2024 Narratives For Crypto & Stocks!! You Must Watch THIS!

If you think about it it's ultimately The Narrative that causes an asset to Pump this is not only true in the crypto Market but in the stock market and other Markets besides this begs the question Of what the biggest narratives of 2024 Will be well a recent report by one of The most forward-thinking asset managers Has the answers that's why today we're Going to summarize this report and tell You how you could use its findings to Make a massive profit over the next 8 Months and Beyond the report that we'll be Summarizing today is titled Big Ideas 20124 it was published by AR invest last Month and we'll leave a link to the full Report in the description I'll also Quickly note that nothing in this video Is financial advice it's purely Educational content about the biggest Narratives of 2024 on that note the report begins with A disclaimer of its own the authors Explain that investing in cutting Edge Tech is extremely risky they know six Risks in total the most significant of Which are competition and regulation you Never know which companies will win or How governments will respond with that Disclaimer out of the way the authors Unpack the first big Narrative of 2024 And that's technological convergence They predict that there will be a

Convergence between AI blockchain Genetic sequencing energy storage and Robotics between now and the end of the Decade the result is that economic Growth could more than double from 3% to 7% and that the annual Returns on the Companies and projects involved in these Technologies could average 40% per year As a fun fact BTC has returned almost 7x Per year on average since its launch With most gains happening early on What's interesting is that the author See AI as the Cornerstone of this Prediction noting that it's the one Technology that will be heavily Leveraged by the other four they point Out that AI has been evolving faster Than anticipated and that artificial General intelligence or AGI could be Achieved by 2026 as you might have Guessed AGI describes the type of AI That's capable of doing anything a human Can it should come as no surprise then That the authors predict that AI will be The single largest contributor to GDP in The coming years this likely assumes That AGI will be achieved and that will Be truly useful as another fun fact it's Unlikely that AGI will be truly useful If it's unable to analyze reality Objectively as we've seen with existing AI models they tend to be extremely Biased if this bias bleeds into AGI it Probably won't be very useful because it

Won't be able to know what's actually Going on in the world anyways the Authors then go on to provide a detailed Breakdown of their predictions for each Of the five Technologies over the next Few years the tldr is that they will Experience exponential adoption and Growth this once again assumes that each Of these Technologies can deliver on Their implicit Promises by the way if You're enjoying the video so far be sure To smash that like button to help others Enjoy it and subscribe to the channel And ping the notification Bell to make Sure you enjoy the next one you're most Kind we inter up this program for an Emergency crypto where the forecast get Ready for the Whirlwind of savings we're Seeing a high pressure sign up bonus System forming in the Northeast with Some exchanges offering up to $60,000 Lush in the South we'll be Seeing some heavy discounts on Hardware Wallets so watch out for those if you're Going to be out and about and then over In central areas there's a high chance Of trading fee discounts which should be Threaten in later on up to 60% off there Amazing for a more comprehensive Forecast visit the coin buau deals page Using the link in the description these Deals are red hot so make sure to take All necessary Precautions that's all for the forecast

Now back to our schedule program now This ties into the second big Narrative Of 2024 which is obviously AI the author Start by saying that the iPhone moment Of chat gbt has left companies tripping Over themselves to figure out how they Can leverage AI the authors predict that It could increase employee productivity By 4X to drive the point home the Authors provide a graph showcasing how Many times AI was mentioned in earning Calls before and after the launch of Chat gbt what's eye openening is that AI Was already being mentioned in earning Calls prior to the chat gbt's launch That number tripled after its launch However now you would be forgiven for Thinking that AI would immediately put Unskilled people out of work well the Authors touch on some surprising Research and that's the AI has actually Improved the the performance of the Least skilled employees while the most Skilled employees saw only marginal Benefits not only that but AI seems to Have disrupted creative labor the most The authors highlight the incredible Improvements to text image platforms Like mid Journey some of you might have Also heard that open AI is on the brink Of releasing a text video platform Called sora to drive the point home the Author's provide a graph showcasing the Cost of writing 1,000 Works naturally

