3 Cryptos With a HUGE Potential! Don’t Miss Out on These!!

There are millions of cryptos in Existence and finding the ones that will Pump the most it isn't easy but Sometimes the cryptos with the most Potential are hidden in plain sight There are dozens of promising projects Out there that have fallen off the radar And today we're going to talk about Three that could surprise to the upside Especially when the crypto Market goes Parabolic and if you stick around until The end we'll tell you how to find more Of these crypto gems stay Tuned I'll start by saying that nothing In this video is financial advice it's Purely educational content intended to Increase your crypto knowledge I'll also Note that coin buau team holds every Crypto we'll be discussing today but we Promise to be as objective as possible In our analysis as we always do that Said the first underrated crypto that Needs to be on your radar is near Protocol or more simply neara now Nia is A layer 1 cryptocurrency that was Founded way back in 2017 what's Interesting about neara is that it began As an AI project and that's the idea Behind the name you know AI is near now This is interesting because AI has been One of the biggest narratives both in Crypto and in stocks and yet Nia seems To have gone relatively unnoticed now This seems to have changed when neara

Co-founder Ilia pukin appeared on a Panel discussion with Nvidia CEO Jensen Hang and this is because Ilia happens to Be a co-author to an AI research paper Called quote attention is all you need It was published way back in 2017 and The paper is believed to be one of the Most significant in the AI field and That's because it details an AI Architecture called the Transformer Which completely revolutionized AI Development it seems that Ila's reward Was to be touched on the arm by Jensen Himself something that's become a bit of A meme in the near Community I'll tell You what's not a meme though but have You heard of the uh Touch of Guy it's infinitely more significant Than the touch of Jensen just saying by The way that's from a Time Ilia came Into the office to do an interview with Jess and we'll leave a link to that in The bottom of the description for you Guys Jokes Aside it should come as no Surprise then that Nia has been Embracing its AI Roots just last month The project announced the next stage of Its road map basically Ground Zero for User owned AI in other words to be the Hub of AI that isn't controlled by Tech Giants like Microsoft Google etc etc Obviously this is a goal that every Other AI crypto project has um either Explicitly or implicitly but it's not

Just Nia's impressive AI Origins that Give it strong potential Nia's enormous Amount of of funding Real World Adoption And Innovative Tech is what gives the Project the sharpest Edge among its Competitors Nia is estimated to have Raised over $540 million since its Inception notably Most of this funding happened after its Main net launched in early 2020 and this Is significant as it's relatively rare For projects to raise money after Launching it usually comes in earlier Funding rounds before they hit tge or Token generation event and what this Shows is a sign that investors believe The project has strong potential the Idea that Nia has potential is more than Just hopium and that's because its Blockchain happens to be the home of Kai Ching the most popular DAP in Cryptocurrency you see kaai Ching is a Shopping app with over 11 million Monthly active users according to D Radar and it's just one of the many Popular deps on near protocol this Incredible Real World Adoption is thanks To n's focus on abstracting away the Parts of crypto that prevent average Persons and people from adopting it such As setting up a crypto wallet for Example and this is just the tip of the Iceberg as Nia hopes to be the Abstraction layer for well all of crypto

Put simply Nia wants to make it possible For developers to deploy cross-chain Daps that are accessible to non- crypto Users the launch of Nia's cross-chain Signature Tech in March makes this Possible the result is that Nia could Become the de facto front end for all Crypto daps throw n's user owned AI Tools into the mix and you have a recipe For some Mass adoption by the way if You're enjoying this video so far be Sure to smash that like button and Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell as well so you don't Miss the next one now before we give you A price Target it's important to unpack What we all really here for right the Technology you see Nia uses a sharded Proof of stake blockchain that can Increase or decrease the number of Shards to help with scaling I.E that is Fast enough to support all of its users And daps this is called Dynamic Resharding and if you want to learn more About how it works uh you can check out Our most recent NE protocol update which Will be down in the description for you Guys now for the price as you can see Mia isn't looking that pretty and it Could be in the process of painting a Double top pattern that could take its Price lower in the short term in the Long term however the bullish picture For near becomes clear when you take a

