5 Affiliate Marketing Networks You Need to Join in 2023

So looking back a few years ago to when I first started as an entrepreneur I Never really put much thought into how YouTube could make me any money at that Time I had a small Channel with just a Few thousand subscribers so I was more Focused on building my Ecommerce stores And my marketing agency at that time now What I didn't know back then was that YouTube actually had the power to help Me make hundreds of thousands of dollars And not from AdSense but in affiliate Marketing the best part about this is The fact that it's accessible to anyone Whether you're an influencer or you're Someone who's trying to get started with No following at all there are a ton of Different companies that you can begin Driving traffic to to start making today So that's why in this video I want to Share with you what the best affiliate Marketing programs are for this year and Before we get too far let's quickly talk About the basics of affiliate marketing So I'm sure you've already heard of this I'm sure you already know but let's just Give a quick example for the 10 people That have no idea what affiliate Marketing are and they just stumbled Upon this video so as I an example let's Say I'm pumping some iron at the gym With some of my friends and one of my Friends comes up to me and says yo Brian I like that headphone you're wearing and

They ask me where I got it from now I Could just tell them to check out the Store where I got it from you know you Know check out Best Buy I got from Amazon it's this item here and call it a Day but there's another option what I Could do is find the website for the Company look for an affiliate or Referral sign up get the link send my Friend a link and it would then benefit Both of us this is because that company Would then pay me a commission for Referring someone and usually those Referral links even give the person Who's signing up for it an incentive as Well it's one of those things where if Someone decides they want to buy them Anyways why not earn a small Commission On it now if we expand that to a larger Scale let's say I really love these Headphones that I was using and I want To refer more people than just my one Friend this is where the power of social Media comes in this is where the power Of marketing comes in because if you Know how to run paid ads you can reach a Lot more people now that headphone Example is something very real I used Even a cell phone service which I still Use today called mint mobile and this is Probably one of my favorite ones because I came from a very crappy company we're Not going to name them they're actually Called Sprint I got terrible service

They overcharged me and ever since I Made that change I was not only able to Save money but I also found out they had A referral program I got my entire Family signed up for this service I got A lot of people signed up for this Service I've been getting a lot of good Feedback I've been saving other people Money and since then that referral Program has been doing so well that I Will never have to pay for cell phone Service again I don't want to say as Long as I live because I don't know how Long I'm gonna live for your boy might Live to 200 I'm eating some potatoes you Guys watching that documentary the new One on Netflix no Well anyways I was able to accrue enough Referral credits where I probably won't Ever have to pay for the service again On my own for at least 10 to 20 years Now here's the thing when it comes to The model of affiliate marketing it Doesn't really scale if you're doing it Entirely by yourself the problem is if You want to refer people to more than Just one product it gets harder and Harder because you then have to stay on Top of all the different Affiliates now Generally each one has its own program On a separate platform and it can get Really confusing pretty fast on top of It being pre-time consuming to manage Just imagine having to negotiate

Communicate then promote all these Different products and then trying to Invoice those companies to make sure That they pay you on time now listen I've been able to find some pretty big Success with affiliate marketing but I Don't think I could have managed it all On my own if each affiliate had its own Website that had to hop into this is why Something that has changed the landscape Of our own media business was utilizing Affiliate networks now if you don't know Affiliate networks they're just Platforms designed to pull together Hundreds if not thousands of Brands into A single website to make it easier to Keep on top of your conversions your Payouts your relationships your Contracts and more instead of Approaching Brands directly messaging Them through email it's all then brought Into one Central dashboard where almost In essence you're shopping around for Different companies and seeing which one Has a better affiliate program that you Can begin marketing what I've also Realized though is that not all of these Platforms are made equally as someone Who's done affiliate marketing for years I can tell you that a huge chunk of my Revenue now comes from just a handful of Networks as an example ladies and gents I'm here within our impact and if I even Just go into this month or even the last

30 days I can see out of all of the many Different affiliate programs I work with I can see my total pending balance that These Brands owe me and I can see the Clicks that we're getting on our links If I go into this top part of the screen I can click on find my Brands I can go Into All Brands and see all the many Different companies that I can decide to Work with and if I realize oh I've heard Of upwork before I've used them before I Can simply just click on a program see What their payout is 70 in 30 days I can Apply and even from there and just like That once the brand approves my Application you're ready set to go so Just right there you're able to see Firsthand how much easier it is when you Have an affiliate network to use now When it comes to knowing what is Actually a good affiliate Network I Believe it just comes down to three Simple factors one it needs to be easily Accessible without the need for a huge Social media or web following because Not a lot of people are going to have a Million followers or subscribers or Whatever it is most people starting out They're lucky to have even just a Thousand followers but that shouldn't Hold you back from being able to have Access to some of these links look if You're a bit more introverted that's Completely okay because if you have this

