$250k Bitcoin SURGE by 2025 Happens Like This (Price Prediction)

Billionaire investor Tim Draper is Predicting a bitcoin price of two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars Within the next two years this is his Reasoning I'll tell you the reasoning I Have every industry goes through this Sort of thing where you kind of go it Goes up to a point and then it drops Back down you can kind of pipe point Because everybody's saying oh my God This is going to be so great and it's Everybody's excited about it but it it's Not ready yet it's not ready for prime Time yet and so then it drops back down While all those Engineers are working And building and making it so that it Fulfills its dream that that was at the Top of the hype curve there and and then It goes Way Beyond what anybody ever Imagined And so um so I I mean I I think the 250 000 might be conservative but I felt That it would get to a point after all The engineers had figured out that they Could you know once once they had Figured out how to put it together like Take the blockchain turn it into a Balance sheet and an income statement The old attacks with it have the ability To uh accept it as retailers you know And and have the transactions happen as Quickly as they do with the VISA Network That it would be that this this only Represents like five percent of all the

The market for currency and I thought Well yeah I can definitely hit that and Then I actually think from there It has it it goes up steadily because Um it's going to be needed more and more People are going to be using it and They'll use it not just for a store of Value not just for remittance not just From micro payments but as a currency And so it's going to have that value Just keep going I'm reading some of your Comments I'm responding to some of your Comments and I can see what many of you Are saying you're right Tim Draper has Bet on bitcoin before the first time all The way back in 2013 Tim Draper bet that Bitcoin would hit a price of ten Thousand dollars within the next three Years a ten thousand dollar bitcoin Price in 2013 was seen as a ludicrous at The time 2013 Bitcoin was about 200 and I made that prediction that it would hit 10 000 by 2017. and then weirdly about Three years to the day It hit ten thousand And it went beyond that came back down To about four thousand I know I know I'm Reading some of your comments you're Right and then in 2018 Tim Draper Predicted Bitcoin would hit 250 000 by 2022. as you know that didn't happen Tim Draper has taken accountability for what Turned out to be a wrong prediction for 250k by 2022 Tim Draper has adjusted his

Time frame for his 250k bitcoin price Forecast according to his most recent Tweet on Friday Tim Draper now believes It could take until the end of June 2025 For Bitcoin to reach a price point of 250 000 per one coin well what was the Reason you were wrong Tim what was the Reason Bitcoin did not reach the level In the timing you thought it would take Well Draper recently criticized or Rather raised concerns regarding crypto Regulation in America and criticized the Enforcement approach taken by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Suppressing prices regulation by Enforcement is killing our economy he Says it's killing China too I think We've got a real problem because the SEC Has been spreading fear and all of the Innovators are leaving the country this Regulation by enforcement makes no sense So a 250 000 price per Bitcoin by 2025 Do you think this is reasonable do you Think this will happen Tim Draper is Sure of this this is Tim Draper Explaining the exact moment when a light Bulb went off in his head Bitcoin will Hit 250 000 per coin because of this by The way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel

Daily videos a real light bulb went off When Sebastian Serrano went through Boost and uh boost is a an accelerator My son created and uh and he went Through Boost and he and he said yeah Um I've lived in Argentina all my life And my parents Fortune has been built And then disappeared three times in my Life and I'm only 30 years old And he said currency manipulation is Almost worse than you know one of these African governments that comes in and Says your money you know I I'm taking Your business from you uh with guns so Uh anyway he he said Bitcoin is our Savior they're only 21 million of them They can't Inflate out of it you can't print money And destroy my value I can build a Business that has great value and no one Can take that away because it's Global And and it's uh frictionless and and can Move from one country to another but Bitcoin is so volatile Tim Draper that Can't happen Bitcoin is too volatile People say oh it's very volatile and I Said what are you talking about one Bitcoin is worth one Bitcoin it's all These other currencies that are very Volatile as they slowly disappear from Use I think this will happen eventually By 2025 likely but at some point this Will happen the question is so once Bitcoin hits a quarter million per coin

Tim Draper are you gonna sell and then They say well so are you going to sell Your Bitcoin and I say into what what am I going to do take the currency of the Future and trade it for the currency the Past what it's like taking dollars and Converting them to Confederate dollars Or taking Euros converting them to French francs or drachma I mean I you Don't want that I remember these are no Good they're good yeah and I remember Very I'm very excited about the future I Think we're going to have a currency That that is global and no longer tribal You know we all our currencies were Tribal we used to all be tribal until The internet came the borders really Meant something important like you don't Cross this Porter or else we're gonna Have a war right now we want to cross The borders because we want to trade and That all came with the internet and now With Bitcoin we have something to trade With that's trusted on both sides of That border and then what will the Future look like if Tim Draper is right What will the future look like when Bitcoin hits 250 000 per coin what is Tim Draper's big dream you know my big Hope Is that I am going to be able to raise a Fund in Bitcoin raise a fund say pay me In Fiat turn it all into Bitcoin then Invest in Bitcoin in all these startups

And then have all the startups pay their Employees and suppliers in Bitcoin and Have the whole thing on a smart contract Um so that we keep perfect records not Just between me and my investors but Also between me and my entrepreneurs and Uh so that the entrepreneur can easily Show Look here's how we've spent the money And so I can keep these I can keep an Eye on how people are spending their Money and I can say well what about this And he said oh yeah that was a mistake We made back when how about this and he Says oh I didn't really see that and you Know we've gotta we gotta figure out how To tighten that up or do something with It that kind of thing is very difficult To do with Fiat and Banks and Entrepreneurs but if if it's the whole Cash flow is all done in Bitcoin it can Be automatic and you won't need the Accountant the auditor the bookkeeper You don't even need the lawyer for the Whole thing because it's uh it would all Be building a smart contract so I'm I That's the vision I have hey if you'll Be in Portugal around the 10th through 12th of July use our code altcoin daily 50 for 50 off tickets to block down Festival it's not just a conference it's An experience it's a festival we'll be Speaking there we'll be hanging around I Hope to see you there again use our code

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