6 Best 0% Interest Credit Cards for 2023

Credit cards can charge anywhere from 20 25 or 30 percent if you manage to not Pay your credit card on time this means Say you even have just ten thousand Dollars worth of credit card debt in a Single year this could mean that you pay Anywhere up to three thousand dollars or More in just interest even right now Corn statistics it looks like credit Card debt isn't getting any better and a Lot of Americans are struggling with This issue so in this video I'm gonna be Giving you the solution to that problem And that's by getting a no interest Credit card by transferring existing Credit card debt to a zero percent Interest card you can avoid paying high Interest rates on those balances this Also means that you can pay off that Debt way faster alright so ladies and Gents in this video I'm going to be Sharing with you out of those the six Best zero percent interest credit cards For 2023. whether you're carrying a Balance of going through tough times or You're just looking for another card to Add to your wallet I believe that there Are some special cards here on this list Starting with number one which is the AmEx Blue Cash preferred now this card Here offers some incredible perks but Most importantly it has a 12 month zero Percent intro APR offer on purchases and Balance transfers after that 12-month

Period you'd be paying anywhere from 19 To even 30 interest so in that meantime It does give you a buffer to get back on Your feet and to pay off your credit Cards so you may not ever have to pay Interest again now if you are dealing With credit card debt this is the exact Steps that you would want to take sign Up for a card like this activate the Zero percent intro APR offer which is Automatically activated once you get Approved for this card and then what you Want to do is transfer your balance from One card that has all your credit card Debt onto this new card with the offer Keep in mind though there is one Important Rule and that's you normally Can't initiate a balanced transfer from The same issuer so as an example if I Had an American Express credit card I Wouldn't be able to move that to the American Express Blue Cash preferred Card instead if I had some credit card Debt on my Amazon Visa Prime card Because this issuer is with Chase and Not Amex I would then be able to Transfer it over for a successful Ounce transfer offer on top of the no Interest offer that this card gives you You can also get six percent cash back On U.S supermarkets on up to six Thousand dollars a year you get six Percent cash back on streaming services You also get three percent cash back on

Transit this includes ride shares taxis Buses you also get three percent cash Back on gas at U.S gas stations and then One percent back on everything else with This card you'll also get an 84 Disney Bundle which includes Disney Plus Hulu And ESPN Plus in a form of a credit that Comes in at seven dollars every single Month add this in with the 120 Equinox Plus statement credit that you get every Single year and you would find out this Card here is not too bad what I also Love about this card is that it also Gives you a welcome bonus offer now this Welcome bonus offer isn't as strong as Some of the other credit cards but it's Still pretty decent indeed with this You'll get a 250 statement credit as a Welcome offer after spending three Thousand dollars in purchases in the First six months just a reminder that Your balance transfer isn't going to Count towards that welcome bonus offer So you're going to have to spend Normally how you would on a credit card In order to qualify now all those Benefits come to you at a 95 annual fee But keep in mind in the first year that You hold this card that fee is Completely waived so if you're trying to Reap a lot of the benefits one Suggestion is to sign up for this card And then you can hold it for one year if You get approved then do the whole

Balance transfer thing because anyways The APR promotional offer is going to End within 12 months and then before That year starts you can go ahead and Either cancel or downgrade this card I Know I talk about often on this YouTube Channel how canceling credit cards are Terrible to do but there are certain Exceptions where such if you're holding A credit card for less than a year Oftentimes you're not going to be seeing A huge detrimental negative impact on Your credit score another reason why I Decided to make this card on the top of My list is because American Express Tends to be friendlier to new applicants And they usually offer some pretty Generous credit limits another cool Little tip that you can do with American Express is the fact that if you're not Happy with the initial credit limit that They give you you can go within the American Express app and request a Manual credit limit increase and Historically they've been known to Approve limits on up to 3x what your Initial default credit limit would be so I literally did this with one of my Girlfriend's recent credit cards like Guys I literally practice what we preach Out here she had a credit limit of like Five thousand dollars we initiated a Credit limit increase of fifteen Thousand dollars and it triggered

Automatically now to get a proof of this Card I recommend that you have a credit Score of at least a 670 but we have seen People with a score lower than this that Have gotten approved now stay tuned Because if you also can't get approved For this card and you tried there are Many other ways to get approved like Calling the reconsideration line I just Recently made a video on that so be sure To watch that as well at the end of this Video or you can also apply for a Product that may not have a higher Threshold in accepting newer applicants Because this is what I would consider to Be a stage above those beginner tier Cards just because it does have a 95 Annual fee after that first year so There are some additional great options That are going to mention here following With card number two which would be the Chase Freedom Flex so instead of the 12 Month offer that you have with the last Card on getting zero percent APR on Purchases and balance transfers with the Freedom Flex you can currently get 15 Months instead for anyone who doesn't Know the Chase Freedom Flex is also one Of Chase's best beginner level cards Meaning no matter the score that you Have a generally approved newer Applicants because this is a product That they use to catch people to come Into their system to give them the