Right here in between your skull it's a Little brain this guy you can do things Like paid ads or you can create faceless Content channels or you can still Continue to you utilize things like Tick Tock through ugc content to build Following and to build views and still Get approved for a lot of these Different affiliate programs within the Network the second factor that I look For in good affiliate networks is that They need to have products that you want To share and that people will actually Want to buy look there's going to be Some affiliate networks that have just Like the crummiest scammiest companies And if that's the case run run real far It's not going to be useful to you if You're able to get a sale and then Whatever you promote ends up being just A terrible product for that consumer the Third important factor is that you need To be certain that you can get paid Which means having a reasonable minimum Payout and reliability from the platform Look if one of these affiliate networks Is completely brand new and you do all The work you get people to sign up and Then they tell you we're gonna pay you Net 365 days meaning they may not pay You up to a year long look I've had some Brands that have held payment for very Very long period a time it's actually Kind of annoying when that happens

Because it can really choke up cash flow Now if you're a beginner signing up it Might be kind of intimidating to figure Out which networks are truly the best so Here's what we'll do I found the five Biggest affiliate networks and we're Going to take a look at each of them Ranking them based on three categories Those being accessibility to beginners Ease of use and potential to make money All right so we're gonna start from Bottom and then go to the golden top and This is going to be Amazon Affiliates in Terms of accessibility I'm going to give This a 4 out of 5 ease of use of four Out of five and then potential earnings An unfortunate one out of five but let Me explain more so as most of you guys Should know Amazon actually has one of The biggest affiliate networks to exist So first of all to get started with the Amazon Associates program it's actually Really simple go to Amazon scroll down To the bottom of the page and you'll see A link that says Amazon Affiliates when You click that it'll bring you to a page Where you can get signed up and in order To get approved for Amazon Associates There's a few requirements to keep in if You're a blog or website to promote Amazon products you'll need to have at Least 10 original posts on that webpage If you're using a social media account You'll need to have at least 500 organic

Followers with good engagement and I Will say these requirements are honestly Incredibly low and it still gives you a Chance to get started really early on Without having to lose anything at all So from there when you're approved You'll see a header bar with a button to Get an affiliate tracking link to the Product you're looking at you can get Affiliate links for basically anything On the platform that ranges in Commissions from one to even 20 now once Someone clicks on your link they'll get Affiliate cookie that lasts for 48 whole Hours that means if someone else buys Anything from that link within the 48 Hour times fan you will still get Commission on the sale that being said If they add the product to their cart Within that 48 hours that cookie will Then last for up to 90 days which is a Lot longer than the standard 30-day Window so Amazon in my opinion is Probably one of the best starting point Points for people who want to get into Affiliate marketing but beyond that it's A bit limited this is because While most Products will earn you anywhere from one To five percent in commission to even The 20 Max that we discussed oftentimes The products on Amazon are anywhere from 20 to even fifty dollars at most Occasionally you might be in a really Good Niche where you know you have a

Camera review Channel and you're Reviewing higher ticket products and in That case you'd be set but even on that Some cameras will only give you up to Three percent commission and at the end Of the day you would still have to be Moving a lot of volume in order for you To make a sustainable amount of money Other than the potential for you to be Able to make a ton of money through Amazon Associates being a little bit More on the Lower Side Amazon still has A very good payout threshold which is at Just ten dollars so even if you only get Like 20 to 50 bucks if that money is a Lot to you maybe you live outside of the US and the currency actually goes a Longer away or say you're not even like A college students say you're like an Elementary schooler or whatever I'm sure 20 bucks is still a lot of money to you Also by the way if you are in elementary School what are you doing how how did You get your parents permission to see This video anyways you're on to it You're doing a good job little one now Another upside to Amazon's affiliate Program is that they're truly unmatched And having the most amount of different Products all across the world from Amazon's own products to Independent Sellers and even in between that there Are multiple millions of products on Their platform and available worldwide