It's fallen off a cliff ever since tools Like chat gbt have been released at the Same time the cost of training AI has Been on a sharp decline making these Tools even better there's just one Caveat and that's data the authors Predict that AI models will essentially Exhaust the data sources that they can Be trained on by the end of the year While there are other data sources and Sets to be found their lack of Accessibility could slow down or even Cap the evolution of AI models the Silver Lining is that the existing data Will still be enough to train AI models To the point where they can increase Worker productivity significantly Although a Forex increase in Productivity is the base case of the Authors they reveal that the Productivity gains could range anywhere Between 2.5x and 6.5x now the third big Narrative of 2024 Is another Biggie and that's Bitcoin Funly enough the authors commence with Another disclaimer stressing that BTC And crypto are are risky this is Presumably because AR invest offers a Spot Bitcoin ETF and doesn't want to Risk getting sued anyhow the author State that crypto is becoming its own Bonafide asset class with BTC as the top Student so to speak they compare btc's Qualities to other assets before doing

The same for returns as you can see Btc's average annual return has been 40% Over the last 7 years dominating other Assets the author's reveal the secret to Getting these gains is to huddle as Proof they point to the fact that 100% Of BTC holders who have huddled over the Last 5 years are in profit of course This could change if BTC crashes in late May or early June but the key takeaway Is clear patience equals profit more About the potential Q2 crash in the Description but moving on now besides Its impressive annual Returns what makes BTC so impressive as an asset class is It lack of correlation to other assets Based on the author's calculations bgc's Correlation to stocks has only been Around 0.41 Over The Last 5 Years with Even lower correlations for other asset Classes the caveat is that this could Change because of the spot Bitcoin ETFs If institutional investors see BTC as a Safe haven asset then BTC will become More correlated to gold and some would Say this is happening already conversely If institutional investors see BTC as a Risk asset it will become more Correlated to stocks logically BTC Qualities make it a logical asset to Have an allocation to the only question Is how much according to the authors Holding around 20% of your portfolio in BTC offered the greatest risk adjusted

Reward in 2023 they note the remaining 80% as being 40% gold 30% stocks and 10% Commodities Over The Last 5 Years though They know that the ideal allocation to BTC has been around 5% of one's Portfolio Unfortunately they don't say What the other allocations should have Been but the idea of having a barbell Approach consisting of Gold Plus Commodities and Cutting Edge Tech Plus Crypto is pretty appealing this relates To the fourth biggest narrative in 2024 Which is Bitcoin again for most of this Section the authors explained that every Everything that happened in 2023 and how It was a resolution for the chaos of 2022 for those unfamiliar the crypto Market imploded in 2022 and staged an Epic recovery in 2023 the only Forward-looking statement can be found At the end of the section in addition to Growth in new Bitcoin Technologies like Ordinals the authors believe that the Spot Bitcoin ETFs the Bitcoin Hing Institutional acceptance and Regulatory Improvements will be key BTC Trends to Watch in 2024 this pertains to the fifth big Narrative of 2024 which is smart contracts this seems To be code for altcoins specifically Smart contract cryptocurrencies the Authors reopen this with a bold Prediction and that's that the value of

Smart contract cryptos Will Rise by 32% On average between now and 2030 nice now if you're wondering which Crypto specifically the authors kindly Provide a list ethereum BNB salana Avalanche Tron and polygon a very Peculiar selection given the fact that BNB is arguably still an exchange token Tron is facing regulatory scrutiny and Polygon isn't as big as some other smart Contract cryptos this might have Something to do with the fact that the Authors Focus their analysis on Transaction fees and stable coin Transactions they note that stable coin Transfer volumes have exceeded those of MasterCard which is odd given that most Of these flows are related to trading And defi not payments regardless the Authors then cover the explosion of Tokenized realwood assets where Stella Enters the chat if you watched our video About tokenized rwas you'll know that Stella's over representation in the Niche is due to Franklin Templeton Launching its tokenized Bond offering on Stella what's ironic is that the authors Also cover all of the outages that Salana has experienced this is ironic Because AR conest CEO Kathy Wood Literally said that salana was better Than ethereum fortunately for her the Chart doesn't show the outage salana Experience in February or its current

Performance in all seriousness the Authors present another uncomfortable Chart and that's the number of Transactions on ethereum versus its Layer 2os you can clearly see the number Of transactions on ethereum have been Sideways to down while its transactions On layer twos have gone parabolic the Reason why it should be evident to Anyone who's used ethereum transaction Fees the authors reveal just how strong The correlation is between transaction Fee costs and user adoption it's too bad That their numbers don't reflect Ethereum's dancon upgrade which Significantly lowered L2 fees to their Credit though they hit the nail on the Head about why salana has been so Popular it's monolithic blockchain in Plain English everything is in one place With ethereum and layer 2os you Consistently have to bridge your assets Around which makes for a poor user Experience after reviewing how crypto Could lower the cost of financial Services that is upset the incumbents The authors predict that smart contract Cryptos will generate $450 billion in Annual fees by 2030 to put things into Perspective they only generated around 8 Billion of fees in 2023 now the sixth biggest Narrative of 2024 is completely unrelated to crypto And that's digital consumers this means