Look at its circulating Supply and Market cap you see unlike most cryptos Most of ni's Supply is already in Circulation and what this means is that It's unlikely to experience excessive Selling pressure from insiders if you Watched our recent video about fdv Cryptos or or fully diluted value Cryptos you'll know that this is a big Part of why so many else have been Underperforming meanwhile n's market cap Suggests that it could fall by another 40% or so before eventually moving Higher and this could bring Nia's market Cap down to around $3 billion which is Nothing really relative to its narrative Adoption and Technology the project is Also very well capitalized to deliver on All three of those in our humble opinion Uh near hitting a market cap of around $30 billion would be a conservative Estimate for a bull market top and this Would translate to roughly 6X return From its current price and 10x if it Falls to the 3 billion market cap I Mentioned a few moments ago so in our View this makes near underrated relative To other large cap alts by the way if You want to maximize your near gains Then check out the coin Bureau deals Page it's got trading fee discounts of Up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 on the best crypto exchanges see These deals are only available to coin

Bureau viewers and won't be around for Long so take advantage of them while you Still can using that link down in the Description on that note another Underrated crypto that needs to be on Your radar is ton coin now this might be Surprising considering that ton coin has Been in the news a lot lately however we Believe the ton coin has only realized a Fraction of the potential it could have During this bull market and that's Because ton coin is a crypto project That's closely affiliated with telegram Now if you are in the crypto Community You're probably already very familiar With telegram however for those of you Hearing about it for the first time it's A messaging app with an estimated 800 Million monthly active users but the Fact that it's popular in crypto Increases is the chances that telegram's Ton coin Integrations will gain traction Some would say this is guaranteed given The connections that telegram has two Ton coin to bring you up to speed ton Coin was originally founded by Telegram's Founders it was originally Called the telegram open network or ton For short in 2018 ton raised a Staggering $1.7 billion in an Ico aside From Ton's telegram connections its Massive Ico seems to have been due to Its mind-blowing Tech you see ton coin Appears to be the fastest smart contract

Crypto clocking in at over 100,000 Transactions per second and and that's Thanks to its novel architecture which Isn't too dissimilar from that of near Of course uh ton was subsequently Targeted by the SEC and most of the Ico Money was returned to investors what's Fascinating though is the fact that the SEC cracked down on ton shortly before Its main net was scheduled to launch and This is fascinating because of what had Been going on with Facebook's Libra to Refresh your memory Facebook announced a Cryptocurrency called Libra in 2019 and To say that governments around the world Were freaked out about it is an Understatement they were terrified at The prospect of big Tech currency Competing with their National currencies So they rush to shut it down here's a Fun fact The announcement of Facebook's Libra Seems to have been the Catalyst for most Of the crypto regulations we see today Given this fact it's clear why the SEC Cracked down on ton when it did the US Government was concerned that ton was Effectively Libra 2.0 due to its Connections to telegram anyways after The SEC cracked down on ton the project Put all of its ton coins into special Smart contracts that could be mined by Anyone and in 2022 the mining finished And ton coin was born a new crypto

Project that is independent of telegram On paper but seems to be Affiliated in Practice since its launch ton coin has Been slowly integrating with telegram Highlights include the following the Launch of the telegram wallet bot in 2022 telegram founder paval durv Announcing he holds an undisclosed Amount of ton in 2023 and telegram accepting only ton Coin for for ad payments earlier this Year while ton coin has recently been Making the headlines due to its crypto Games ton coin's killer use case is to Be a payments Network this fact seems to Have been overlooked by most crypto Investors and the few that are aware of It don't seem to understand just how Crazy bullish it could be for ton not to Brag but um this is something we Predicted in our review of ton coin for Our coin Bureau club members late last Year specifically we predicted that ton Coin would team up with tether for usdt Payments on Telegram and earlier this Year that's exactly what happened where Tether and ton coin announced a Partnership at token 2049 so ridle me This what do you get when you combine a Hypers scalable blockchain one of the World's largest social media platforms And the largest stable coin you get the Most accessible payments platform on the Planet and it's coming together right

