5 Best Credit Cards to Earn Money While Dropshipping

So back when I was running my Drop Shipping Store there was one crucial Mistake I was making that was costing me A ton of money and I didn't even know it At the time from fulfilling orders to Running ads every step of the process Requires some form of payment method a Lot of the time people use whatever Credit card they have or even the Dreaded debit card I've now found five Credit cards that I think are the best For anyone spending money within a Drop Shipping business starting with number One the Capital One spark miles business Card so the way I organize this video We're going to start basic as possible And with this card here it's as basic as You're gonna get now Capital One is Going to be generally an issuer that I Wouldn't prioritize first but I like Mentioning them because they have also Been known to get a lot more people in The door if you've ever had any issues On getting approved for a business card Keep in mind before we even mention Anything else about them Capital One is An issuer that does report your business Credit over to your personal credit file This year usually isn't ideal for anyone Who is leveraging zero percent Promotional offers because it can Definitely impact your score but if you Are someone who doesn't have any debt With their business and you are cash

Flowing pretty well and you just want to Accrue even more points I believe this Card is a great starter card now what Makes this card a contender on my list Is that you get 50 000 miles as a bonus Once you spend forty five hundred Dollars on purchases within the first Three months of opening your account now This credit card here has a much lower Spend requirement than some of the other Business credit cards we're going to Talk about so this is also great for Anyone who's just getting started out Within the space now Capital One miles It might sound confusing because you Hear miles points cashback like all These different terminologies Capital One miles just CMS regular credit card Points and they're worth about one cent Each if you are able to find a high Value Transfer Partner I've seen people Still redeeming Capital One miles for Anywhere from 1.5 to even three cents Each so conservatively that's still Going to be 500 to get cash back or even Up to fifteen hundred dollars from a Good Redemption that's not all though With this card you can also get 5x miles On hotels and rental cars booked with The Capital One travel portal and then 2x miles on all other purchases now on Top of that you also get a hundred Dollar credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre-check which doesn't really hurt

Either now using their calculator let's Say You have about ten thousand dollars A month in expenses between ads Inventory and just other miscellaneous Stuff so that right there is gonna Result in an additional 240 000 miles a year on top of that first Year welcome bonus offer of 50 000 miles If we do some math that's going to add Up to twenty nine hundred dollars in Value that you get within your business Without changing anything at all so you Could be moving at the steady Pace but Then you get an additional two to three Thousand dollars on your bottom line From using the right card now as your Business grows so does your expenses and This 2x you get back on this card is Unlimited so even if you're putting a Hundred thousand dollars and spend a Month on your card that 2x miles does Not change you should also know that This card has an annual fee of 95 but What I love about it is that they say For the first year the annual fee is Going to be waived so you're good to go There this comes from the exception that You are spending at least five thousand Dollars a year but I think most people Are able to do that with any one of Their businesses as I mentioned Capital One is going to be good for people who Have no or low credit scores so even if You have something like a 680 I think

Your chances of getting approved for This card is still rather high and by The way before you apply be sure to Check out the video I made going over Everything you need to know about Business cards to make sure you maximize Your chances of getting approved now our Next card here is going to be pretty Similar to the last one but also they're Different at the same time now this card Is coming from one of my favorite Issuers within the space and an issuer That I put a majority of our own Business spend on and this is going to Be the AmEx blue business Plus card Right away you're probably wondering Well what is the welcome bonus offer Well This card actually doesn't have one but It does have something special you can Get zero percent APR on purchases within The first 12 months of card ownership But Brian I thought I wasn't supposed to Carry a balance let me tell you why this Card might be different unlike Capital One American Express does not report Your business balance to your personal Credit report they will however pull Your credit when you apply so if you're Still building your store and say you're Trying to transition out of Drop Shipping into building a private label Brand which is more sustainable long Term and you need a short-term loan for

