5 Best Credit Cards for Amazon FBA Sellers

So picture this you finally heard about Amazon FBA you get into the space and You decide to finally make a massive Inventory purchase and you have it Shipped direct to Amazon as soon as that Happens that product will either fly off The shelf and you'll begin selling and Start cashing in or it'll be sitting on The marketplace the last thing you want To run into if you're trying to run a Successful profitable business is cash Flow issues say you have five thousand Dollars in your checking account and Inventory costs you four thousand Dollars it may take you a month or even Longer for you to be able to sell that Inventory and get more money back into Your checking account with Amazon FBA Expenses can really add up not only do You have to buy inventory and product But you also have to sometimes even buy Ads which can add even more cost to your Total expense so if you're a big amazon FBA seller or you're just getting into The space one of the best ways for you To maximize your cashback is by knowing Which right credit card to use now on This channel I've talked a lot about how You can get a business credit card but In this specific video we're actually Going to be going over some of the best Credit cards specifically for Amazon FBA Sellers to have in their wallet to make Sure that you're generating the max

Amount of points and get the highest Benefit possible for the money you have To spend anyways for your business so The first card on my list here is for All the beginners out there and that's Going to be the American Express Blue Business Plus card now this card is Great because straight up is just a Simple credit card you don't have to Worry about much as you're trying to Grow your business that's because the Primary benefit for this one is that you Get a zero percent introductory APR Offer on purchases within the first 12 Months of card ownership because certain Business credit cards like the one I Mentioned here doesn't report onto your Personal credit profile you also won't Be seeing a reduction in your personal Credit score what I also love about American Express is that they tend to be A pretty lenient lender meaning that This card is generally easier to get Approved for compared to some of the Other cards on the market and on top of That business credit cards generally Have much higher credit limits so this Gives you much more flexibility for Buying inventory or running ads now when It comes to the reward benefits of this Card very simple you earn 2x points on Everyday eligible business purchases on Up to fifty thousand dollars a year and Then 1X points on all other spend to

Make this better this card has no annual Fee so even if you just get it you don't Have to worry about a single thing and To get approved I recommend that you Have a score of at least 680 and Preferably something above 700. now if You're looking for tips on getting Approved for business credit cards I Made a full guide that you can check out Linked down below after this video is Over as well now I believe that card is Great for beginners you can also utilize Something called a triple credit limit Increase where literally as it sounds You can triple the limit that you have That Amex originally gives you on your Card I did this recently with one of my Girlfriend's cards that she got because She was moving around a balance and this Actually still works to this day where If they give you a five thousand dollar Credit limit you can Max it out you can Ask them for a credit limit increase on Up to fifteen thousand dollars and Usually it'll get automatically approved Now your miles may vary I'm not saying Everyone is automatically gonna get Approved but generally you have some Pretty strong chances of doing so and The worst case is they say no we can't Approve you for the full fifteen Thousand dollar amount but will give you X amount instead moving on the second Card that I'd recommend is a card that

Once you've built up your FBA business You're Gonna Wanna switch out for and This is going to be the Capital One Spark miles business card now this card Has pretty similar benefits to the one We mentioned but here is the kicker it Actually has a very strong welcome bonus Offer welcome bonus offers are where you Can find a majority of points getting Filled into your account because it Oftentimes takes a lot of inventory or a Lot of AD spend for you to generate Millions of points with this card in Particular you'll get 50 000 mile bonus When you spend 4 500 on purchases within The first three months of about opening Your account and the spending Requirement is much lower on this than Most business credit cards which makes It a great starter option now when we Talk about the value of Capital One Points just know that they can be worth Anywhere from one to even 1.7 per point Or in this case it would be 500 to 850 Depending on how you redeem it in terms Of the earning rates you'll get 5x miles On hotels and rental cars booked with The Capital One travel portal and then Similar to the first card we mentioned You get 2x miles on all other purchases Now this card here is perfect for any General spend that you'll be making to Buy inventory so whether you buy Inventory at your local Walmart or you

