5 Best Business Credit Cards for New Startups

So a lot of people have a dream of Owning their own business one day but There's a ton of risk in making that Jump uncertainty in where your next sale Might come from and oftentimes not much Cash flow to start out with well unless You're one of these guys Happy with my dad now look I remember Back when I first started my Entrepreneurial journey I was trying a Bunch of different side hustles to try And reduce that risk and make more money And then one day I came across a tool That helped to grow and build my Business to Heights from zero to Multiple seven figures now this tool Here was business credit cards and if You're launching a new startup you're a Newer entrepreneur within the scene You're going to want to stick around Because I'm going to be covering the Five best business credit cards for you And your startup now before we get into It though you might be wondering what Makes business credit cards so great Well I think there are four main reasons One better cash flow management the Biggest difference between having your Own business and then working a job for Someone else is that you're not Guaranteed a paycheck imagine this you Make no sales throughout the month but Managed to get five sales right on the Last week of the month even though you

Know you have money coming in those Invoices are due and they need to get Paid right away so what do you do well You use a business credit card because This allows you to push back a window of You not getting your invoice in and Having to pay those expenses out the Second thing is no interest periods There are quite a few business credit Cards that offer no interest Introductory offers allow you to get Interest-free loans to run your own Business and this here is fantastic Because right now the interest rates are At a high Benchmark rate and it is Almost unheard of for anyone to get an Interest-free loan that in essence even Pays you back so what do I mean by that Well with business credit cards you can Actually earn additional benefits and Points and get things called welcome Bonus offers for the money that you Spend on those cards look with Traditional personal credit cards you Might be getting money back on food and Restaurants and grocery stores but with Business credit cards it opens the doors On you being able to get paid back a Significant amount on things like Advertising shipping and other popular Business expenses now number four last But not least business credit cards are Great if you're trying to separate your Own personal and business expenses so if

You you ever get audited by the IRS or If you're trying to just make your Accountant or bookkeeper's life a lot Easier or you're trying to make sure That you qualify for every tax deduction Possible the best way to do this and to Save time and eventually save money is Using business credit cards now by the Way I need to mention this in order to Qualify for a business credit card you Don't need a high profit business I Remember that I had this misconception As well or in the beginning my Ecom Store that was just getting started out It wasn't making any money but I Remember doing some more research and Realizing business credit cards are Really meant for small newer business Owners and less of those huge Corporations that are already generating Seven eight nine figures so if you're Ever questioning whether or not you can Qualify I've actually made a ton of Other videos here on this channel that Break down a lot of those myths and Misconceptions so be sure to check that Out if you have any additional questions But other than that let's get into this Video covering the first best business Credit card here on my list which is Going to be the chase Inc business Unlimited now this card here is simple It's nice it's easy to use and it's one Of the first business credit cards that

I personally got for myself let's first Talk about some of the benefits with This card starting with the welcome Bonus offer so with this card you can Earn an additional 750 bonus cash back After you spend six thousand dollars on Purchases within the first three months Looking back to when I first started my Business an additional 750 would have Been huge and if you didn't know it you Could actually transfer those points out To any one of the other Chase cards that You have or if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred a Chase Ink business preferred Or even the Chase Sapphire Reserve you Can get an additional boost on those Points by getting a travel Redemption on It a lot of people actually get caught Up in one thing and that is gonna be the Welcome bonus requirement and you having To spend a certain amount of money for You to actually qualify in getting the Offer now by the way six thousand Dollars sounds like a lot but if we Break that down to monthly intervals and If you are a business owner putting a Decent amount of spend on description Services ad spend or even if you're Paying rent at you know a commercial Building or you've got a wework office Whatever it is all this stuff can really Start adding up where it ends up just Being two thousand dollars a month but If you are new to the business space you

Got a startup like you're watching this Video about just know there's still many Different ways and one of my personal Ways that I utilized before in the past And I still continue to do is that if I Need to hit a welcome bonus offer on a Business credit card I just pay my taxes Off with it so at the time of filming This video we are approaching tax season And this means if you are paying your Credit card with your taxes which is Completely legal that you can do there Are three services that I personally use Now I've used them before the only Downside is that they'll charge you a Small little credit card processing fee But if you are using this solely just to Hit these welcome bonus offers and You're confident that you can get a good Redemption on your points you're still Going to be coming out with positive Roi Alternatively another strategy for Businesses is that most subscriptions You use will tell you okay you you can Pay like all this monthly fee you know But if you pay it annually up front You'll be able to get a discount and Also get closer to spending on that Requirement so things that we use within Our business notion slack Google admin You know for all of our Gmail accounts We use a lot of web hosting services and We can actually pay for all of those up Front knowing that we'd use it so just

