5 Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards of 2023

Although having a credit card with an Annual fee can expand the Horizon on the Benefits you earn maximize even more Points in cash back and even provide you With some of the best travel benefits Sometimes less is more now no annual fee Credit cards are so simple and this is Why I consider them to be no fuss no Mess and even if you're unable to keep Up with all the benefits you'll never Lose money by holding a no annual fee Card so ladies and gents with that being Said let's go over the official video For my best no annual fee credit cards For 2023. before we get started with This video it's important for me to note That I own almost all of these cards and If I don't I've studied them through ins And outs of reading the fine print and I've also analyzed the entire no annual Fee Credit Card Market so that you don't Have to the First on this list that We're gonna have might actually come to You at a surprise because we don't Really talk too much about this issuer On this channel but at the start of this Year they've been stepping up an Incredible amount now one of the most Underrated best no annual fee credit Cards is going to be the Capital One nut Saver one cash rewards credit card the Reason for this is because unlike any Cards even the ones with Annual fees This one here is going to give you 10

Cash back on purchases made through Uber And ubereats so personally for myself I've been using ubereats almost every Day here and it's worked well within the Ecosystem of credit cards that I already Have which is mainly with American Express and Chase so one of the reasons Why that 10 is pretty amazing is because Ubereats is not just a food delivery app A lot of people forget that there are Some secret sections within this app Where you can buy things such as alcohol Baby convenience flowers grocery Pharmacy prescription restaurants retail Ride shipped free yeah it's crazy you Can actually buy a baby off ubereats but What you could do is you could buy Things from retail stores so as an Example I'll click on Bed Bath and Beyond and I see you know like a cool Little pop socket of baby Yoda or some Nest wall cashmere socks add it to my Cart boom boom view my cart go to Checkout and if I go ahead and use this Card I'd be getting ten percent back on These purchases ladies and gents can we Take a moment to realize just how crazy That benefit right here is now I had to Do some additional digging to make sure That this did apply and they did State On their website that all you need to do In order to get 10 cash back is to Simply pay with your eligible card Alongside their company and the Capital

One saver one cash rewards falls under That umbrella not only that but this Card is also going to give you a free Uber one membership which includes Unlimited zero dollar delivery fee on Eligible Foods you get 10 off eligible Orders with ubereats and you get five Percent off eligible rides with Uber not To mention you also get member only Perks and promotions and I've been an Uber one member for free through Amex For a while now and it does come in Handy because there are restaurants that I eat at consistently that have popped Up and I've gotten things like buy one Butter chicken and get the other one for Free like there's one promotion that Pops up on my screen 30 off of liquor uh At select liquor stores for a 40 minimum Order you know I got to give y'all a Little additional jungler tip but if you Ever order from ubereats and the Delivery happens to be delayed outside Of that ETA window which happens pretty Frequently for where I live they Actually can give you another discount Or credit applied back to your meal and All you have to do is open up the chat Box chat with the representative and Just like that automatically they'll add You some money back this happened to me Particularly on the day of New Year's I Think just no one really wanted to work On that day so I placed an order but

There were no drivers to pick it up so It took about one to two hours for me to Actually get my delivery where Originally it would take me like 30 Minutes for me to receive something so Uber pretty much gave me a huge Reimbursement back on those meals not Only that but this card here something Special and the reason why it's number One on my list right now is because they Will give you a 200 cash bonus after you Spend 500 on purchases within the first Three months which is fifty dollars Higher than what this card previously Offered now going into the cash back Earning categories you'll also earn Eight percent cash back on Capital One Entertainment purchases now please do Not sleep on this one because this is One of the few cards that rewards Spending on entertainment including Movie concert tickets amusement parks Live sporting events and more and more Than that you're getting eight percent Which is absolutely nuts for any type of Benefit in addition to that you'll also Be earning unlimited five percent cash Back on hotels and rental cars booked Through capital and travel where you'll Also get Capital One's best prices on Thousands of trip options you'll also Get three percent cash back on dining Entertainment popular streaming services And at grocery stores excluding

Superstores like Walmart and Target just Like any card you'll get one percent Back on all other purchases but it is Worth noting for no annual fee card the Benefits that you get with this is Pretty insane I would even consider this A card to have say even like a hundred Dollars to a two hundred dollar annual Fee but for all of the benefits you're Getting for what we're paying this seems To be a no-brainer now if you are Interested in applying for this card I Highly recommend that you have a score Of at least 650 if you have anything Above 700 I think you have very strong Chances of getting approved so the Second card on my list this should not Come out of surprise to any of y'all Because I've talked about this card Non-stop for the past few weeks and it Is for good reason too after doing a bit Of math even for the rent that I've paid At my current apartment if I had used The built Mastercard at the start of This last year this pretty glorious Piece of metal would have saved me over 2 900 a year so ladies and gents like Let me break that down for you so my Apartment rent is over five thousand Dollars per month after all the Utilities and fees it's crazy it's not Normally this much but I do have a three Bedroom apartment for my YouTube Studio My office and my actual living bedroom

