5 Coins to $5 Million – MAJOR CRYPTO NEWS! [Cardano, Chainlink, Uniswap]

The cryptocurrency market is really Heating up as cardano adds 250 000 new Wallets since April despite an ADA price Drop the cardano user base seems to be Getting continuously bigger showing Strong resilience and interest from the Cardano community even in a Non-favorable scenario regarding price Action for the native token Ada notably The number of unique wallet addresses Has grown six percent since April 1st Going from 4.02 million wallets to 4.26 Million Wallets on August 29th the Number of delegators has also increased By 30 000 in this period take a look During the last 151 days the cardano Network registered an average growth of 1 600 new wallets per day interestingly June 10th was the day with the biggest Amount of new wallet addresses created Recording close to 4 000 new wallets in A single day and June 18th was actually The only day where only one wallet was Registered being the worst performing Day like the video if you like cardano And take a look at this because despite The down market cardano dapps for the Last six epochs so six times thirty days Sorted by number of transactions these Are the top six dapps on cardano you'll See defy and nft projects cardano is Getting in fact so many notable projects That continue to build on it it led Charles hoskinson the founder of cardano

To say this regarding nfts specifically You guys notice right behind me is a Pitcher from the Apes Society now I Didn't buy this I wasn't paid to have This what happened was that I was at Rare Evo and they had a gift for me they Gave it to me and the entire office is Absolutely Plum filled and that's Hand-painted picture and I said oh That's pretty cool so I'll go ahead and Put it up on the wall but in general I Have a policy when we look at schneck or Any of these other nft projects on Cardano that I don't personally hold Them or do business from a sponsorship And endorsement Viewpoint so if I ever Mention these projects or I have a Picture from them or some art from them It's because it was sent to me or given To me as a gift and it would be you know Sad to just throw it away So what I'm doing is I'm saying hey uh You know if they want to give it to me I'll uh I'll if I have a place to Display it display it and obviously we Enjoy and treasure all of the nft Projects that are on cardano breaking News the SEC has delayed its decision on The Wisdom Tree spot Bitcoin ETF Investco spot Bitcoin ETF and the Valkyrie spot Bitcoin ETF proposals Understand that these ETF proposals are Delayed they are not denied and what we Witnessed just the other day the Court

Ruling in favor of Grace scale over the SEC this does signal that a Bitcoin spot ETF is on the horizon this is a big Defeat for the SEC right they'd wanted To block this on the grounds that it Doesn't meet its guidelines for avoiding Market manipulation now that struck down The SEC will have some opportunity here To appeal we'll see if they do that so The legal maneuvering here is not Necessarily over with necessarily but it Is a big loss for the SEC and for the Crypto industry it means that the crypto Is taken being taken seriously as a core Underlying asset for an ETF now now You'd be able to in theory have the Opportunity to buy these ETFs and track The price of Bitcoin without necessarily Buying Bitcoin itself if you want to do That and there's a whole host of Questions about whether that's even a Good idea and what the impact will be on The ETF market and of course what the Impact will be on the crypto Market if a Whole different group of investors now Comes into this pool and when this does Get approved or rather other when at Least one of these spot Bitcoin ETFs get Approved possibly BlackRock it is a big Deal for money flowing into Bitcoin Ultimately what an ETF means is that it Helps facilitate the massive Institutional interest that there is in Crypto

ETFs are an instrument that are much More familiar and much more accessible For uh asset managers and a whole range Of institutional investors who are who Have a significant amount of capital That you know we are interested in Deploying into the space decentralized Exchange uniswap has just won a landmark Case in court or rather the lawsuit Judge just dismissed it which is very Good for uniswap a class action lawsuit Against uniswap has been dropped judge Says that uniswap is not liable for scam Tokens just like Google isn't liable for Some shady website it's just an Aggregator right also in this same court Proceedings this judge called ethereum And Bitcoin a commodity which is Obviously a big deal for ethereum right Chain link news if you've been Subscribed to us for a while you know Swift integrating with chain link and Partnering with chain link last year or Earlier this year was a huge deal what Is Swift banking system why is this a Big deal the society for worldwide Inter-bank Financial telecommunications Swift system Powers most International Money and security transfers it is the Legacy system Swift is a vast messaging Network used by financial institutions To quickly accurately and securely send And receive information such as money Transfer instructions earlier this year

In June chain link and Swift announced That they would be collaborating with Dozens of financial institutions to test How they can connect with the multiple Blockchain networks today chain link and Swift tokenization experiment Successfully transfers value across Multiple blockchains interbank messaging System Swift and web3 service platform Chain link have successfully transferred Tokenized value across multiple private And public blockchains as you know chain Link is blockchain agnostic which is Pretty cool in this recent experiment This is according to a Thursday press Release quote the findings have Potential to remove significant friction Slowing the growth of tokenized asset Markets and enable them to scale Globally as they mature financial Institutions around the world are Increasingly experimenting with asset Tokenization with the goal of improving Financial markets quote from the chief Innovation officer at Swift quote for Tokenization to reach its potential Institutions will need to be able to Seamlessly connect with the whole Financial ecosystem our experiments have Demonstrated clearly that existing Secure and trusted Swift infrastructure Can provide that central point of Connectivity removing a huge hurdle in The development of tokenization and

Unlocking its potential Swift uses chain Link's cross-chain interoperability Protocol ccip to connect with different Blockchains chain links ccip which is Designed to help build cross-chain Applications and services went live in July a lot of things are happening hey Join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin Conference use code altcoin daily 10 off Tickets get this ticket or get this Ticket ticket prices increase as we get Closer to the event so many awesome Speakers are being added every single Day use code altcoin daily for 10 off Hope to see you there little update on Coinbase's ethereum L2 base and actually An update for the ethereum network as a Whole first of all people are continuing To build on top of Base decentralized Exchange pancake swap expands to Coinbase incubated ethereum L2 base and This is what I wanted to highlight Ethereum handled the friend Tech frenzy So this is one of the most popular apps That was built on base recently it Handled this without a gas fee Spike so Ethereum is scaling ethereum's L2 Ecosystem is growing ultimately this is Very good for the ethereum network also Little friend Tech news scores of friend Tech users remain active even as trading Volume drops 95 percent so this is my Friend tech chat it's the exact time

Username as our Twitter altcoin daily Io If you own one of our keys you can chat With me here you can ask me anything you Can help us plan the videos for the day So be a part of this group if you like It's like patreon except on ethereum L2base and this is what the app looks Like on desktop in general and you can Find some of your favorite creators here And be in private chats with them so Find me on base join our group my name Is altcoin daily see you tomorrow


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