Connecting TV advertising social media Commerce sports betting oddly enough AI Assisted video games and AI enabled Hardware which presumably includes stuff Like the Apple Vision Pro what's bizarre Is that this narrative seems to hinge on The assumption that the average work Week will shorten because of AI which Seems unlikely it's much more likely That the average work week will stay the Same length as that's what will be Required for employers to capitalize on AI productivity gains so don't start day Daming of 3-day weekends just yet Whatever the case the assumption is that People will spend less time working and More time consuming stuff online it's Possible this could happen simply as a Consequence of the working some home Trend less time commuting means more Time spent on other stuff at least in Theory following a review of the rapid Growth in things like e-commerce and Gambling the authors make another ball Prediction and that's the AI will make It possible for gamers to develop their Own experiences this likewise seems Unlikely as it would eat into the Profits of gaming companies the seventh Biggest Narrative of 2024 fits hand and Glove with the digital consumer theme And that's digital wallets the key theme Here seems to be Clos Loop payments in Other words companies creating their own

Payment ecosystems and including digital Wallets as part of their offerings Keeping everything inhouse will not only Increase profits for these companies but Also save costs for consumers as a Result the amount of closed loop Payments could increase by 24x between Now and 2030 this assumes that banks Will allow these so-called Shadow Banks To continue operating now the eighth Biggest Narrative of 2024 according to Inv bestest is precision therapies most Of which involve some sort of genetic Modification it's telling that there's No mention of cures only therapies Providing a cure probably wouldn't be Good for profits but that's a topic for Another time and a different Channel lo And behold the report authors note that The main purpose of precision therapy Such as Gene editing is to address Diseases that conventional drugs can't Treat what's fascinating is that the Word cure does come up but only in Reference to two very rare diseases that Are difficult for big Pharma companies To profit from moving on the ninth Biggest Narrative of 2024 falls into the Same bucket and that's multiomic tools Which again are related to genetics to Be honest most of the section flew over Our heads as it deals with obscenely Technical stuff like proteomic Throughput and depth much more complex

Than any crypto if anyone can explain All of this in simple terms in the Comments please be my guest now the 10th Biggest Narrative of 2024 is electric Vehicles which honestly seems to have Missed the mark as some of you may have Heard EVS are falling out of favor as Everyone is realizing that hybrids are The better way to go it's crazy how the Solution to most problems almost always Lies somewhere in the middle in any case The authors seem to have missed the memo As they predict that 95 to 100% of Vehicle sales will be EVS in 2030 this Narrative seems to hinge on the Assumptions that AI will make autonomous Vehicles possible what's strange is that The authors simultaneously admit that The demand for EVS has fallen off a Cliff by providing a series of headlines To that effect they jux to both these With the growing market share of EVS but Admit the fact that most of this growth Is coming from Asia particularly China Where EVS are cheap to add insult to Injury they know the EV manufacturers Are struggling to scale profitably and Yet the cost of producing EVS are Apparently on par with that of Combustion Vehicles this disconnect can Again be explained by the enormous Geographical differences in the Eevee Industry and in car manufacturing anyhow The 11th Narrative of 2024 is another

Spicy topic and that's robotics the Authors come out the gate proclaiming That this intersection between Ai and Robotics will create General purpose Robots that will do everything and Result in amazing economic growth and a Better future for all unless they become Terminators instead of course but Jokes Aside the authors note that like AI the Field of computer vision has been Evolving fast and soon robots will be Able to see the world as well as we do One of the effects of this has been a Decreasing cost of industrial robots Leading to a surge in demand and a Tripling in performance relative to Humans by now you can probably predict The title of one of the subsequent Slides and I quote many companies are Likely to deploy more robots than humans Translation companies are buying robots Instead of hiring people the authors Note that this is freeing humans from Tedious physical tasks very debatable The 12th Narrative of 2024 is equally Debatable and that's the emergence of Robo Taxi To be fair there are already Robo taxis Operating in 20 cities globally According to the authors the thing is That they Envision a world where all Cars are replaced by Robo taxis because Of cost safety and other factors as We've learned over the last few years

