3 Months until Bitcoin Price EXPLODES to $150k!? (ADA, LINK, COTI)

In our business what's interesting is The wirehouses which dominate our Customers Morgan Stanley UBS marilynch At BFA Wells Fargo not one of them has Approved Bitcoin on its platform that Hasn't even happened yet and those are Our primary clients when that happens Explosion new information coming in Regarding the inflows into these ETFs so Many institutions still have yet to buy The Bitcoin etf's hot start seems Largely driven by retail investors data Shows that the average trade size for The biggest spot Bitcoin ETF Black Rock Hovers around 13,000 suggesting that a Big chunk of its demand is coming from Nonprofessional Traders interesting Bitcoin ETFs pulled a record 2.56 Billion in inflows last week this is the Highest weekly inflows since launching And not all not all not all but most a Larger percentage than originally Thought is retail siiz investors and This kind of lines up with what the Insiders are saying right Kathy Wood Despite the huge success of these ETFs She admits that the majority of demand That she expects to enter through these ETFs have not got their ducks in a row Yet to do it no wirehouse has approved Bitcoin yet so all of this price action Has happened before they approved and so You know we haven't even begun and Institutions like Standard Charter Bank

An 800 billion sized institution are Realizing the implications of this and Actually raising their bitcoin price Targets to 150,000 by end of year and then most Haven't even realized the implications Of these ETFs year after year after year With Supply flow decreasing every 4 Years like it's crazy what's about to Happen to bit coin so what's your Timeline for 1 million USD Bitcoin now And is there perhaps a price Target Beyond that now yes our Target is above That uh we've got a 2030 Target so it's Well above that and and uh with our new Expectations for institutional Involvement uh the incremental price That that we assume for Institutions um actually has more than Doubled because we don't know how Quickly we don't know how quickly some The the more independent registered Investment advisers here in the United States those platforms are saying give Us three months to do our due diligence The others are saying we need at least Six months so you know uh I I would put Those in the institutional bucket as Well but in your view Kathy all of the Factors are moving the price of this in An upwards trajectory yes indeed so Prices are down yet activity is up There's more demand every day and less Supply flow around the corner less than

A month till the Bitcoin having this Preh having consolidation is healthy Patience is key Bitcoin has crossed the Technology adoption cycle Chasm Bitcoin Has crossed this now Bitcoin is doing What Uber did Bitcoin is the Uber of Finance the world's most successful ride Share app Uber grew so popular so fast That it became El toally impossible for Politicians to oppose it that same Dynamic is at play today with Bitcoin Try as she might the politicians against Bitcoin the few like Elizabeth Warren Cannot beat back the waves of culture so Many people liked it from the consumer Standpoint and from the gig economy Driver standpoint people who wanted to Supplement their income that it became Electorally uh impossible for the Administration of the city to really try To sit on it and Crush that Industry and uh similarly I think you're Seeing with Bitcoin now there's so many People who see value in it but the Institutions really can't really can't Sit on it anymore it's just busting Through that brick wall uh in a very Democratic way the politics in this case Both commercial and government Institutions are flowing downhill from Culture so Bitcoin is expected to grow By institutions but look at this crypto Is expected to grow by institutions in This report by Bernstein they name

Bitcoin the ethereum ecosystem salana And other L1 blockchains gaming and Other cryptocurrencies the Cryptocurrency market is expected to 3x By 2025 this might be conservative but Analysts at Bernstein are predicting the Entire crypto market cap could grow to 7.5 trillion by end of 25 specifically They're predicting bit coin at a $3 Trillion market cap ethereum ecosystem At a $1.8 trillion market cap and top L1's like salana at a $1.4 trillion Market cap let's talk about other Altcoins let me show you that crypto is Growing not just Bitcoin not just Ethereum but quality crypto projects Like cardano cardano finally gets a Fiat Backed stablecoin the ticker is usdm Layer 1 blockchain cardano has welcomed Its first one one fully backed stable Coin usdm launched March 17th the Meen Finance founded stable coin allows Holders to Mint or redeem usdm via the United States dollar and differs from Existing cardano back stable coins such As djed and I USD which are algorithmic And synthetic based major milestone for Cardano and cardano is refuting rumors That it has abandoned its scaling Project Hydra cardano is still scaling Charles Hosk son took to Twitter and Wrote I've been seeing some videos Claiming that Hydra has been abandoned It is just pure fud the team has never

