2025 Cadillac Optiq entry-level luxury EV | TechCrunch

Hey everyone it's me Emmy and I'm here With the 2025 Cadillac optic not going To get a chance to drive it today but I Can show you some cool things so come on The optic will be compatible with Tesla's North American charging standard Uh but right now it's just running a CSS But you'll have an adapter I'm super Digging this interior y'all look at this Okay so there's a lot of really great Textures so this right here is a really Cool like recycled material and then It's overlaid with this clear like Polyurethane coating here's where some Of your ambient lighting comes in I've Got a nice big screen and because it's a GM product yep look your headlights are On the screen there's not a stock super Cruise at come standard which is rad but You know it doesn't come standard look At this oh do you see any Apple carplay Nope you sure don't but you do get Google Maps and that is a bonus All-wheel drive is standard with the Optique every single trim that will get You about 300 M of range out of the 89 KW hour battery pack but charging on a DC fast charger it only charges at150 Kilowatts which frankly I think is Pretty slow pricing however uh we're Looking at right around $54,000 Including destination


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