Know you're going through an International wholesaler or you're just Going through Alibaba all that spend can Still earn you double the points back in Comparison to the blue business Plus Card which is one we just mentioned that One was limited to fifty thousand Dollars in spend every single year but The spark Miles Card is unlimited so if You spend a lot of money on inventory And you don't want to be worried about a Cap this is definitely going to be a Better card for you and keep in mind Fifty thousand dollar cap in a single Year is really not that much because It's generally about four thousand Dollars every month to exceed that Number and I know for a fact that if you Start scaling your store from past the Six to seven figure Mark you're gonna be Spending way more than the original Amount now with our number two credit Card on this list you'll still get a 100 Credit for TSA pre-check or Global Entry One caveat though of this card compared To the last one is the fact that you do Get an annual fee of 95 per year but in The first year this annual fee is Completely waived pretty much if we Subtract the welcome bonus offer say it Doesn't exist you need to just spend Five thousand dollars a year to get Positive value with this card now the Benefit of Capital One is the fact that

They're usually known to be good for People who have no or low credit so in Order to get approved I highly recommend Just doing a few things first of all try To get a bank account or try to get like A beginner starter card with them if Possible this way you're not gonna have Just a brand new fresh application where They're algorithms might get a little Spook saying okay Jim you know we want To approve Jimmy but he has a 620 credit Score he's probably gonna run away with Our money with this new business that's Not going to do well now on the other Hand if you have another Capital One Card you've been paying it off in full Every single month even if you don't Have the best score because you're Already within their system that can Improve your chances of getting approved Regardless try to have a score of at Least 680 for this card as well and I Believe that you should have a good Chance of getting accepted now the third Card here on my list and a card that I Personally have within my own setup is Going to be the chase Inc business Preferred Card out of the two cards that We just mentioned the welcome bonus on This card is what I consider to be nasty Gur right now you'll be able to earn a Hundred thousand bonus points after you Spend just eight thousand dollars on Purchases in the first three months by

The way Chase went ahead and reduced the Minimum spend requirement meaning you Have to spend way more than eight grand Before in order to score that 100 000 Points and off the bat once you get a Hundred thousand Ur points to a chase it Can be worth anywhere from a thousand to Two thousand dollars or more in value When redeemed with higher value Transfer Partners or if you're able to find just A sick Redemption within the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal What I Love About the Chase Bank business preferred Is that it's one of the first cards Within the entire Chase Inc lineup and If you have majority of different Chase Cards you can eventually merge all your Points together into one card and use That across different redemption in Terms of benefits you'll get 5x points On lift rides until March 2025 you'll Get 3x points on the first 150 000 in Spending on shipping purchases Advertising purchases made with social Media sites and search engines you'll Also get internet cable and phone Service and travel and then 1X points on Everything else now this card here is One of people's favorites when it comes To the e-commerce world and that's Because you get 3x back on the shipping And also if you're running any type of Ads on Amazon you'll be earning with This card too back when I was running my

Marketing agency and also my own Ecommerce store that I turned into a Private label brand I was earning a ton Of points when I was doing my Facebook Ads and even the Google ads too believe It or not I also did Amazon FBA for Quite a while with my business partner At that time which is now my CEO of our Current company here at Young media and Even then we were still maximizing all The points which has allowed me to have Multi-million points across my different Cards I want that to be you guys too and It starts with using the right card Maximize the welcome bonus offer it is Completely okay to have different Business credit cards for different Businesses that you start and even from That once you get a couple hundred Thousand points it can add up to be Quite a bit if you get it for the right Redemption of travel later down the road With this card just be aware of the Chase 524 rule where if you've been Approved for more than five cards in the Last 24 months you will be automatically Denied for any new Chase credit card Keep in mind though if you're at 424 and You apply for this card this will not Count towards that 524 rule because Business credit cards don't add on to The personal 524 rule I know it sounds a Little bit of a headache but look guys I Also have a whole notion organizer and

In there I have an index where you can Actually check out the Key Bank rules That you need to know before applying Now this card here comes with an annual Fee of 95 a year but with those High Earning rates and that amazing welcome Bonus offer I believe you're still Coming out on positive value very easily To get a proof of this card Chase is a Bit more of a strict lender I have seen Some people with under a 700 score get Approved but have at least 700 that's The recommended score but I've seen People with a score under that still Getting by card number four on this list This one is pretty juicy out of all the Cards I mean this one has to take a Pretty strong position on the list this Is going to be the best catch-all Business credit card in my opinion which Is the AmEx business gold so for the Welcome bonus offer right now you can Earn 70 000 bonus points after spending Ten thousand dollars in the first three Months the spending requirement on this Is a little high you have to spend a Minimum of thirty four hundred dollars a Month but I know when it comes to a Business like FBA but I do know that When it comes to Amazon FBA when you're Scaling spending thirty four hundred Dollars a month is pretty easy just Remember there's this one role when it Comes to applying for American Express

