50M Americans Now Own Crypto & Why Was Solana Down? [ Crypto Espresso 2.28.23 ]

I was all set to travel today but the Crypto Gods smiled upon you all on this Blessed Tuesday Newsday and my flight Was canceled oh thank you benevolent Crypto gods Anyway I'm you're sitting at home with Nothing better to do host Andrew and This is crypto espresso your teeny tiny Daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines oh it's good the crypto gods Did this real good first up the bank of England has been accused of taking an Ambivalent and half-hearted approach to The creation of a central bank digital Currency MPS criticized the repeated Delays when it came to the decision of Whether to build britcoin but Deputy Governor Sir John cunliff insisted that The UK is not behind Advanced major Economies and weighing up whether a Digital pound is worth it he pushed back On the idea that the bank of England was Being ambivalent in its examination of a Cbdc and argued that the phrase likely To be needed was quite forward-leaning But when pushed on How likely a cbdc was On a scale of one to ten he refused to Give a specific answer and merely said More than five Sir John admitted that The bank of England currently lacks the Technical wherewithal to launch a Central bank digital currency but it's Hoped that this will soon be fixed and He was asked about skeptical comments

Made by his boss Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey who said he was Not convinced of the problems that Britcoin is trying to solve Sir John Replied by saying that he wasn't Convinced that the UK currently has one Of the most advanced Payment Systems in The world and insisted that a cbdc could Have huge benefits for the economy and Society this is about opening a new Frontier for people to improve payments And the way in which money is used and How we transact he told lawmakers in Westminster just pretend he said that in A more British way a new coinbase poll Suggests that 50 million Americans now Own crypto while this number sounds Impressive it's actually pretty flat Compared to the peak of the bull run in Late 2020. the survey also revealed that Two-thirds of Americans believe that the Global Financial system needs an Overhaul amid fears that it is unfairly Skewed towards the interests of the most Powerful all of this comes as the Exchange prepares to launch a public Education campaign that aims to reach Americans from all walks of life and all Around the country about the role that Crypto can play in supporting a broader Effort to make the financial system more Open fairer and faster for everyone That sentence just kept going it'll be Accompanied by ads that expose flaws in

The existing Fiat system in a story that I could probably just copy and paste Every month Solana suffered yet another Outage recently with the project Admitting that the root cause of the Downtime is still unknown the disruption Lasted for about 20 hours prompting some On Twitter to call it a piece of sh uh Poop and others to quip that it's more Of a transaction killer than an ethereum Killer some were also left scratching Their heads as to how this blockchain Remains the 11th biggest in terms of Market cap given how this has happened So many times before in a blog post Solana explained that Engineers Debugging the issues facing the network Had recommended that it should be Restarted and validators agreed with This request a recent rollout of 1.14 Was also reversed returning the network To 1.13.6 and finally one of the world's Biggest nft brands has announced that It's launching a new collection on the Bitcoin blockchain Hugo Labs is best Known for creating board ape Yacht Club But until now all of its collections Have been based on the ethereum network 12-fold is a collection of 300 artworks That will be inscribed onto satoshi's That's the term used to describe the Smallest denomination of Bitcoin highly Rendered 3D elements as well as

Hand-drawn features will appear on each Piece in a blog post the brand said all Of these choices are departure of what's Expected from Yuga but you know fudge Doing expected things the company said Ordinals felt like getting a glimpse of The 2017 era ethereum nft ecosystem and Speaking of canceled flights oh I'm Sorry that last story was about nfts I Guess I'm just still upset about my Canceled trip well you could cheer me up By liking this video subscribing to our YouTube channel and clicking on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever A new crypto espresso video goes live And based on your uplifting comments From yesterday I'm happy to report that My half demon online lawyer Avatar with The robot iron sword that's three times As long as his body XX sephiroth x420xx Will be the new spokesperson for coin Market cap please producer flailing his Arms like that doesn't matter let me Know how stoked you are for half demon Crypto news representation by dropping a Comment below questions about our Headlines or crypto in general go ahead And ask Alex in that description below Go ahead Alex is a great resource for All things web 3 and the metaverse and That about does it for today again I've Been your host Andrew these have been Your headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow because

I'm not going anywhere


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