5 Lessons to Become a Crypto Millionaire (Watch THIS to Get RICH)

The biggest Bitcoin Bull Run in the History of Bitcoin is imminent see most People don't realize this the Bitcoin ETFs are sucking up Supply at a rapid Steady Pace in fact you're going to Start seeing a lot of advertising for Bitcoin and crypto very soon moreover Bitcoin Supply flow is months away from Being cut in half cryptocurrency is the Future most people don't realize this Yet Bitcoin is going to hundreds of Thousands of dollars per coin soon Bitcoin Company CEO Jack merer explains Exactly why listen this thing's going Hundreds of thousands of dollars per Coin I mean the US government is in so Much debt the way I think about Bitcoin's price bitcoin's price equals Technology plus Fiat liquidity so it's Going to go up because it's Innovative Tech and it's better money but what Really shoots it up at a neck breaking Pace is uh when our government is tens Of trillions of dollars in debt and has To roll that debt over so they got a lot Of money to print and financial assets Are going to soar and Bitcoin goes up The most because it's the hardest to Make more of it's over man this thing's Going to the moon the host of this TV Show actually cuts the guest off he was Speaking too much truth I've never seen A host try to silence a guest like this Just for talking about Bitcoin see for

Yourself currency is not the place to be Huh Charles this would be my message to America give me a second on this one Guys the US government's got about 10 Trillion dollar over the next two years To roll over refinance that's debt our Country's in debt it's a huge problem They got three options one they could Pay it back it's not a real option Because we don't got the money we're Broke two our government could come out Charles and say you know what guys we Screwed up after World War II we changed The way money worked we got off the gold Standard we' issue debt all over the Place we got way too cocky and actually All of our banks don't have your money They're in solvent all the airlines you Fly and travel on aren't actually good Businesses that should be in business Healthc care shouldn't actually be free We screwed up we piled on so much debt And screwed up the younger generation And we're in huge trouble so we're going To have to let everything fail and reset This country now they're not going to do That are they Charles they have third Option which is unique to the government They could print the money that they're Missing and when they print the money That they're missing they're stealing From all the people that hold US Dollars And so what they'll do they'll have to Do is print dollars and the only way to

Save yourself is own not dollars and That's when you see things like the S&P 500 and gold and Bitcoin sore and so That's what's going to happen over the Next two years they gotta print three Times more than they did during Co I Love your enthusiasm Jack we're going to Bring you back I really we really do Love your enthusiasm and your message Thanks a lot for sharing it with us Thanks a lot cheers hone all right buddy Quality altcoin projects like this Continue to upgrade and improve these Blockchains are now generating millions And millions of dollars in Revenue this Is huge for sustainability huge for Project growth and the interop Operability projects connecting and Talking to each other now today is at a Whole different level check this out This conversation is fascinating because Leaders in the emerging technology and AI space Now understand that AI will be Using crypto listen to this conversation Tell me what you think I think you think Bitcoin is real right um my question now Is it you know it's become mainstream to The point of ETFs I think it's Harder to go higher quickly now unlike It was supposed to be that everyone can Get in now and that all the ETF Companies are going to need to buy Bitcoin to put it in the ETFs to me it's Like if you bought it at

$800 or $8,000 you were smart you went through a Lot of trouble to buy it now everyone Can buy it I think it's going to be here For a while there's not going to be a Whole new Financial story driving it From the from the from the side of Buyers necessarily although there's one Type of buyer that that could be very Important here AI agents are going to Start doing a lot of things in our Economy and for AI agents to coordinate With incentive systems they're probably Going to use crypto and so if this AI Story works out in certain consumer Areas Especially to AI yeah do you you know Kathy would 500,000 a million and that's Year I can't believe any yeah for for That but is it but they're not going to Be track trading Bitcoin they might be Using ethereum they might be using Salano they might be using other other Things they those are the three those Are the three they might use and they're Probably all correlated at the end of The day and by the way make sure you Subscribe to our channel daily videos Just like this keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos the 500,000 story for me Joe is more about is more about the

Macro question are we going to be in a Massive deficit in 25 and 26 and Spending money Willy nearly Irresponsibly if so what asset safe I Mean if you have inflation come up again You have bonds sell off again with with With with crazy government spending That's a story I'm hearing a from a lot Of my friends who know macro better than Me you could see crypto do very well Like understand how much momentum crypto Has right now I don't think most people Realize in 2023 ethereum gained 15.4 Million new users polygon 15.2 million New users Bitcoin 10.7 million new users Salana 5.6 million new users Additionally and this is interesting Loyalty rates show the data shows that 86.9% of users stick to their first evm Compatible chain so people tend to be Chain loyal yet as developers Branch out Across chains and everything becomes More interoperable user patterns are set To follow because the trend is clear a Multi-chain horizon beckons this is Crazy even Bitcoin hater Jamie Diamond The CEO of JP Morgan Chase even he now Says that he's going to shut his mouth About crypto I can't believe he just Said this do you believe him defend your Right to do Bitcoin I think you know It's okay I don't want to tell you what To do so my personal advice was be don't Get involved but I don't want to tell

Any one of you to do is a free country What do you make what do you make of What do you make of the other firms the Black rocks of the world that that Obviously and and L Larry changed his View of this obviously and maybe he Changed his view because you think he Genuinely believes in Bitcoin or gen or Believed it because he thinks that There's a Marketplace for it and he Wants to be part of that market but what Do you think of the big Financial Companies Fidelity included number one I Don't care so just please stop about This I don't know what he would say About blockchain versus currencies that Do something versus Bitcoin that does Nothing it maybe that not different than Me but you know this is what makes a Market people have opinions this is the Last time I'm ever going to State my Opinion so what is the best way to Become a crypto millionaire over the Next one to two years reminder videos on This channel are never Financial advice Just info and opinion but here is how I Would make $1 million this cycle number One study the market every day follow Along with our videos you can still Easily become an expert at crypto if you Put your mind to it we are early number Two have a plan to realize profit you Don't want to go through this whole Cycle without locking in profit that

Being said number three have a huddle Position for Quality projects I have Huddle positions for coins like Bitcoin And ethereum especially but also coins Like salana injective chain link Mina And others I'll be keeping a position in These coins for more than a cycle to Some extent number four scale out and Scale in I cost average in I cost Average out this works for me number Five not your keys not your crypto very Important in crypto and just overall my Friends stay tuned in even when the Market dips or bad things happen and You're feeling bad I totally believe in The truth of the saying it's not timing The market it's time in the market There's a reason why people who last in Crypto stay in crypto guys WE Post one Video every day we have some great Videos dropping over the next week or so Top altcoin videos for new coins so look Forward to that that's dropping soon Stay subscribed look forward to it my Friends it's going to be a great year I'll see you tomorrow


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