On top of that Amazon also has a pretty Solid affiliate dashboard it gives you a Lot of information all laid out so you Can keep track of what products are Converting the best I think my best Advice especially with how many products Are available on Amazon is to First find Something your audience will actually Use and enjoy then you make sure that You're able to pick the product and see If it gives you a decent commission Where you're not just collecting pennies Then from there you want to think about Scale so use that initial concept up see The success from that and look into Either higher value items or products or Try to scale that in a different way Where you hit even more people with a Certain product as someone who's used Amazon Associates for like six to seven Years now I would definitely would Recommend as probably one of the best Starting points but there are still four More networks that I consider to be one Of the best going into number four share A sale now the accessibility I would say It's a four out of five ease of use Three out of five and then potential Earning a bit more than Amazon at three Out of five too share sale is actually One of the bigger affiliate networks Where they have a total of over 4 500 Different affiliate Partners on their Site now this platform is pretty simple

To get started with so just go to share A sale website in the top right click Sign up then affiliate sign up and then After creating your account you'll need To fill in some details about your Website links the language the content And more now in order for you to get Approved you're gonna need to be active In whatever website you're sharing with Them and you'll also need to have some Type of organic traffic on that platform Which doesn't include Bots after that You can enter your payment details or They're going to send their money over To and you should hear back within two To three days if you're approved now the Range of options that sheriff sale has Is pretty huge so they have digital to Physical to even discounts on certain Luxury goods on things that you can Promote some of my favorite options that I saw Warby Parker Reebok the NFL shop And that's just three of them now I'd Say this network is probably the best Place to go if you're looking to promote A more mainstream brand just because There's a lot of these companies that Are exclusively on their site that won't Be found anywhere else and getting Registered is still pretty simple now With that being said this platform does Also come with a couple of their own Downsides too so number one the platform Itself is a lot harder to use than any

Of the other ones that I've used in the Past number two the data that you get is Pretty minimal I've seen some of these Other affiliate networks that go really In depth but with this website they like To keep it simple but third one is that The minimum payout threshold is fifty Dollars and if you are a smaller little Shrimp within the space trying to get a Payout quite frequently you might think That a 50 minimum payout is kind of Unreasonable so with all that being said Here's what I recommend before you go All into any of these networks you Should make sure to spend time focusing On growing your blog or your social Media platform first so you have people That you're going to be able to drive These links to keep in mind that by Building up your following on the blog And on the social media side you're Going to be able to find that product That fits a viewer the best so let's say For example I start a new YouTube Channel where I make Tech videos I could Potentially be reviewing laptops and Trying to earn a 250 affiliate Commission on each one of those that I Sell now because of the high ticket Value of a laptop I might only sell one A month but alternatively let's say I Make a video one day reviewing a 200 Mouse and keyboard and I make twenty Dollars on each sale because the

Keyboard and mouse is a lot more Affordable I might sell 40 to 50 of Those in a single month which would make Me a lot more money than just selling One high ticket item so what I want to Just stress here is the importance of Finding the right product to share with Your audience and if you are able to do That that 50 minimum payout threshold Should be easy to hit and I'm gonna Share with you exactly how I was able to Make over a hundred thousand dollars With the company called surf shark which Is a VPN service if you don't know a VPN Is like just having protection from the Scary world of the internet where if I Go into a Starbucks and I'm connected to Their Wi-Fi someone could hack me just From me connecting to that Wi-Fi and not Using a private Network so vpns stands For virtual private Network the last Time it also came in handy for me was When I was in Mexico proposing to my now Fiance and at that time we're trying to Watch the Super Mario movie I was Watching it on the plane ride I thought It was a great movie I could not finish It so we were trying to finish it on the TV but then we're in Mexico and that Movie was not available in that country So I had to actually use a VPN to go Back into the US to then watch that on My YouTube account so vpns are actually Very valuable those are just a few times

It's come in handy and as someone who's Also had his identity stolen and also Someone who's actually hacked into one Of our accounts before vpns are a Security practice that I continue to Implement every single day now vpns are Great on that side but they're also Great on the affiliate side because it's A service that I'd consider to be Valuable and the cost for value is great Meaning a lot of people don't need to Spend fifty dollars a month to get this Type of service they need to spend Anywhere from a dollar to even three Dollars a month and they get this all Available to them all right so how did I Manage to make over 180k here well I Basically thought of a specific call to Action and instead of saying oh you can Get free protection with the VPN so you Don't get hacked or you know you can Watch Netflix for free I had a stronger Call to action and I combined that with Finding a specific audience and giving Them that offer during the crypto a bull Run when we're making videos here on YouTube I was catering certain topic Videos regarding Cold Storage wallets Which really focus on people who are More concerned about their privacy and Safety where then I would also mention Using a VPN it turns out the people who Are probably going to buy a cold storage Wallet are also in the market and