All zero percent interest rate this is One of those cards that could come in Handy just make sure that you have the Right roadmap in being able to pay off That card before the end of the zero Percent APR period so as soon as you get This card you have a credit limit of say Fifteen thousand dollars you have one Year to use that fifteen thousand Dollars with no repercussion at all now On top of that it's worth noting American Express tends to be much more Liberal with their credit limits than Capital One so if you are launching that New business and you're trying to get Something more than like a five thousand Dollar credit limit usually Amex can go And give you a higher credit limit than You expect and more than that if you go Ahead and request a credit limit of 3x More than what you have so if you have a Five thousand dollar starting credit Limit your miles may vary but it's Worked for me and it's worked for my Fiance where we've gone ahead and got a Triple credit limit increase Automatically all for free throughout Their website at the click of a button So this card is simple 2x points on Everyday eligible business purchases but You are capped out to fifty thousand Dollars a year this card has no annual Fee and I'd highly recommend that you Have a score of at least 680 in order to

Get approved the next card here on this List is going to be one of my favorites A card that I still have the chase Inc Business preferred now this card is a Part of the Chase Ink lineup of cards Which are great for basically any Business but the best one for Drop Shipping by far this is because right Off the gate you're getting a huge Welcome bonus offer a hundred thousand Chase Ultimate reward points after you Spend 8 000 dollars on purchases in the First three months those amount of Points can be redeemed anywhere for a Thousand to even two thousand dollars or More based on your Transfer Partners but You just have to keep in mind that it Does have a higher welcome bonus Requirement so you need to be spending At least twenty seven hundred dollars a Month in order to make sure that you get The welcome bonus offer if you are Spending more than twenty seven hundred Dollars a month you are good to go You're gonna get that welcome bonus Offer after you hit it within that three Month period and you should be seeing a Surplus of those points that you can Apply to pretty much anything you want Now where this card shines is that you Get 5x points on Lyft rides until March 2025 so you cruising on Lyft you know at That Drop Shipping conference whatever It is you're going to be covered there

You also get 3x points on the first 150 000 in spending on shipping purchases Advertising purchases made with social Media sites and search engines and then You'll also be getting 3x back on Internet cable and phone services and Travel and then 1X points back on Everything else now compared to the Capital One miles the chase points can Be worth well over two cents each if you Use it it within those portals if we Pair that out with the 3x you get back On Advertising essentially you're Getting back about six percent on your Purchases now this card here has a 95 Annual fee but right away in that first Year if you get that welcome bonus offer You're still in massive High Roi let's Say as an example you're spending ten Thousand dollars a month on your Business at a 3X earning rates that's Still about 360 000 ultimate Reward Points combine that With the extra hundred thousand welcome Bonus offer you get and that's anywhere From forty six hundred dollars in cash To even ninety two hundred dollars on The higher end and if you have any other Drop Shipping friends within the Business the Chase Ink business Preferred Card right now allows you to Earn an additional 200 000 ultimate Reward points or two thousand dollars in Cash back if you go ahead and refer any

Other friends that you have to this card So that right there is a huge amount you Can get a ton of upside with this card But there are a few things to note with Chase it's a bit harder to get approved For if you've never had any relationship With them so go ahead and make sure you At least pick up like a Chase Freedom Card or any one of the chase personal Products that they have it could even be A Chase bank account now I recommend That you have a score of at least 700 When applying but keep in mind Chase's Algorithm is a little bit all over the Place I've seen some people with a 650 Credit score still getting approved also Keep in mind that chase does not report To your own personal credit report if You want to learn more about the chasing Business preferred or if you're Interested in signing up be sure to Check out the link Down Below in the Description or scan that QR code here on Your screen these are affiliate links They support my Channel at no cost to You just make sure the credit card bonus Offer that you're getting is the highest Available but generally with these Business credit cards they are the same Across the space so I'm 99.9 confident You guys are getting the best offer and If you want to learn more links for that Is also down below with that being said Moving on to the fourth credit card here

