$40k Incoming… Wall Street is Trying to TANK Bitcoin Price!

When people in the FBI tell me that They'd much rather have criminals use Bitcoin than $100 bills it suggests that Maybe you know maybe it's not quite not Quite working the way it was supposed to Have you sold any of your Bitcoin Wall Street Wales are trying to tank the Bitcoin price and not just Bitcoin but Altcoin prices too looking at the chart You see Bitcoin is ranging from the Highs of $73,000 to the range lows of $557,000 remember Bitcoin and crypto Represent the first time in history Where retail has been able to front run Wall Street players regular people like You and me got a 10-year head start on Trafi and institutional players now Because of the ETFs Wall Street is able To easily get in the only problem is These prices aren't low enough for them Maybe Larry Fink with the um Black Rock ETF surrendered to the forces or maybe It's more like bitcoin's been co-opted By them they don't want to buy here they Want to buy Here trafy whales are trying To tank the price of Bitcoin like here American venture capitalist and former CEO of PayPal Peter teal suggests Bitcoin has been co-opted and right now Isn't really that good of an investment Here listen to this tell me what you Think probably the part where I'm less Convinced of is this question of um the

Sort of ideological founding vision of Bitcoin or these cryptocurrency as sort Of a cypherpunk crypto Anarchist Libertarian anti- centralized government Thing you know this is always you know The line is that what got you interested In the first place that's right that's That's what I that's what I thought was Terrific about it and then you know the Question is does it really work that way Or you know has that thread somehow Gotten lost and so when people in the FBI tell me that they'd much rather have Criminals use Bitcoin than $100 bills um It suggests that maybe you know maybe It's not quite not quite working the way It was supposed to have you sold any of Your Bitcoin I still hold some I yeah I've you know there all these ways I I I I didn't buy as much as I should have um And uh I I I I'm I'm Pro I I'm not I'm I'm not sure it's going to go up that Dramatically from here from here yeah I Think we got the we we got the ETF Edition and I don't know who else who Else buys it quickly from Here some interesting investment advice Uh That that that actually surprised me cuz I I don't think I've heard you uh I Thought you were still all in by the way Keep in mind how shocking this point of View is since it's such a complete 180 From what Peter teal had been saying for

Years you remember him saying stuff like This you were supportive of Bitcoin you Actually said to me that you're Skeptical of a lot of cryptocurrencies But you think Bitcoin was being Misunderstood and you think that there Was a big opportunity you have since Bought a lot of Bitcoin where does the Position stand right now and tell us What you see happening in terms of Bitcoin my view is that there's going to Be one uh cryptocurrency that will be The equivalent of gold there's about $200 billion worth of bitcoin there's $8 Trillion worth of gold and many of the Things that make gold attractive would Also apply to bitcoin one thing that's Very different from the dot bubble in The in the late 90s is there are Virtually no Wall Street analysts no Wall Street banks that are pushing this In any way whatsoever whereas you know If if you looked at how many an working On companies in 99 2000 that was way too Many and that was probably you know sort Of another small indicator that it was It was two consensus it's been missed in New York City it's been missed even more Shockingly in Silicon Valley where um And it's it's actually it is a Technology that's sort of emerged in This in this fairly distributed way um Ethereum the number two currency so now Here now he says that Bitcoin has been

Co-opted this is crazy I still have a Small position it it probably still can Go up some but it's going to be a Volatile bumpy ride and uh and uh I am I'm I I was I had a dual dual reason one Was the sort of you know ideological Decentralized future of computing world That I I really do believe in really Believe would be would be better and it Seemed like the perfect vehicle for that For for such a long time and I'm I am Just much less convinced of that so I Interesting so may maybe so may maybe Maybe Larry Frink with the um Black Rock ETF surrendered to the forces the anti-g Forces or maybe um um it's it's more Like bitcoin's been coopted by by them And I I I worry it was more the latter So because of Peter teal and people like Him all of a sudden the media is Promoting the idea of well what if Bitcoin's price gains are over what if Bitcoin has topped out here listen for Yourself I had someone uh say this Person has to be fired one of the Hodlers because the other day I was Saying yeah if you bought it at 8 I Can't imagine I'm AF I would be I'm Afraid at $60,000 $60,000 is a lot this is when it Was dropping and they say oh yeah you Got to buy it here I think it was pomp Was on that's right pomp was on saying You got to buy it here you got to buy it

Here and it's like well if you bought it At 860,000 is a lot of money to buy one Bitcoin but if you believe it's going to Like Tom Lee uh you should if you're Tom Lee or Kathy Woods you it keeps going so Right now Bitcoin is ranging it is my Belief that Wall Street is trying to Break this support and push Bitcoin down Into the $40,000 price range and they're Coming at this industry trying to push The price down in every which way I Believe there are Wall Street Wales Working directly with the SEC to do Stuff like this spot ethereum ETF launch Delayed by SEC comments the SEC Commented on the S1 forms and requested Resubmissions by July 8th potentially Delaying the launch of spot ethereum ETFs until mid to late July so this is Just a delay these are still going to Launch the spot ethereum ETF launch we Now looking at mid to late July that Would be right here and so it is my Belief that we only have a few weeks of Them trying to push this price down Before they can't do it anymore but boy Are they really trying hard the SEC has Just sued consensus over metamask Staking and broker allegations the SEC Alleges that metamask acted as an Unregistered Securities broker and that Its staking service violated Securities Laws you remember that consensus Recently previously sued the SEC to try

And block the regulator from doing this Well it didn't work and now as stated The US secc is suing consensus alleging Metamasks Swap and staking products Violated Securities laws the agency also Targeted ethereum staking service Lio And Rocket pool referring to their Popular staked eth or restak eth tokens As unregistered Securities Wall Street Really wants the price below this level And Wall Street players really aren't The only ones who feel they missed out On Bitcoin in the 40s and are trying to Bring it back to the 40s for instance Dave pory I already personally own Bitcoin but if it dips down into the 40s I'm planning to buy another 5 to 10 Million of Bitcoin with bar stool money I bet a lot of people are thinking like This right now we're at 61,000 with Bitcoin been down a little bit of a Rough week was up bitcoin's High 70 is Around 60 I said I'm gonna buy Like I'm gonna take bar stool money and Probably buy like 5 million 10 million Of Bitcoin if it gets the into the 40s Not going to buy in the 60s I already have a ton of personal Bitcoin So don't get it confused so we'll have To see if Wall Street is able to push The price down below this support and Get their $40,000 Bitcoin like I said I think you

Know they only have a matter of a few Weeks to do this couple weeks to a month Because inevitably there's only one Direction this Market is going not Financial advice I've drink in the Kool-Aid I'm a Believer you have to make Your own decisions guys subscribe to Altcoin daily join the team we drop one Video every day keeping you informed This is the year to double triple down On your crypto awareness and Understanding it's going to be a big Year 2025 is going to be a big year see You tomorrow hey real quick you should Join us at Bitcoin conference in Nashville this year 10% off if you use The code altcoin daily link and details In the description this is the biggest Bitcoin conference in the the world I Think this is going to be their biggest Year ever I love the fact that this is In Nashville this year if you want to be Part of the culture celebrate Bitcoin With like-minded people and hang out With us join us at Bitcoin conference Nashville 10% off use the code altcoin Daily link and details in the Description I hope to see you there


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