Before our very eyes with ton right at The center according to defi llama there Is already almost half a billion dollars Of usdt on ton coin it's safe to assume That this growth is likely to continue And it's guaranteed if we start to see Crackdowns on other blockchains with Lots of usdt the elephant in the room Here is of course Tron which has also Faced a lot of scrutiny speaking of Which we believe it's possible that ton Coin's purpose is to replace Tron as the Most popular blockchain for usdt and This is because crypto exchanges around The world are now offering zero fee usdt Withdrawals to ton coin Once Upon a Time Tron used to have this and it's a big Reason about how it got so big whatever The case ton coin's connections to Telegram essentially makes it the Facebook Libra that never launched and Of course this is a double-edged sword Uh because it means that ton has Unprecedented potential but on the other Hand it also means that ton coin could Face scrutiny from Regulators around the World moreover ton is it's clearly Overheated in the short term and is long Overdue a correction Quick Check of the Charts tells you that ton Could Fall by More than 50% if this correction Materializes the Silver Lining though is That it could bring Ton's market cap Back to a modest 7 to8 billion giving it

Of course long-term potential to be Exact the this could give ton 10x Potential which makes it underrated Relative to other similarly sized Cryptos there is a caviat though and That's Ton's Supply now the ton Wales Website suggests that most of the supply Is held in just a few wallets this of Course suggests large Insider Holdings the catch is that these large Insiders are likely related to telegram They evidently want to turn the social Media platform into the kind of super App that Elon Musk is trying to build as Such they're probably waiting for ton to Grow before taking any profits and they Know that any dump in the price could Hurt telegram it goes without saying That this is not guaranteed and that Every crypto has its own risk reward Profile however on a risk reward basis Ton seems to have much more potential Than similarly sized cryptos even at its Current market cap and this makes ton Coin worth including in our top three Underrated cryptos and this brings me to The third and final underrated crypto That needs to be on your radar and That's Celestia now believe it or not But Celestia has the potential to Permanently change how cryptocurrencies Work and the project could play a key Role in the architecture that next Generation blockchains May adopt to

Understand why you must first understand How crypto blockchains currently work You see currently crypto blockchains do Three things they execute AKA process Transactions uh they verify that these Transactions are indeed valid and they Store these transactions these are Called monolithic blockchains because They do all three of these things of Course it's technically a lot more Complicated than this but let's keep it Simple for this video now Celestia is The first modular blockchain meaning it Doesn't do all three of these things Celestia only provides transaction Verification and storage and this makes It possible possible for crypto Blockchains to focus on execution and Outsource verification and storage to Celestia this of course increases their Speed and efficiency here's where things Get a little bit technical so bear with Me as some of you will know there are Over 50 layer Twos for blockchains like Ethereum and almost another 50 currently In development you can think of layer Tws as being execution layers that Leverage blockchains like ethereum for Verification and Storage the technical Bit is that these layer 2os also Leverage ethereum's blockchain for Settlement in plain English the ethereum Blockchain contains a copy of all Transactions happening on its layer twos

And this is done so that if there are Any issues on these layer twos their Assets can be recovered on ethereum Itself however many popular tokens and Protocols on layer twos only exist on Their respective layer twos what this Means is that many crypto project s Don't need ethereum for settlement as They're settling their transactions on The layer tws instead logically this Makes such tokens and protocols slightly Less secure but the thing is that not All crypto projects and use cases Require ethereum level security and this Is where Celestia comes into the picture In short Celestia is The Logical option For all crypto projects and protocols That don't require the highest degree of Security and you could argue that most Don't this is just because verifying and Storing transactions on Celestia is Cheaper than using ethereum for the same Function and that's even after the Latter's denune upgrade if there's not Much to lose for the crypto project or Protocol in question then there's no Point in paying a premium for security Guarantees it doesn't need now Celestia's low costs are a consequence Of its unique architecture and this Makes it possible to check bits of data From a block to verify that said data is Valid rather than verifying all the data In the block this is called Data