Ecosystem of different products that They offer aside from that this card is One that holds a lot of benefits and is Still one of my favorite keeper cards And one that I've actually carried for Probably the longest time within my Setup first you can get five percent Back in rotating categories would change Every quarter now that we're coming up To the third quarter of the Year these Categories are gonna include things like Gas stations EV charge charging and Select Live Events if you do happen to Get this card just a reminder you have To manually activate the five percent Rotating categories every time the Quarter changes in order to qualify for The cash back now this card also does Give you some additional benefits on top Of that which includes five percent back On travel booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal you get three Percent on dining takeout and food Delivery which I think is really good And you also get three percent on Drugstore purchases and then one percent Back on everything else right now these Perks are pretty similar to the last Card we mentioned but in the last Quarter that rotating category is going To give you five percent on Amazon and Lowe's purchases so always just be aware Of some of the category offerings that This card is going to give you because

Five percent is still considered to be Pretty high within the cash back earning Space of credit cards so welcome bonus On this card is also pretty solid you Get two hundred dollars after spending 500 in the first three months so that Means you're essentially getting 40 off The first 500 that you spend this card Also has no annual fee and is one piece In completing the chase Trifecta where You can maximize your benefits and Rewards across two other cards to Maximize the cash earning ability so if You're watching this video chances are You're probably just focused on getting That credit card balance down and trying To fight off the debt but regardless This is still going to be a great Starting point if you ever decide to Move over into maximizing your credit Cards and then enjoying that luxury Travel by the way guys don't have any Shame in carrying credit card debt I Know a lot of people who have it and my Family also struggled with having credit Card debt for a very long time and if we Were able to pull out through it then I Know that you guys can too now to get Approved for the Chase Freedom Flex card Be sure to have a score of at least 675 But like I mentioned with this card and Like I'll mentioned with all the other Cards even if you have a score Underneath that there are chances that

You can still get approved but it's a General recommendation that you want to Have a score of at least that in order To get automatically approved also by The way guys if you want to check out This card or any of the other ones I'm Going to mention be sure to check out The link Down Below in the description Or scan the QR code on your screen these Are our affiliate links so this channel Earns a small commission for every card That gets approved but it also costs you Nothing at all and it doesn't change the Ranking of the cards that we have on This list moving forward to card number Three we have the American Express Blue Cash everyday card and if this sounds Similar in any way it's because it is Just like the first card we mentioned This is going to be the nerfed version Where you know benefits aren't that Great but you also don't have to ever Worry about having an annual fee now Instead of having a 12 month zero Percent intro APR on purchases and Balance transfers like we mentioned on The preferred version this card here Instead has an extended offer like the Freedom Flex for 15 months so this card Gives you three percent back on US Supermarkets on up to six thousand Dollars annually and you also get three Percent back on up to six thousand Dollars on Us online retail purchases

And then you get three percent back on Up to six thousand dollars on gas at U.S Gas stations and then one percent back On everything else now you might also be Wondering Brian why did you even bother Including this on the list list well I Believe those three extra months can be A significant difference for someone Who's looking to you know fit the Criteria of one of these no interest Credit cards and again American Express Has been known to approve a lot of new Applicants with really solid credit Limits so I figured if you don't want to Pay any annual fee and you plan on Holding these cards for a long time this Is still going to be a fantastic option For you similar to the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred Card you also get an 84 Disney Credit and then you also get a 15 credit With home Chef totaling up to 180 Dollars back that you get annually at The end of the year for your welcome Bonus offer you get a 200 statement Credit back after you spend two thousand Dollars in purchases within the first Six months to get a card like this I Would recommend you have a score of at Least 670. moving on in this list we Covered one Chase card we covered a Couple American Express cards but I Believe we're gonna need a new issuer Just in case you want to have some Options and this one is going to be the

