2024 Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction (This WILL Happen!)

The having itself is a supply shock you Know the uh supply of new Bitcoin Introduced into the market uh declines Uh at each time that we have a having What we are seeing this go round is also A demand shock the upcoming Bitcoin Having is in less than 30 days uh with The introduction of 10 spot Bitcoin ETFs Combined with the institutional demand From the Bitcoin spot ETFs all of the Inflows that are associated with that This sort of aggressive buying of Bitcoin from institutions like Black Rock preh having is something we've Never seen before this is an atypical Setup that we have going into a Bitcoin Having where you've got alltime highs That Bitcoin and the crypto market cap Is trying to get back to but Bitcoin has Already struck what do that set up for This having to be different perhaps in The price action that we might see how High could Bitcoin go post having based On history and watch today's whole video We'll talk altcoins yeah so historically Havs are sort of um become a focal point In advance uh because of the way that They reduce the amount of new Supply and That impacts price because of the supply Demand Dynamic uh looking at prior havs There is usually a bull market an Extended bull market after the having Regardless of what happens before you Know beforehand investors are trying to

Price in or speculate about the impact Of the having but after it happens it's Like initiating a buyback program uh for A stock you know investors can take Views on that in advance but once the Program begins the company's out there Buying back its own stock every day and That has an impact on the market and Similarly with the having uh it will Definitely have an impact so the Bitcoin Having is not priced in it will Definitely have an impact on price and Even though Bitcoin has been dipping in These last several days actually down Around 177% from alltime high we know Why that's happening we're watching Grayscale outflows and by the way they Don't have that much left Bitcoin net Outflows in the last 4 days total 1.8 Billion while inflows by black rocks and Other funds have been unable to offset Them in fact we've only had two red Weeks out of all the Bitcoin ETFs Existence and as grayscale sellers are Slowly exhausted while Black Rock buyers Most of them haven't even started yet um You a lot of these ETFs haven't even Really started marketing their products To wealth advisors you have very few Wealth advisors that actually are Recommending it to their clients yet so We've yet to see the real kind of flow From alternative assets and uh just you Know retirement accounts pension

Accounts into Bitcoin that will come um Most probably later this year early next Year so how high will the Bitcoin price Go and again just to explain why Bitcoin Crashed political Insider Anthony Scaramucci first talks the Bitcoin Having and then explains how we always Knew grayscale was always going to have To sell and you had the having coming up And so at some point late April call it Around April 20th or the 22nd you'll cut The supply of new Bitcoin entering into The market by half you'll you'll start Spitting out 450 Bitcoin a day and if You have this pace of demand that should Push the price up a lot but remember I Would have never get that Grayscale would have been cut in Half two months into the Bitcoin ETF Approval so what do you think's behind That right now cuz that's I think it's a Combination of things I think Bankruptcy trustees at places like Celus at places like FTX Genesis we could name them all are Flooding the market with their Gbtc and they're just trying to get a Price above 60 so they're flooding the Market is that what you've heard that FTX is I think FTX is already out I Think they sold a few weeks ago but These other guys are still selling so Just understanding where the Bitcoin Price could go first looking at past

Cycles and understanding one year before Versus one year after the Bitcoin having We always see a rally into that event we Rallied over 400% over 100% over 76% Into the last three Tells us to expect diminishing returns As any asset gets bigger the volatility Will dampen but it's interesting because A year before this having actually this Is about over a month old meaning 50% is Now out of date for this having we've Actually already seen an over 140% Increase into this having from the year Before what we are seeing this go round Is also a demand shock that does Validate both the supply and the demand Shock telling us this time could be Different but after the having for one Year disregarding we we could have a Potential selloff the weeks directly After right buy the rumor sell the news Very normal but zooming out one year We've seen an over 700% increase an over 280% increase and over 400% increase Last having and if we were to assume That we will see diminishing returns Again and maybe this time only a 200% Increase Well that would put the Bitcoin price One year out over 200% from where we are Today March April 200% 200% at a top of over $190,000 per coin again this is assuming Diminishing returns this is assuming

That this time's not different even Though in some aspects this time is Different uh but we also never hit an All-time high before the Bitcoin having And so now we've violated that rule and So being at an all-time high going into A having where the supply is going to Get cut in half uh I think people were Like oh this could be different right This could atypical event though that we Should be anticipating so I think what It just means is like we're in Uncharted Territory now of course people who hold Bitcoin are going to look at that Optimistically and say hey uh that means The price is going to go even higher Than we thought it was going to go uh Another way to look at it though is just If we're in Uncharted Territory Anything Could happen right and so so you know One of the scenarios people don't talk About is maybe we just go sideways for a Long time and that'd be kind of boring Right um and so I don't know what's Going to happen but I do think that uh Again the Beauty and the Simplicity of Bitcoin is that it is the full Expression of kind of your economics 101 Class and so from an investor seat You're like wait a second if there's More demand than Supply the price is Going to keep going up this is an Ongoing story be sure to click subscribe For one video per day keeping you

Informed about crypto and by the way Altcoin daily will be doing a live Stream that day of the Bitcoin having an Hour or two before into it so again have Notifications turned on for the altcoin Daily Bitcoin having countdown live Stream and in terms of altcoin news Chain GPT and polygon Labs team up to Boost AI powered nft development I Actually want to put two different AI Altcoins on your radar one is AIT Protocol the other chain GPT both AI infrastructure structure for Blockchain in two different capacities But the news today is this integration With polygon chain GPT recently Integrated its AI nft generator with Polygon blockchain to facilitate Seamless AI powered nft generation and Onchain minting so this is where you can Generate nfts with AI and this Partnership promotes the nft development Process through polygon's efficient Framework to effectively stream line the Entire process from start to finish now Altcoin daily recently did sign on to Become ambassadors of chain GPT it's Cool to see what they're building and in A direct quote from the CEO and founder He says the chain GPT AI nft generator Is a truly awesome tool that has already Achieved some major Milestones including Generating over 21 million digital Masterpieces to date we are thrilled to

Work with polygon labs and believe that With its focus on scalability and our Advanced AI infrastructure together Will'll be able to make nft creation fun And widely accessible so if you like Polygon you like this and of course Quick update for AIT protocol Einstein AIT subnet registration we have Successfully transitioned from subnet 5 To subnet number three on bit tenser if You're at all confused by that I Encourage you to check out top five AI Crypto altcoins for 2024 but now that AIT is subnet number three with bit Tenser Einstein is back with subnet 3 Slot not only does their current subnet Fill a huge void in AI model Capabilities but the AIT protocol is the Team to build human feedback into bit Tenser so AI data infrastructure indeed Grab your tickets for the roast of Altcoin daily in Los Angeles a special Two for one deal is happening now link Below up


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