Availability sampling and you can learn More about how it works using the link In the description now the key takeaway With Celestia is that its blockchain is Perfectly positioned to support Execution focused blockchains such as Layer 2s Celestia has already partnered With many of ethereum's leading layer 2s And even some of its layer 3s the word To underscore here is architecture Celestia is going to be a Cornerstone in The architecture of many Next Generation Cryptos and it's possible that Celestia Could even evolve to become an ethereum Killer itself after all if it grows big Enough layer 2os could start using it For settlement rather than ethereum this Seems to be Celestia's endgame as its Founder Mustafa alasam has shied away From questions about whether Celestia Seeks to compete with ethereum take a Second to consider that Mustafa used to Work on ethereum and even co-authored Research papers with vitalic himself I Mean hick Mustafa also hacked the CIA When he was a kid so um it's safe to Assume that he's a pretty good with Computers anyways when it comes to Celestia's potential uh it's Tia coin is Unfortunately in the same boat as Nia And ton in the short term it's not Looking good and it could fall further Not only that but large vesting Cliff is About to come later this year and this

Could result in lots of sell pressure That suppresses its price in the Medium-term too however in the long term I.E between now and the end of the Crypto bull market Tia could experience Explosive growth and this is partially Because the modularity narrative is Popular with institutional investors and Institutional investors could get more Exposure to altcoins due to better Crypto regulations in the us Tia's Potentially explosive growth is also Partially due to its relatively low Market cap if Tia continues to correct It could soon fall below $1 billion in Market cap although its upcoming Investing Cliff will increase its market Cap Tia will still be small enough to Have lots of room to run a 10x could be The lower bound and this makes Tia Underrated relative to similarly sized Cryptos and it's worth pointing out that Celestia could surprise to the upside And this is because it has introduced a New approach to structuring scalable Cryptocurrencies the number of copycats That have emerged since then is proof to Its potential and never mind all the Crypto projects that have suddenly Started claiming their modular okay now For the big question how can you find More crypto gems like this or more Accurately how can you tell that a Crypto project is underrated relative to

Its peers well it all boils down to Figuring out which crypto narratives Nobody is talking about today but Everyone will be talking about and aping Into tomorrow you'll notice that this is What near protocol ton coin and Celestia Have in common make no mistake lots of People have been talking about AI but The first wave of fomo is starting to Fade once it fully disappears then it Could be high time to take a closer look At AI cryptos again and near is at the Top of that list similarly everyone Seems to have forgotten about crypto's OG use case payments the only thing Standing in the way of crypto payments Are crypto regulations and as I just Mentioned there's a good chance that Many positive crypto regulations will be Passed around payments and the like case In point there are multiple stable coin Blls currently being considered by us Politicians seeing how politicized Crypto has become there's a good chance That these bills will become lws at some Point and when that happens it will open Pandora's box of stable coin payments And ton coin is first in line it's the Same story for Celestia nobody knows What crypto use cases people will come Up with next but not every single one Will be a defi protocol requiring Ethereum level security as crypto Adoption grows there'll literally be

Thousands of new projects needing Affordable transaction verification and Storage with all that in mind all you Need to find underrated cryptos is to go Through the first few pages of coin Market cap and coin Gecko and assess Which cryptos fall into which narratives Then ask yourself is this a narrative That could become big during the next Crypto bull market the way to assess That is to compare the narratives Themselves and ask is this something Retail investors could understand and Into is it something that institutional Investors could understand and ape into Or is this a narrative that will benefit Regardless because it's an Infrastructure or architecture play for Instance retail investors are unlikely To ape into governance tokens belonging To um liquid restak in protocols but I Mean many institutional investors Probably will conversely uh you may not See many institutional investors aping Into gamey cryptos but many retailers Investors probably will by the same Token decentralized cryptos may not be Particularly appealing to institutional Or retail investors but they may perform Well regardless because they're required For all of the other narratives and AI Is an easy example here it will need Lots of decentralized storage and Compute power to run these algorithms

And if you are looking for a list of Other narratives and cryptos that could Perform well during the next crypto bull Market Then look no further than our recent Video about that the link in the top Right and that's all for today guys if You learn something new be sure to smash That like button to let us know if you Want to keep learning well subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell as well and if you want to help Others learn about NE protocol ton coin Or Celestia be sure to share this video With them thank you all very much for Watching and I'll see you in the next One adios [Music]


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