On this list we got the chase Inc Business cash card so this card has an Equally great welcome bonus offer Sitting at 750 cash back after you spend 6000 dollars on purchases within three Months now that welcome bonus is still Pretty good especially when you pair it With what you actually get on this card Where you earn five percent back on lift Rides until March 2025 five percent back On up to twenty five thousand dollars Combined in a year at office supply Stores on internet cable and phone Services and then you get two percent Back on up to twenty five thousand Dollars a year on gas stations and Restaurant purchases now this here is Really special because it allows you to Get additional cash back on certain Categories even on top of the Inc Business preferred so Chase has made it A system where a lot of the different Cards that you can get with them all Complement each other but most Importantly this card has zero dollars In annual fee which means you could keep It you could sign up for it you can get The welcome bonus offer and never use it Again and it will not cost you a penny To hold so to get approved for this card I'd recommend you have a score of at Least 685. by the way if you guys are Wondering if you need like a DMV score And all that no generally with a lot of

These business credit cards just make Sure you have a good personal credit Score and a good relationship with that Bank or some account with them like we Talked about before you should be good To go fifth credit card here on this List is going to be the American Express Business gold card and right off the bat This card has a pretty good welcome Bonus offer where you can earn 70 000 Bonus points after spending ten thousand Dollars in the first three months with This card you can earn 4X points on up To a hundred fifty thousand dollars a Year on your top two business categories So this will apply to airfare Advertising Tech providers gas stations Restaurants and shipping so generally if You're Drop Shipping you're going to Want to turn on advertising and shipping And then for that 150 000 you spend on Ads and you know any USPS or any Shipping ship mate ship Bond there's Like ship Joe all this weird stuff going On these days you'll be able to earn a Decent amount back Forex which I think Is really good in American Express Points I still find very very valuable With this card you also get AMEX Hotel Collection a bunch of insurance and Protections and even direct linking of Your transactions into QuickBooks so if You use QuickBooks to manage all of your Accounts this right here I think is a

No-brainer just because it's seamless in The way they operate and work the one Downside with this card is that it has An annual fee of 295 dollars but just by Spending seven thousand five hundred Dollars a year on this card in your Selected categories you still get Positive Roi not even including the Welcome bonus offer recommended score Have at least a 680 if you have a 700 You should automatically get approved Now keep in mind if you have no Relationship with Amex they are going to Ask for more additional information but Generally rule of thumb if this is like Your second or third business credit Card they should be able to approve you On the spot all right now that we've Covered our five top credit cards I want To show you how all of these credit Cards could actually work together so Let's first talk about the Capital One Spark miles and the American Express Blue business plus cards which were our First two cards that we mentioned now These are going to be your starter Credit cards so if you have higher Revenue already I would say just go for The Capital One card because you the Earning rates have no spending cap but If you are early on with your Drop Shipping business go ahead and check out The American Express Blue business Plus Card first this is because American

Express is just so business friendly They even have things like their own Small business team and just all these Little support tools that they offer so I think American Express is really good For anyone who's just getting started Within the space moving forward though These two cards I mentioned are going to Be what I consider to be called catch All credit cards so they catch any type Of transactions and you still earn 2x on That for your other three most common Categories you have ads shipping office Supplies and even maybe your internet And phone bill so starting with ads this Is probably going to be the biggest area Of where you spend your money on the Business gold card will go ahead and be The main card for this because you're Earning 4X back on it once you Max that Out you can consider the chase Inc Business Preferred Card where you'll be Earning 3x back on that rate after that You want to use a Chase in cash card for Internet cable and phone bills as well As your office supply purchases so you Can earn an additional 5x back on that Amount last but not least if you're Shipping any inventory on behalf of Yourself make sure you use the American Express business gold card and set that As the category from one of the two and You would be set in earning 4X back on That amount as well now these cards are

Definitely going to have a little bit of Overlap but as long as you're making Sure you're earning as much as you can Long term you should be able to accrue a Decent amount of points depending on Where you are with your business the Bottom line is be aware of where your Spending is going and make sure you're Using the right card for it if you guys Did enjoy today's video be sure to check Out the links Down Below in the Description be sure to check out the Groups that we have the credit Society Facebook group and also our newly Launched Discord thank you all so much Again for watching this video have an Amazing blessed day and I'll see y'all Soon peace


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