In addition to that I'm month to month Right now because my house is getting Built so I can't lock in a full yearly Package but basically at five thousand Dollars per month with a three percent Processing fee for me to use the built MasterCard I'd be saving 150 immediately A month now if I multiply that by 12 I'd Be saving giving eighteen hundred Dollars per year in addition to that for Every time I swipe and get one percent Back with this card I'm getting those Points uh the built MasterCard Maxes you Out at 50 000 points normally I would be Qualified for sixty thousand points Because I'm spending about sixty Thousand dollars a year on rent at one To one where one penny equals one point That'd be five hundred dollars cash back But with the built MasterCard the points Are so valuable and it's so easy to get Higher redemptions that I would value Their points at two pennies per one Point so that means right there in a Single year by using this card if you're Paying that much in rent you're getting A thousand dollars cash back in your Wallet at the end of the year now by Adding up the math in the processing Fees that I save at three percent for Five thousand dollars a month that's Eighteen hundred dollars plus the one Thousand dollars that I get back in Built points and I'd be making an Roi of

Over twenty eight hundred dollars in a Single year so the build MasterCard is Clearly an amazing card but it does have A few caveats to one of them is the fact That it does not offer a welcome bonus For signing up regardless it's not a Huge deal to me because it still offers You three x points on dining 2x points On travel you get one point back on Everything else and then like I said you Get one point on rent payments without The transaction fees up to 50 000 Points Each calendar year within those caveats It's also worth mentioning that you Would need to make at least five posted Transactions in a statement period using Your built MasterCard in order to earn Those qualifying points there's a lot More to this card like benefits such as On the first of every month they're Going to be doubling the cash back Earning multiplier so instead of earning 3x and 2x you'd be earning 6X and 4x so Basically guys if I could rate this card I would give it a 9.9 out of 10. if you Do want to get approved for this card Because you got to apply and they got to Check out your credit profile I highly Recommend you to have a score of at Least 670. I've seen some people with Over a 700 score actually still getting Denied for this card so it looks like It's not guaranteed that no matter where You are with your credit score that

They'll approve you you but the chances Of you getting approved if you have a Higher score is always going to be Greater I did make a full dedicated Video on my channel so if you guys want To learn more about this card be sure to Check that out at the end of this video Alright so for number three on our list This is a card that should not come to Anyone's surprise because it is what I Consider a Brian Jung staple of the Wallet and this is going to be the Chase Freedom Flex card the reason why this Card is so great is because this is one Of the fundamental key pieces to set up Something called the chase Trifecta that I recommend almost everyone to look into And to at least have within their wallet The Chase Freedom Card is going to give You five percent cash back on different Categories like gas stations groceries And travel once you do complete the Chase Trifecta you could effectively be Earning anywhere from six to seven point Five percent cash back on those category Purchases because you'll then have Access to the chase travel portal and Through the use of the Chase app I Preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve Those points are going to get additional Boosted value for the first quarter of 2023 you can earn up to five percent Cash back on bonus categories like Fitness clubs gym memberships and even

At Target this is great too because at The start of the New Year everyone's Trying to get those gains back in with The New Year resolution and if you're Trying to figure out what credit card to Use you'd be getting five percent on Those gym memberships in addition to That you'll also be getting three Percent cash back for dining including Takeout and delivery services three Percent on drugstore purchases and one Percent back on everything else now with The Chase Freedom Flex card the reward Percentages they're hard to be they're Great solid amazing benefits and Chase Has always been pretty consistent with Having Fair rotating categories the best Part about all of this is the fact that You also do get a cash bonus of 200 After you spend 500 within the first Three months of opening your account now To swing the deal even further this is One of the few cards that also allows You to have zero percent intro APR for 15 months from account opening on Purchases and balance transfers it's Always worth noting I gotta mention it Every single video video we never Recommend here I never recommend for any Of y'all to ever carry a balance on your Credit cards but look I get it it Happens there are people who are still Students there are people who happen to Be in debt from medical bills there are