And that's the fact that Amex has a once In a lifetime role meaning you can only Get a welcome bonus offer just once not More than that with this card you'll Also be able to get 4X bonus points on Up to 150 000 annually on your top two Business categories so this would apply To airfare advertising Tech providers Gas stations restaurants and shipping Now it's pretty likely that shipping or Advertising is going to be the biggest Category that you spend on now this card Also comes with an annual fee of 295 Dollars a year so this means you need to Spend seventy five hundred dollars a Year annually on this card in your Selected categories so you can get Positive Roi the recommended credit Score for this card is going to be above 690 closer towards that 700 range now Last but not least this is a card that Recently got introduced over the past Year or so and this is going to be the Chase Inc business Premiere Card all Right so a few disclaimers about this Card this card is probably best for Someone who wants to keep it simple yet Still have some relationship with Chase This is because the chase Inc business Premier card is one of those cards where You'll earn cash back but they won't Allow you to flexibly transfer those Points across other Chase products what I love about this card is that it has a

Pretty strong welcome bonus offer you Can earn a thousand dollars bonus cash Back after spending 10 grand in the First three months which effectively Means you're going to be earning 10 cash Back on the first ten thousand dollars You spend now this card is super special For FBA because you can find these Earning benefits to come into really Good play so first of all you get five Percent cash back on Lyft rides until March 2025 if you're you know on a Business conference or whatever it is You got to take a lift getting a little Bit of points there but where you're Gonna find a tremendous amount of value Is you get two point five percent cash Back on purchases over five thousand Dollars so if you have really big Inventory purchases this is where it's Gonna come in handy and then you'll also Be earning 2x cash on all other things So you're not necessarily earning more With this card but if you want to keep It clean and simple maybe you have the Other cards you don't want to use them For whatever reason or you've canceled Them this is going to be another great Card to at least get that welcome bonus Offer you'll still be getting a decent Amount of cash back and then from there You can choose to keep it or move on Keep in mind though this car does have An annual fee of 195 dollars a year now

If you're not finding Roi you can always Cancel this card and then pick up the Chase in cash or the unlimited card Which are also really solid Alternatives That have zero dollar Annual fees if you Are interested in picking this card up In particular make sure you have a Recommended score of at least 700. now With this card I do believe you're gonna Get first year value as long as you're Able to get the welcome bonus offer and Then after that you can decide whatever You want to do with it a lot of people Emphasize oh it's so bad to cancel cards But that's really mainly for the Personal credit cards if you happen to Cancel a business credit card I don't See that affecting your score Tremendously at all so out of all the Cards that I mentioned today believe it Or not they can all still have some Compatibility in working together within Your setup the way I would do this is by Using first the American Express Blue Business Plus card as the zero percent APR card for anyone getting started out Within the Amazon FBA space remember Capital One reports your personal credit History so unlike American Express and Chase where it may not report anything At all this can indeed go ahead and work For you or against you it could work for You because you can build your credit With your business expenses if you won't

Get approved for any of the other cards But it can work against you because if You have a balance on your Capital One Card then that would get reported onto Your personal credit report moving away From those two cards though if you want To Target a card that covers mainly Shipping this is where the chase Inc Business Preferred Card comes in next I Would take advantage of the American Express business Gold Card which could Also be used for shipping but you can Still use it to cover a wide range of Different categories if you're a big Whale within the space and you like Keeping things simple if you're making Large inventory purchases over five Thousand dollars at a time the Chase Ink Business Premiere Card is definitely one For you so like I mentioned earlier if You guys do want to check out any of the Cards that I mentioned in today's video Be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description or scan the QR Code here on your screen by the way I'm Also going to be attending the travel Summit if you guys want to learn more About getting the best bang for your Buck with your credit cards or trying to Know about the latest travel hacking Methods check out this conference I will Be there I'll also be doing a little bit Of speaking on growing your own personal Brand if you guys ever thought about

Being like a credit card YouTuber Anything like that so a lot of great Things are coming up if you guys also do Want to check out the credit Society our Notion organizer or even our new card Match tool where if you want to get a New credit card you're not sure which One to sign up for check out the website Down below in the description we'll have It linked there fill out the type form And from here we can match you up with One of our credit card Consultants that Can get you paired up with a new credit Card thank you all so much again for Watching today's video have an amazing Blessed day and I'll see you all soon Peace


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