Get creative on this and don't overspend On your business but try to calculate Some of the spending that you're going To do anyways and see if it'll line up With this card now the great part about This credit card is that it costs you Zero dollars to hold so it has no annual Fee if you get this card put it in your Sock drawer you chop it up you never use It again you won't ever still have to Pay a fee as long as you are paying off That credit card in full every single Month and you can also do that by just Setting up automatic statement balance Payments now another very important Aspect of this card that we need to Mention is the zero percent introductory APR offer where you get it for the first 12 months so as I mentioned mentioned This earlier in the video the no Interest promotional period on a Business credit card is fantastic and That's because it's almost like getting A no interest loan just make sure you Pay it off within that one year but if You do you were able to pretty much Borrow money at no cost now by the way I Did not mention this one fact and it's Actually one of the reasons why people Really love business credit cards and It's the fact that business credit cards Oftentimes do not report to your Personal credit report so back when I Was running my business I remember I was

Having a lot more ads during a period a Month and I remember there was a time Where I bought a lot of inventory after I scaled my business from Drop Shipping Then moving over it into a custom Wholesale private label brand and I Remember this whole shipment I had from Alibaba coming in freaking giant carton Of all my inventory and my skews I had Put this on my business credit card I Put this to use where I did not pay off That card within the first few months Because I knew I had the no interest Promotional offer so I was not paying Any interest on that amount and I knew As soon as I could sell off my inventory I would start chipping it away but I at Least had a 12 month period so if you're In a business where you're not getting Good cash flow in the beginning it's Harder to get things lifted off the Ground this is perfect for you but just Make sure that you have a plan to pay it Off at the end of the year but other Than that it's free money that you can Utilize and it will not affect your Personal credit scores in terms of the Actual detailed benefits you'll get five Percent cash back on Lyft rides until March 2025 so this benefit here was only Introduced about a year ago it's still Around you still have some time to Redeem it up until March 2025 and if you Take lift rides especially for your

Business commute I think this here is a Fantastic a little way for you to earn Additional points and then you also get 1.5 cash back on everything else so who Is this card best meant for well it's Just a great starter card where it Doesn't require you to think too much About it you get a very solid welcome Bonus offer you get a zero percent intro APR offer and it only requires a credit Score generally above 680 so I've seen People even with a score lower than that Get approved but if you have anything Even higher than that you have a greater Chance of getting approved and by the Way a lot of you guys might be wondering Brian do I need a DMB score do I need to Have extensive business credit history It turns out you don't just have a good Relationship with Chase and all that Entails is you getting the Chase Freedom Card which is also free or you can get a Chase a personal checking account you Know have some deposits going on in There so that they have your own social Security number and your profile within Their system so they know that you're Not a fraudulent account and the last Thing is you want to be mindful of the Chase 524 rule where in the last 24 Months if you have applied for more than Five cards it will automatically deny You but if you've applied for say four Cards within 24 months the great news is

That you can get qualified to get Approved for this card here and not only That it will not add to that 524 rule so You will still stay at 424 even if You've got all the chase Inc business Cards so that being said if you can't Remember all the things you've applied For in the last 24 months you can check Out a freeze Source Annualcreditreport.com this here is Vetted by our own government I went Through FTC laws and all this credit Consumer laws and this is the best one Where they give you the most in-depth Report all for free I'm not affiliated With them in any way shape or form but It's how you can actually get a detailed Look at all of your credit report now With all that being said if you are Interested in this card specifically be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description to check out some of the Cards this will support our Channel they Are affiliate links and to my knowledge They are the best current offers for the Cards that we're going to mention in This video now for the second card here On our list this is going to be the Chase Inc business cash card now the Reason I think this is the perfect card To get next is because it also has a Great welcome bonus and no annual fee But it allows you to earn a lot more Cash back in some of the most common

Business spending categories now this Welcome bonus here is the same as the Chase Inc business unlimited card where You can earn an additional 750 bonus Cash back after you spend six thousand Dollars in the first three months months Knowing that chase also has something Called the 230 rule where you can only Get approved for two cards in a 30-day Period and this could mean you could get Over fifteen hundred dollars in value if You applied for the two cards that I Just mentioned with that being said this Card will also give you a zero percent Introductory APR offer for the first 12 Months just like the unlimited card and This is where things get a little bit More spicy so you're gonna actually be Seeing a bit more categories of where You get your money back so you continue To get five percent cash back on Lyft Rides until March 2025 you get five Percent cash back on the first 25 000 Spent at office supply stores and on Internet cable phone services we need an Air purifier in here anyway so this Means that with your internet and your Phone service you're gonna be able to Get five percent cash back which is Really really good within the industry Outside of that you'll earn two percent Cash back on the first twenty five Thousand dollars spent at gas stations And restaurants so this card is also

