a bit longer Whatever you decide to do you want to Make sure that it keeps your emotions in Check watching your portfolio go up and Down by thousands of dollars per day can Be an emotional roller coaster the Result can be irrational buying and Selling that completely undermines your Game plan and your future gains so if You're feeling fomo then consider Increasing your crypto allocation if It'll calm you down the trick is to Focus on allocating to promising crypto Projects that haven't pumped yet ideally Those that are similar to the one that's Causing you to feel the fomo on the flip Side meanwhile if you're feeling fud Then consider decreasing your crypto Allocation if it'll calm you down the Trick is to focus on reducing Allocations in cryptos that have larger Market caps and have rallied the most While not selling the cryptos that have

Been lagging at a loss it goes without Saying that this is easier said than Done particularly when you're holding a Crypto that's pumping or dumping a lot More than you expected this is something Many of us at the coin Bureau have Experienced and this is the profit Taking method we've used to mitigate the Psychological effects if a crypto Unexpectedly doubles take out half to Recoup your initial investment then sell Half again if that crypto hits its All-time high or goes up by 10x Whichever is first after that let the Rest run until the broader crypto Market Is in its Mania phase sell half if your Price Target isn't met sell all if it is On the other hand if a crypto Unexpectedly crashes then figure out why And assess how much lower it could go if The cause of the crash is something Temporary then consider increasing your Exposure if the cause of the crash is Something permanent and it looks like it Could go a lot lower then consider Selling note that this assumes the rest Of the crypto Market is rallying and It's also easier to do with technical Analysis now the final step to winning In crypto is to repeat this process so Long as the bull market is around you'll Recall that we could have between 12 and 18 months of volatility to the upside Ahead of us this means there will be

Lots of opportunities to win just Remember though that you can't win them All and you will lose some even so the Processes we've outlined should be Sufficient to secure significant Victories to recap start by making Accounts on crypto exchanges that Support lots of altcoins next find Altcoins on those exchanges that fall Under a narrative that the average Retail investor could understand and ape Into then choose the altcoins in these Narratives with the smallest market caps And ask yourself how much time is left For them to Rally after that set a Realistic Target for how high these Altcoins could go factoring in Additional inflows that could come from Additional exchange listings if any most Importantly take profits along the way And allow yourself to fomo in and fud Out of cryptos if it helps you stay Rational except that you can't catch Them all but understand that even if you Catch just a few you can walk away a Winner something most people who invest In crypto won't be doing now to wrap Things up we want to reveal the method That will guarantee your victory in Crypto in short don't be a player become A part of the game this means working in Crypto ideally in a position where you Can profit from all the other people who Are playing the game without actually

Playing against them that is very Important now this can mean working for A crypto project working for a crypto Exchange and yes even working as a YouTuber to educate others about how This game is played the thing about this Method is that it takes a lot of work to Secure a victory and it's a victory that You must continue to work at in order to Keep not not only that but it also Involves making an investment of time Which depending on your circumstances is Worth more than any money you'd ever Spend on altcoins winning in crypto with This method takes years and it will take Years for you to notice that you're Winning I'm speaking from experience Here however the Silver Lining to this Approach to winning in crypto is that it Has meaning even though many crypto Projects have zero fundamentals a lot of Them do the boom and bus cycles of the Market eventually reveal which ones have Real potential and some of these Projects will literally change the world Similarly many crypto exchanges are on The Cutting Edge of financial markets They are the bridge between the new Technologies that crypto is developing And their traditional equivalents many Exchanges also invest heavily into upand Cominging crypto projects unlocking even More Innovation and change and as for us YouTubers well there's no denying that

We have got plenty to keep us busy when It comes to providing quality crypto Education the growth of the coin Bureau Over the years is proof that quality Crypto education is what people crave And we hope that it inspires others to Create even more of it so with a bit of Luck the combination of crypto projects With actual utility the innovation of Crypto exchanges and quality crypto Education will eventually be enough to Transform the the crypto Market into Something that looks less like a PVP Game and more like a proper asset class That people respect from our perspective It looks like the crypto Market is Headed in that direction and this Provides a truly life-changing Opportunity for those who are looking to Get involved and become a part of this Evolution not just invest in it for Short-term gains that will probably be Spent on stupid stuff in the end so if You know a thing or two about crypto Then consider making the most of this Bull market by becoming a part of the Game not just being a player this Opportunity only comes around once every Four years and there's no guarantee that The Cycles we've seen in the past will Continue into the future there is in Other words no time like the present and We'll leave a link to our video about How to find a job in crypto in the

Description if you need It and that's all for for today's video So if you found it helpful smash that Like button to let us know if you want To continue getting helpful crypto Content subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell and if you Want to help others get better at the Game of crypto be sure to share this Video with them go on don't keep it all To yourself as always thank you so much For watching and we'll see you in the Next one this is Guy signing off [Music]


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