Getting a VPN because if you're gonna Get a device that protects you might as Well make sure you're protected across All ends so at that time I knew exactly What audience I knew exactly how to find That audience who really valued security And then I would give them a good offer To also get a good offer I also reached Out to my affiliate partner over at Surfshark and I said hey is there any Way that you guys can hook up my Audience if I start promoting your link So what happened was we actually got a Landing page that was custom and also a Little bit of a special discount code Which also helps the conversion rate now Combine that all with the fact that we Were getting a ton of people so just From that affiliate I remember we were Doing anywhere from 5 to 20 grand a Month so I know we're talking a lot About different affiliate networks but Surf shark actually happens to be one Program that is not on a network but I'd Highly recommend that you guys to check Out too so vpns are something that I Would highly recommend that you guys to Use because it's something that I've Definitely found value in too if you are Able to find Value and you also want to Promote it to your audience or you know You want to find ways to run organic Tick Tock videos or even eventually paid Ads whatever it is whatever way you have

To drive traffic you can start by Checking out the link in the description To join them as well now the proof is in The pudding surfshark has literally made Us close to two hundred thousand dollars Now by the way this integration here was Actually perfect just because we were Making this video anyways and surfshark Also wanted to have a little bit of a Section where you guys check them out Too so I told them all right if y'all Sponsor this we'll give you a little bit Of a segment here so be sure to check Them out we appreciate surf shark for Sponsoring this part of the video for You guys to also join their affiliate Program moving forward number three on Our list is going to be partner stack Accessibility 4 out of five ease of use Florida five potential earnings three Out of five now this network is a lot More different compared to the other Platforms we've so far talked about and That's because partner stack Focus Entirely on providing digital first Software products as an affiliate so Software based products can be used for Tech content Finance business content Photography content and so much more With this specific Network they have Just about 300 products available which Might sound low but the variety is Actually still pretty high my favorite Ones that they have are password

Managers AI automation tools Productivity tools and more personally For me if you guys took away all my Resources I would beg you to let me keep One and that's a password manager this Is something I've used for many many Years and I've actually recommended Different password managers through Affiliates and I also know that this is Another great program to break into so To get started with this all you have to Do is open up their website click get Started in the top right corner and then Click join under partners and Publishers Fill out your basic information and sign Up and then follow the onboarding steps Brings you through to get set up and Then unlike with other platforms there's No minimum platform size to get started And then after that you scroll through The available brands and you can Instantly get a link to refer to the Brand after you join now once you're all Set up you can earn a set Commission on Any of the products on the network and There's no limit on how many brands that You can work with each of the brands Also has a different payout level and The sale amount so keep that in mind Before you start promoting it and you Know the numbers of what you should Expect as an example eighty percent Commission is great but if that's on a Ten dollar sale it might not equate to

Too much now when it comes to the pros And cons of this platform it's Definitely pretty one-sided towards the Good so the affiliate dashboard it's Very user friendly it's easy to use They're tracking cookies last up to 90 Days which is still longer than the Standard 30 to 60 days offered by most Affiliate programs and they offer Dedicated partner program managers to Help you out and maximize the amount of Money that you're able to earn and Basically this year is going to be an Easy way to keep in touch with the brand And also get any new little Alpha like Hey you know I want to promote this item Tell me more about some of the best Affiliate partners because it's Beneficial for everyone for you to also Succeed their minimum payout threshold Is only five bucks which is also great So you can maximize that cash flow now With all that being said the person that I believe will benefit the most from This exact affiliate network is going to Be Tech channels or someone who makes Content about specific software products Now if you don't do those things you can Still make tons of money as long as you Have an audience or you know what that Audience is looking for and you know how To provide information based on the Items that are available within this Affiliate Network second affiliate

Network this one is very popular I'm Sure you've heard of it ClickBank Accessibility three out of five ease of Use five out of five potential earning 5 Out of five so ClickBank has been around For probably one of the longest times They've been around for over 25 years And with them you have access to 21 000 products available in over 276 Different categories making it basically Great for anyone so so out of those Products you'll find dog training tools To health supplies to even finance Courses all in one platform to get Started go on clickbank.com get started In the top right corner fill out a Couple questions to help tailor your Experience within their site fill out The sign up form with your login Information then you'll be brought to Sign a couple of agreements do that so From there you need to submit your Payment data and also you need to submit A SSN or an EIN number and by the way if You don't know how to do that I myself Also okay this is not intended it just Came up in my thought because it is a Good brand but I have a service like Taylor brand or Zen business that you Guys can check down below in the Description in getting that set up too Isn't it great guys you are learning About affiliate marketing while getting Affiliate marketed by an affiliate