Great if you are a trucker if you are a Uber Eats delivery driver or even an Instacart driver and shout out to my Ubereats people one morning I was Walking Astro and I had one guy who was Doing actually an Amazon he was doing Amazon packages but he ran up to me and He's a viewer of this video so shout out To you it was like a month or two ago so I forgot your name but shout out to you That was a cool moment I still had like You know eye boogies in my it was like Early okay I was walking my dog and I I Was surprised that he recognized me my Hair was all Goofy and on my sunglasses Anyways this card here I think is a Staple it's great and if you have any Type of business expenses you're driving A lot all of this stuff will qualify and Outside of that you'll just earn one Percent cash back on everything else and I mentioned earlier but I want to Mention again you get all of those Benefits for zero dollars in Annual fees So if you get approved for this card With all those things that I mentioned Regarding Chase's own internal rules Make sure you qualify have a score of at Least 685 and on top of that check out The links Down Below in the description And with that being said those are two Of Chase's best business credit cards With no annual fees moving onto the list We're going to switch up the issuers

Just a bit this is going to be the Capital One spark Miles Card now this Card here is a great replacement for one Of the Chase Ink unlimited cards where It can be a good catch-all card but There are a few things that you should Be looking out for before we get into More detail so first of all Capital One Does report to your personal credit Bureau so if you want zero percent APR Getting a card with Chase might actually Be better for that same reason though Getting this card will allow you to Boost your own personal credit score if You know that you're gonna be able to Pay off your card on time so the welcome Bonus offer instead of points you get Miles but they're all interchangeable These miles can be applied to a lot of Travel bookings as well and with this Card you're going to be getting 50 000 Miles once you spend 4 500 on purchases Within the first three months now the Spending requirement on this is a lot Lower than the last two making this much Easier to hit and 50 000 miles has a Lower value than the last two that we Mentioned just because Chase Ultimate Reward points you can get pretty decent Value but I've heard a lot of people Still get adding really good value out Of the Capital One travel portal too so What else does this card get you well You have a 100 Global Entry TSA

Pre-check credit which is enough for a Five-year membership you get 5x back on Hotels and rental cars booked through The Capital One travel portal and these First two benefits allow you to start Earning on travel which I personally Think is huge for anyone who might be a Consultant or a lot of what you do for Business is reliant on how much you Travel examples like this you know Sometimes you have to meet with Suppliers sometimes you have to take Meetings just across the country and Earning about 5x back on that is huge on Top of that you'll get 2x back on all Other business purchases and this also Gets you an additional 0.5 back on your Generic spend which might not seem like A lot but if you do scale that number Higher it ends up being more than you Expect now this card does come with an Annual fee of 95 but it is worth Mentioning the first year you don't pay Anything at all so first year it's Waived and then after that you get hit With the 95 annual fee if we sum all of That together you still get a value of a Welcome bonus offer of at least five Hundred dollars minimum and you get all The additional credits and the point Earning reward and benefits with this Card I also want to mention Capital One Has been stepping up their perks so even Things like the Capital One Lounge they

Just open one at my airport here at DCA And this one here is Light Years better Than all the different Centurion lounges I've been better to so I'll let you guys You know have some input on that but if You can if you get a Capital One card Like the Venture X Card which is the Personal credit card with a bit of a Higher annual fee man these lounges are Getting so nice with Capital One That I Think I'm really starting to see more Value where I want to start building up More Capital One cards even within my Own setup now to get approved for this Card I highly recommend that you have a Score of at least 670. I believe that They are a bit more flexible with people Who have lower scores within Capital One's algorithm for at least the data Points that I've seen but just try to Have a score of at least 700 and Generally you'll still be able to have The approval rates you're looking for Now the fourth card here on my list is Going to be the Chase Ink business Credit card and this is going to go back Into that chase lineup this is a card That I've had for many years and I still Have now and this card pretty much Completes the trifecta of the chase Inc Business card setup so this is going to Offer you the most amount of chase Points at the time of filming this video The elevated the welcome bonus offer

Where you can get a hundred thousand of Bonus points after you spend eight Thousand dollars in the first three Months after opening your account divide That up into three months that's two Thousand six hundred seventy five Dollars you need to spend in order to Get that amount but if you have a viable Business with decent amount of expenses You should be able to get that pretty Quick for this card you also get the Same 5x back on lift rides benefit You'll also get 3x back on the first 150 000 spent on shipping purchases Advertising on social media and search Engines internet cable phone service and Travel so this year is huge because a Lot of businesses rely not only on Advertising but on shipping as well Especially if you're trying to start up Your your own Drop Shipping e-commerce Store or even if you're doing something Like a little Etsy brand now if you Already have the chasing Cash Card this Probably won't be as beneficial because Some of the benefits overlap like the Internet and cable phone service but Overall this card is still great for Anyone who wants to have a card that They travel frequently and you might not Be interested in the Capital One spark Miles card so who is this card best Meant for I'd say anyone who's running Like a marketing agency you're doing any