Capital One Quicksilver card so what I Like about this card is that it it's Just a nice straightforward easy to use Cashback card with a zero percent intro APR offer that offer is going to be 15 Months on purchases and balance Transfers for the zero percent APR and This card is also going to give you a Nice 1.5 cashback rate on all purchases That you make on top of that you can Also earn five percent cash back on Hotels and rental cars a book through The Capital One travel portal and the Capital and travel portal by the way Offers a nice price match guarantee and Price drop protection so you can make Sure that you're getting at least some Of the best competitive prices you can On whatever trip you decide to book an Additional little benefit that people Often Overlook is the fact that you also Get six months of complimentary Uber one Membership at the time of filming this Video I like that I have been using Uber A lot if you're someone who uses Uber And you don't have any other credit card That gives you a benefit in that Category I think this is just a great Addition to keep the welcome bonus on This card is also pretty competitive you Get 200 cash back after you spend a Thousand dollars in the first three Months now with this card here I believe That you can still get approved even if

You don't have the best credit score Because Capital One has historically Been known to focus a bit more on those Sub Prime consumers meaning people who Just don't have the best credit scores It looks like they have been trying to Change up their business model so who Knows I know that with the Capital One Venture X which is another great card They are trying to compete more in lines Of the Prime consumers so people who Have 700 to even 800 credit scores well Regardless I believe that Capital One is Going to be a generous lender in trying To accept even more applicants but keep In mind one area that they are not known To be the most generous in is their Credit limit increases so they give you Like you know a two thousand dollar Credit limit and you want to increase it Chances are they're not going to pull it Up to get approved for this card I Highly recommend that you have a score Of at least 650 but you know if you have A score of at least you know 600 620 I Still think there's a possibility for You to get approved for a card like this For the next card here that I have on my List is going to be the Chase Freedom Unlimited card as I mentioned earlier This year is going to be another piece The chase Trifecta now I think you can Probably predict what I'm going to say About this card benefits are very

Similar okay 15 months zero percent Intro APR on purchases and on balance Transfers and the benefits of this are Pretty comparable to the Chase Freedom Flex except you're not going to be Getting that five percent on rotating Categories you're just going to be Getting 1.5 on unlimited purchases but You still have access to get five Percent cash back on travel book through The Chase Ultimate Rewards portal you Get three percent back on dining at Restaurants takeout at food delivery Three percent back on drugstore Purchases and then like I said 1.5 Percent back on everything else with This card you can also get a statement Credit of 200 after you spend 500 in the First three months and also this card Has no annual fee and if you do want to Get approved for this card I recommend That you have a score of at least 670. Now the last card here on this list is Perfect if you're really uncertain about Your future maybe you just got laid off From your job and you want to be stable As possible or maybe you just need the Longest zero percent APR period of any Card out on the market well this card Here is going to be the Wells Fargo Reflect card and it's going to give you 21 months of zero percent intro APR on Purchases and balance transfers the only Other important note with this card is

That you need to make the balance Transfers within the first 120 days of Having this card or it won't qualify for That zero percent rate now that's the General rule of thumb with most credit Cards but I think it's still important To know outside of that this card Doesn't really have too many benefits But it also doesn't have an annual fee That you need to pay either for benefits You can get up to six thousand dollars Of cell phone protection by paying your Monthly phone bill with this card and You get 24 7 roadside assistance now if You do end up getting this card don't Expect to get any real bonus like that Is what they're advertising cell phone Protection you get roadside dispatch you Get zero liability protection which Generally comes with all credit cards And then you get access to my Wells Fargo deals this is where you get access To personalized deals from a variety of Merchants but I wouldn't think you're Gonna get anything life-changing from That keep in mind Wells Fargo has also Been known to not be the best bank in The world if you do a little bit of Googling you'll be able to know what I'm Talking about but I think in the Instance of just getting a credit card In order for you to get through a Financial hardship in your life this one Is not a bad option either so ladies and

Gents this year is going to be my list Of the top six zero percent interest APR Credit cards for this year and my Biggest tip is that while you do have These cards you take advantage of the Cash back and welcome bonus offers but You make sure you pay off your balance As fast as possible you don't want to be Waiting until the end of that zero Percent promotional offer to realize you Got to start this process all over again I really understand how crippling credit Card debt can be I think this is one of The first steps in order to reduce the Amount of debt that you have but if you Do have credit card debt please please Within this time pay off your balance Now if you're struggling a lot Financially and you need a community to Join be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description to access the Credit Society Facebook group we have Over 30 000 members in there and on top Of that you're going to get access is to Our newsletter where I shoot you over Credit card tips deals best offers and Reminders every month now thank you all So much again for watching this video be Sure to subscribe to the channel if you Haven't done so already follow me over On Twitter and on Instagram as well and I'll see you all soon thank you peace I Say thank you why did I say thank


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