Marketer now next after that head over Into the marketplace where you see all The brands that are listed and then from There you can sort it by payout amount Category and much more from there just Click on the promote button to get an Affiliate link and from there you just Get to work now my favorite part about ClickBank hands down is the fact that You don't even need a link to a social Media account or website to get approved Where a lot of the other brands we Talked about they want this because they Want to make sure that they're not Wasting their time and just giving these Referral links away beyond that it's not Uncommon to also find higher commission Payouts with some of the products on ClickBank and like I mentioned there are Really really high ticket products where You can earn anywhere from 500 to even Three thousand dollars in commission the Biggest caveat though with ClickBank is That if you are promoting an item please Make sure that it is legit because ClickBank has a lot of different Products I can't speak of the legitimacy On all of them just because I've not Gone through all of them but you know ClickBank has been around for a long Time they do have a ton of other really Good reputable companies listed on there But you just never know within this State where you have some scammers

Scheming their way onto their platform So be careful there with all that being Said just always do your due diligence And this here is another great of Affiliate Network and I don't know why I Didn't mention this earlier but guys all These affiliate networks they're Completely free for you to join we don't Live in a time where you have to pay Like a hundred dollar fee to get access You have all this access for free you Guys can check them out down below in The links in the description of this Video too if you want to get started out Of all of them though the number one Affiliate program that I use and the one That I showed at the beginning of this Video is going to be impact so Accessibility on this is four out of Five ease of use five out of five and The potential earnings I'd give this Like a 4.5 out of 5. so impact has been Around for a while a lot of different Affiliate partners that I used they Actually went from one company and then Switched over into impact I've actually Seen about five different companies do That through the course of me being here Within the space and that's for good Reason as a brand they probably like Impact more because they have a bigger Team they have a lot more organization They have people within different Departments that are constantly reaching

Out and impact for us has been very Consistent it's been great and we've had Multiple people from impact reach out to Us which is very rare that we often see Companies do because you know we like to Say we're like a decent Channel size now But even with them there are much bigger Whales and myself included where they Usually prioritize them so it's always Nice to you know hear from an actual Person from one of these companies now With that being said in order to get Started with impact very simple check Out the link Down Below in the Description open up impact fill out your Information put in any social media Accounts any websites verify your email Address add in your payment and your tax Information and then from there you can Customize your profile to make sure you Stand out a little bit from the crowd And then you apply for any other brands You want to work with now similarly to Share a sale impact is gonna likely Prefer if you have a decent amount of Traffic on your platform before they may Approve you this is because it's not Impact doing the approving it's actually These Brands listed on impact and what They see on their end is a whole bunch Of different websites and creators Coming on and applying for their Different affiliate programs and use They're going to prioritize the ones

That get the most amount of views onto Their site so how do you get traffic Well I'll make a whole separate video on Doing that on this channel if you guys Want to learn more be sure to subscribe Going into the details though impact has About 1200 different brands to choose From ranging from physical products to Even digital products and there are some Of the most heavily vetted people within The industry on their Network one thing To be mindful of that is on impact if You apply for a brand and it takes them A while to get back at you just find one Of the Brand's email addresses it's Usually like support shopify.com Partnerships at shopify.com Affiliates Shopify.com I just email all of it and I Email them and I tell them hey I applied For affiliate program this is what I do This is how much I have I love if you Guys could manually approve me unless we Get an instant approval we actually do That 99 of the time and that also helps Brands to approve you a lot quicker some Cool things to note about impact is that Communication and negotiations are Directly built into the impact platform So if you want to talk about a higher Commission rate or different agreement With a brand it's actually pretty easy To do within their portal beyond that You can also get direct collaboration With these Brands and then you'll also

Have brand managers that you can connect With if they're having a sale they'll Let you know and if they're increasing Their commission rates for a month or They want to give you an incentive Usually someone from the brand that is Listed on impact will reach out to you If you are one of the few that is Driving a decent amount of traffic with Impact they make it super easy for you To stay informed about the brands that You're promoting and in terms of Revenue You only need ten dollars in order to Withdraw and you can get paid out as a Brand pays you weekly monthly or really Just whenever you want so those are Going to be the five best affiliate Marketing networks and also the mention Of surf shark if you guys are interested In signing up the links for that will be Down below in the description I love you All stay blessed and I'll see you all Soon peace


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