Type of advertising spend I think this Card is really one of the best this card Will allow you to earn additional 200 000 points per year if you refer other Business owners so if you've got a Little Mastermind going and they don't Have business credit cards refer your Friends and you can get up to after you Hit that welcome bonus offer 300 000 Points which chase that is equivalent to The minimum of three thousand dollars Cash back now this card is also going to Give you 25 point value boost when Redeeming your points within the Ultimate Rewards travel portal so if you Don't have the Chase app I preferred This can also be a great alternative for You knowing all that this card has the 95 annual fee you're not going to be Able to waive that the first year at all But I would say for the welcome bonus Offer if you can hit it this card is Still highly beneficial and the ROI is Definitely there if you do want to get a Proof of this card try your best to have A credit score of at least 700. now by The way if you're not sure about any Credit card approval rates or if you Need someone to walk you through some of These business credit cards be sure to Check out one of our new companies Cardhunter.io where we'll walk you Through the steps give you any Information you need before applying and

Signing up for some of these cards or if You guys are looking for a community Where you can ask other people we have a Facebook group and a Discord group where You can go ahead chat in there all this Is free and the link for that will also Be down below in the description with That being said moving on the fifth best Business credit card here on my list for Startups is going to be the American Express business gold card now Amex has A wide lineup of different business Credit cards I chose a business gold Card just because of its flexibility the Offer that they give you with the Welcome bonus and then the high earning Rate that you can get with that being Said if you're looking for a more Flexible no APR interest business credit Card where you'll also be having really Easy Redemption rates so you don't have To worry about you know knowing which Card to use for a certain business Purchase the AmEx blue business Plus Card or the AmEx blue business cache are Also great Alternatives but I'm gonna Still have to give the fifth place Runner up to the business gold card Because you're going to be earning 70 000 membership reward points after you Spend ten thousand dollars in the first Three months which is a bit on the Higher scale of the money that you need To spend but I would still definitely

Say that if you are a business owner Running a lot of ads who this is going To be meant for you're gonna be good to Go furthermore you'll earn 4X on the top Two business categories on up to a Hundred fifty thousand dollars annually And this can include airfare purchase Directly from Airlines U.S purchases for Advertising and select media it could be Online TV radio or even us purchases of Computer hardware software and Cloud Solutions us purchases at gas stations And even us us purchases at restaurants Including takeout and delivery and Actually one last thing you get U.S Purchases for shipping where all of this Can qualify so you choose two of those Categories that I mentioned and you'll Be able to earn 4X back on that amount Which is fantastic now with all that Being said this card does have one of The higher annual fees at 295 dollars Per year so make sure that you are able To take account into the opportunity Cost from using this card versus a no Annual fee card and whether or not You're still getting a return back on That 4X amount I would say if you really Know your expenses and you're dialed in Where you're spending a lot of money Every single month on shipping and you Need a card that can give you a 4X Redemption back or say you have even the Chasing business preferred you Max it

Out within a year for the point earning Category you get this card would be the Card you should use maybe the second or Third quarter so that you can continue To earn not 1X but 4X back on that Amount even with high Annual fees though I still think this is one of the best Credit cards for any business that is Making even like Fifty to a hundred Thousand dollars a year minimum this Card should still be right for you Generally American Express is one of the More lenient issuers uh so if you guys Do want to check them out be sure to see The link Down Below in the description And the credit score you're gonna also Want is at least 690. now if you guys Did enjoy today's video if you have any Other questions be sure to let me know Down Below in the comment section Subscribe if you want to learn more About getting your business in shape if You want to learn about credit cards the Benefits regarding just opening up the World of Entrepreneurship I mean we're Dabbling all these different types of Content right now I feel like we've got A lot of stuff for you also don't forget To follow me over on Instagram and Twitter I'd love for you guys to connect With me there chances are you're a Business owner I love connecting with Other business owners within the space Too so shoot me a DM shoot me a message

I can't promise I'll get back to you but I try my best to read through as many That I can now by the way if you guys do Want to link up in person I'm going to Be at the travel Summit in Toronto Canada it's like six months from now It's gonna be in April of 2024 and if You guys want to link up talk business Whatever it is there check out the link Down Below in the description you get 25 Off of your ticket and I think it'll be A great way to also get LinkedIn with The whole credit card Community now Thanks again for watching y'all I'll Talk to y'all now thanks again for Watching and I'll talk to you all soon Peace


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