3AC Founders Raising $25M for Distressed Debt Exchange [ Crypto Espresso 1.17.22 ]

By golly it's the Tuesday news day That's right I'm your host Andrew and Have we got some news to deliver on Today's crypto espresso your teeny tiny Daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines let's go first up three arrows Capital was one of the biggest crypto Bankruptcies of 2022 dragging down Several lenders with it but now the Doomed hedge funds co-founders are Plotting a comeback Kyle Davies and Zoo Sioux want to start a new crypto Exchange and it's called GTX which Definitely doesn't invoke memories of Another exchange that starts with a Letter that precedes G that's gonna be Marketing consultation Kyle Davies and Zoo suit I hope my check is in the mail Anyway the platform will focus on Helping people who are owed money by Bankrupt companies they would be able to Transfer their claims onto the platform And in return they'll get immediate Credit through a token called usdg Unsurprisingly their plans have gone Down very badly in crypto circles I'm Shocked Castle Island Ventures founding Partner Nick Carter compared the duo to Arsonists returning to the scene of a Crime and Hawking buckets of water to Their victims after suffering Reputational damage from his association With Sam bankman freed former FTX U.S President Brett Harrison has landed a

Big investor for his new startup Skybridge capitals Anthony scaramucci Has confirmed he'll be backing the Crypto software business with his own Funds scaramucci was also badly burned By ftx's collapse months before the Exchange went bust FTX Ventures had Snapped up a 30 stake in the business Speaking in Davos scaramucci said he Considered SPF a friend and felt close To him and his family he added I have to Tell you that the Betrayal and fraud It's bad on a lot of different levels it Certainly hurt me reputationally former UK prime minister Boris Johnson just Received a 1.2 million dollar political Donation from a crypto investor the cash Was from Christopher harborne who was Reportedly a shareholder in the parent Company of bitfenix and tether according To a Sky News producer it's the largest To ever donation to a politician in British history six times higher than The previous record last February Harborne also donated more than six Hundred thousand dollars to the Conservative party two months before it Unveiled Ambitions to make the UK a Global crypto asset Hub a rival Politician said instead of protecting The public by properly regulating the Crypto Market it appears the Conservatives have been looking after The interests of their wealthy donors

Pulverized late last year by its close Association with disgraced FTX CEOs in Bankman freed the Solana blockchain has Staged a roaring comeback Rising 60 Percent over last weekend nearly 300 Percent in the past three weeks Solana's Native Soul token hit 24.75 this week Briefly pushing its market cap past Competing ethereum killer blockchain Polygons Matic to enter the top ten That's up from a 7-Day low of 15.37 and 30-day low of 8.14 cents on December 29th just to put things into perspective Solana closed out 2022 down almost 9 95 Bankman freed was a strong supporter of The Solana ecosystem and had backed it Heavily and just to rub salt in that Wound its treasury was rich with SBF Stock and tokens that have now plummeted In value and finally funds stolen in Last year's Horizon Bridge attack are on The Move North Korean hackers appear to Have funneled about two-thirds of the 100 million dollars stolen through a Smart contract called railgun the Project has been billed as an Alternative to coin mixers that makes Transactions fully invisible finance's CEO CZ says his security team have been Able to seize 2.5 million dollars in Stolen crypto just as a reminder Horizon Was hacked back in June after the Lazarus group managed to steal passwords Belonging to validators about 65 000

Wallets were robbed reports have long Suggested that North Korea is using Stolen crypto to sidestep economic Sanctions and fund its nuclear weapons Ambitions and speaking of existential Dread and not knowing when your next Breath will be your last oh Well you'd better do the the following Really really quick like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed one of our new crypto espresso Video goes live you're still breathing Oh good well you could leave a comment In oh oh no you still can't do that we Disabled comments because of bots Well you can telepathically communicate Your feedback to me oh Well I'm already getting some of your Thoughts oh oh none of this is safe for YouTube questions about our headlines or Crypto in general why not ask Alex in That description below Alex is a great Resource on all things web 3 and that Metaverse do dead end that about does it For today again I've been your host Andrew these have been your headlines And we'll see all of your beautiful Shining faces tomorrow have a good one


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