However safety often comes at the cost Of freedom in this case it also comes at The cost of millions of drivers who work In existing Transportation Industries Overcoming these hurdles won't be easy And that will likely stifle the adoption Of this particular Tech now the 13th Narrative of 2024 is similar to the 12th And that's autonomous Logistics AKA AI Supply chains the difference is that This narrative depends on more exotic Transportation Tech like drone delivery As a fun fact Chinese Commerce giant Alibaba will be testing deliveries via Space Rockets whereas rocket deliveries Are still ways away K Giants have Already been leveraging rolling robots Autonomous trucks and drones for Deliveries the authors note that AI Pilots are better than human pilots and Use simulated dog fights between Ai and Human Pilots as proof spooky Realistically though delivery drones and The like will probably be used for Lowcost stuff when mainstream adoption Comes think food deliveries and such the Authors also note that delivery drones Could come in handy for emergency Situations as they can reach those in Need much faster but back to those Rockets the 14th Narrative of 2024 is All about reusable Rockets which are Seriously cool if you've ever seen them If you haven't then be sure to check out

Videos of spacex's rocket Landing we'll Leave a link to one of those videos in The description if you can't find one as Expected this section is all about Technologies that companies like SpaceX Are working on such as mobile to Satellite connectivity it goes without Saying that the associated rocket Technologies will decrease the cost of Space travel hopefully to the point that Holidays in space become possible now The 15th biggest Narrative of 2024 is One of the most underrated and that's 3D Printing FYI there has been huge Advancements in 3D printing everything From Firearms to artificial organs What's Wild is that Tesla is to use 3D Printed Parts in cars due to the cost Efficiency the reason why you don't hear About 3D printing more often seems to be Because it's been difficult for the Associated companies to capture value From their products something the Authors note they believe 3D printing Companies will become more profitable Once they start scrapping user data Yikes this brings me to the big question And that's how you can use the findings Of this report to make massive profit Over the next 8 months and Beyond the Short answer is to invest in energy it's Honestly shocking that energy didn't Come up as one of the biggest narratives In 2024 consider that the AI chips being

Produced by Nvidia consume as much power As a house millions of these chips are Being produced and brought online and if AI becomes as big as many expect it to Be there eventually will be billions of Chips now factor in all of the other Energy intensive narratives Bitcoin Mining requires lots of energy smart Contract cryptos require less energy but Monolithic chains like salana are Operated by validators that run out of Literal data centers that's energy the Same thing is true for consuming things Online the entire digital ecosystem runs On data centers more energy Precision Therapies and momic tools will probably Require energy too though we don't have A sense for how much on the flip side We're pretty sure that electrifying the Entire grid to support EVS is going to Require an amount of energy and Infrastructure that will probably take Decades to roll out the same is true for Robotics and Robo taxis as much as Companies are eager to adopt these Technologies it probably won't take long For them to realize that humans have one Big Advantage they don't need to be Plugged in the rising use of Robotics in Logistics alone could be enough to Strain grids the Rockets are where the Energy calculations get truly insane According to a post in the SpaceX Subreddit a single rocket launch uses

Around 26 gaw of power to take off in 2023 SpaceX launched 96 Rockets totaling Almost 2,500 gaw of power if our Calculations are correct that's enough Energy to power the UK for 50 years 50 Years the only technology that doesn't Seem to to require more energy is 3D Printing and this is yet another reason Why the industry is underrated that said If 3D printing becomes popular enough Its total energy consumption could Surpass that of traditional Manufacturing as a whole no matter how You slice it energy lies one layer below All of these Innovations and that means It needs to be top of mind when coming To profiting from these Technologies the Best part about energy is that it will Fundamentally serve as a hedge against The energy hles these technologies will Have to overcome let's just hope that The geopolitical situation doesn't Spiral out of control to the point that The hardware required for all of these Technologies to operate becomes a hurdle This is another Overlook Factor when it Comes to analyzing Cutting Edge Tech and It's yet another that could be very Bullish for energy it could even be Bullish for the bricks countries more About that in the Description well that's all for today's Video if you found it in informative Smash that like button to let us know if

You want to stay informed subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell and if you want to inform others About the biggest narratives of 2024 be Sure to share this video with them as Always thank you so much for watching And I'll see you next time this is Jessica signing off [Music]


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