Things that just come up in life that You really have no control over if you Are interested in applying for the Chase Freedom Flex card I recommend you to Have a score of at least 675 points but I have seen people get approved with a 650 credit score now it is worth Mentioning though if you have a credit Score of at least 700 within that range I believe in my Jung estimate that you Would have at least an 80 chance of Getting approved to keep it simple Chase Is great they have amazing products they Have the JP Morgan Private Client Concierge line which is primarily where I bank with and for the freedom Flex for The welcome bonus alone for the rotating Five percent cash back category and for It to be a piece within the trifecta This card is phenomenal next card on my List this one is not really talked about But boy oh boy did they make some great Rate changes to this one and this is Going to be the American Express Blue Cash everyday card out of all the Different no annual fee credit cards This card here seems to be the one that Offers you one of the highest return on Investments from that welcome bonus this Is because with the blue cash everyday Card you'll get 250 cash back so you'll Earn 150 back when you shop with PayPal Almost any online e-commerce store that I can think of allows you to check out

With PayPal and you'll be earning 20 Back as a statement credit on your Purchases when you use your new card to Check out within the first six months of Card memberships and this will be up to 150 next is that you'll be able to earn A hundred dollars back as a statement Credit after you spend two thousand Dollars in purchases on your first six Months of card membership not only that But if you are somehow looking for one Of the higher Tier credit cards where American Express very high up on our List excellent customer support Excellent features and still in my Opinion with a cashback card very easy To use they'll be giving you a zero Percent intro APR bonus for 15 months on Purchases and balance transfers now I Made a video it was a while back but Although it seems like it's an older Video none of that information is Outdated American Express gives huge Credit limits and there's ways that you Can even triple it today so the reason Why the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card is still one of the most Powerful cards other than that welcome Bonus is the fact that you can still Earn three percent cash back at US Supermarkets on eligible purchases on up To six thousand dollars per year you can Also earn three percent cash back on us Online retail purchases on up to six

Thousand dollars per year and that right There is pretty amazing too A lot of People struggle oftentimes to figure out Which credit cards to use for gas most People rely on The Chase Freedom Flex Category but then three quarters out of The year if you're not getting gas Benefits you really don't have a car to Rely on but this would be that card you Actually get three percent cash back on Gas on up to six thousand dollars per Year and I think that alone right there Is so powerful as someone who likes to Drive quite a bit I go to a ton of car Meets within my area gas at one point Got expensive as most you guys know but It is still an expense where I'd like to Be earning additional rewards and this Card is amazing for that so in my Opinion the Blue Cash everyday card Offers benefits that a 250 annual fee Card would offer it comes to you at no Cost the welcome bonus is pretty Lucrative and on top of that all the Benefits that you have with this is Really easy to use if you are interested In applying for this card you definitely Want to have at least a 680 credit score But American Express is a little bit More generous I've seen them except a Lot more newer applicants compared to Some of these other competitors so even If you have not the best credit score I Would not be surprised if you're able to

Apply for this maybe it's in review and If you give them a call and let them Know hey I'm really interested in this Card I've seen reconsideration offers For a product like this which is entry Level to get considered quite often so The last card on my list is something That I put a lot of thought into because I wanted to find a good catch-all card Which really defines the purpose of Having a no annual fee card that is Meant for Simplicity and this card is Going to be dedicated to the city double Cash card so with this card it's simple You earn two percent back on every Purchase with unlimited one percent cash Back when you first buy and then you get The other one percent as you pay off That purchase out of all the cards that We've talked about though this card here Is the one that has the longest no APR Intro bonus that is sitting at 18 months This card is simple it's consistent it's Reliable it's a Workhorse you don't need To worry about signing up for other Cards you don't need to worry about the Trifecta quad Factor whatever if you Want to keep it simple if you're just a Simple simple guy yeah just you all know Those type of people and this would be The card for you now one of the Downsides though I do need to mention is That this card has no welcome bonus so If you're someone who cares about

Getting these huge welcome bonuses Adding them up this card may not be for You I would also say that the competitor To this card would be the Chase Freedom Unlimited that gives you 1.5 cashback Instead of the two percent cash back but That one gives you that welcome bonus Out of the two though Simplicity this One wins and if you are interested in Getting this card I least encourage you To have a score of 650 points so ladies And gents if you did enjoy this video or Found any value at all share this with a Friend and like this video down below And also in the comment section let me Know which one of these cards out of my List is your favorite as well like Always if you guys do want to check out Any of the cards I do have a link Down Below in the description for you to Learn more obviously if you guys have Noticed that the editing has only been Getting better and better and that's Because I stopped editing a while ago And I've been blessed enough to hire an Editor who can help us with this so I Can focus on the research and the Quality and the quantity of the content On this channel so anytime you use those Links it really does help us out and you Guys have clearly been able to see the Growth of that on the channel and you Guys have been supporting a lot so I Just want to say thank you all from the

Bottom of my heart that's gonna be it For folks if you want to learn more About getting started with credit cards Or learn about the top five essential Credit cards I'll have that also linked On the screen here in the meantime have An amazing day and I'll see you all soon Peace


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