Been more productive and motivated there Is great Community engagement and new Papers on the way for enhancements to The protocol so I don't know who's Saying this but it seems the greatest Trick these VCS ever played was Convincing the cryptocurrency market That cardano is inferior in other news CZ binance founder of binance exchange Is launching a new project He says no new tokens but I say you Never know what happens down the line Ever since ethereum's Denon upgrade We're seeing eth layer 2os get more used Bas surges to 2 million daily Transactions the 350% jump in base daily Transactions comes amidst a vast Reduction in fees following the Denon Upgrade chain links ccip Revenue surges Over 180% over 2 months amid massive Adoption the cumulative revenue for Cross chain protocol which launched in July 2023 has reached 370,000 chain link Founder Sergey nazarov explains the Ultimate vision for chain link listen The ultimate vision for chain link is to Be a decentralized Computing marketplace Where developers can show up and request Any data any offchain computation any Connection to really any system that That could be an existing system or a Cross-chain system and to receive that Data in a trust minimized way so in a Way where it was computed using Oracle

Networks and is provably secure provably Decentralized provably reliable enough To control value and then giving those Developers and the people making all the Smart contracts the ability to modify What level of security they want so as The value in smart contracts grows they Need for security grows and so the Budget for security grows because There's a big difference between Securing a million dollars or a billion Dollars or hundred billion dollars and If you're securing a million dollars you Only need a certain amount of nodes and A certain amount of security features And that's a certain cost if you're Securing a billion that's another set of Features another set of nodes another Set of cost 100 billion it's like a Whole different story basically more Nodes more features more security Related costs so the fundamental goal of Chain link is to create a market where All offchain decentralized computation Can be delivered for data compute Connectivity purposes to accelerate what Smart contracts do and to allow them to Be connected to each other in ways that Create this internet of contracts that's The fundamental long-term in my opinion Goal of the system and I think if you Get to a world like that where a smart Contract can say I need this piece of Data I need that about identity I need a

Connection to these three other Contracts I need to be connected to Swift for something I need to be Connected to a CSD for something else to Get approval because you know I'm doing This in this jurisdiction if you can Compose all of that in a number of Minutes because all of those components Exist and clearly represent what they Are and have a clear price and have a Clear security guarantee that's Measurable then instead of taking months To make Financial products instead of Taking months to do transactions that Are complex they can happen in minutes To seconds basically as quickly as smart Contract code can run to collect all the Different building blocks all the Different data oracles and all the Different identity oracles and all the Different other contracts and other Chains with the help of the Cross chain Oracles and so then you can basically Build Financial products and systems for Everything for insurance for gaming for The financial system in minutes and that Really for me is the true long-term Vision of smart contracts it's not just Tokenization just like email is not just The vision for the internet the real Vision for the internet is All Information Technology all information Interacting with all the other Information in a useful easy to compose

Secure efficient way that's what the Internet is that's what we need to get The internet of value the internet of Smart contracts to just like it takes You a week to build a web application it Should take you a week to build a fully Featured thing that you can release as a Smart contract and Advanced Digital Asset that's really what we're going Towards Cody cryptocurrency launches a $10 million Rewards program to support Its version 2 token rollout in addition To the existing Cody token holders the Eligibility for airdrop rewards have Been automatically extended for all Treasury participants if you want to Learn more on Cody I'm an investor in Cody on bullish on the project check out This video we released 3 weeks ago my Name is Aaron at Alt coin daily 2024 is Shaping into a great year see you Tomorrow


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