I have been within the whole credit card Points and Miles game for the last four To five years or so right after I got Out of my Community College days We've been stressing on this channel That some of these credit card offers Here are crazy and they wouldn't be Around here for so long and we actually Finally got confirmation that is the Case as an example the American Express Gold card we saw an elevated offer for This going from 60 000 points to 90 000 Points we even got word on the American Express Platinum Card where it was Offering over a hundred thousand Membership reward points but where I got The urgency and this new information is With the big blue bank and that is with The chase Inc business credit card Lineup so when I first got into the Whole game of credit cards I was just Like your everyday Joe I started out With first the Discover dick card then From there I moved over into the Chase Freedom cards I started out with my Basic beginner starter tier cards moved Over into finally getting my first real Flex card and that was these bad boys The American Express gold card from There that's when I actually started to Get tapped into the whole world of Business credit cards now business Credit cards at that time were still Fairly new I feel like that was a bit

More advanced for a lot of people Getting into the space But Here on YouTube I made a ton of videos just Talking about the full benefits of it How easy it is for anyone to get started It turns out you don't really need a Full Corporation or a business at all in Order to get a business credit card and If you happen to be self-employed a Contractor or if you've ever done things Like freelancing you know tutoring Someone walking a dog getting paid for Some type of service you're actually Eligible for these type of cards which Give you the most amount of points it's Pretty hard to accrue a lot of points From just spending money and then Getting like four to five percent back That would mean you have to spend just a Lot of money so one of the best ways to Earn a lot of points to travel the world For free or to just get a significant Amount of cash back is to get something Called welcome bonus offers for the year Of 2023 we saw such high elevated offers And I knew it wasn't going to be around Here for long and we finally got Confirmation it is going away so what Are these offers what's going away and What should you be acting on now well First of all the chase Inc business Lineup before they would give you maybe 750 cashback which is already a lot or Even sometimes less than that depending

On your offer but in the most past Recent weeks you'd be able to get 900 Cash back with the Inc business cash Card after you spend six thousand Dollars in the first three months of car To ownership not only that but they came Out with a brand new credit card the Inc Business Premiere and this was going to Give you a thousand dollars bonus cash Back after you spend ten thousand Dollars in the first three months but The Inc business unlimited card would Give you also nine hundred dollars Cashback similar to the Inc business Cash card and it looks like the Inc Business preferred is keeping the same Offer I think it actually had a higher Offer before a hundred thousand to a Hundred twenty thousand bonus points but It's really mainly within the Inc Business unlimited and the Inc business Cash and also the Inc business Premiere Card in the last one to two months I Finally have been able to get settled Into my home I started a full process of A new home development I would say like Two years ago after the supply chain Shortages after just dealing with so Many little hiccups with this whole Thing I was finally able to settle in Here and add a lot of expenses accruing And actually one of the ways that I was Able to get a lot of points early on Which has allowed me to have how many

Points I have I think three to five Million across all my accounts now it's Through getting active welcome bonus Offers so here's what I'll say if you Happen to be someone who's like more Budgeting and you're trying not to spend Too many dollars or you're in a very low Margin business where expenses aren't That high I wouldn't recommend anyone to You know go crazy about signing up for These cards but if you do have ways and Strategies that you can spend this money Whether it's buying furniture and then Flipping it or if you're eating out at Nicer places or your company's telling You okay put everyone's Hotel expense on Your card and then we'll pay you back a Reimbursement this is an easy way right Now for you to make tons of money so Just by getting three of these highest Welcome bonus offers that's gonna be 900 Plus 900 plus another thousand dollars Which is going to be twenty eight Hundred dollars back in value at a one Point to one cent Redemption ratio if You're able to get much higher Redemption Rewards or if you're able to Transfer it out to a hotel partner Airline partner and you get a Promotional offer or a deal you can find Yourself earning a one point to five Cent ratio or something like that so Here's what I recommend you guys to do If you haven't watched my ultimate

Business credit card video make sure you Watch that it's a bit of a longer video But it has everything that you need to Know in order to get started from A to Z And getting approved for your first Business credit card on top of that this Is just also gonna re-emphasize the Importance of making sure that you have A consistently good credit score you're Actively watching and paying attention To these type of offers so that you are Able to get the best historical offer That is around I don't know the next Time that they're gonna allow such a High welcome bonus offer to exist but You still have some time in order to Take advantage of it now now by the time These offers do expire I'm probably just Gonna unlist this video or something if You do want to act on it be sure to Check out the links Down Below in the Description and check out some of my Other videos as well like I said I Actually have had all of the chase Inc Business credit cards they were one of The best methods in me accruing a ton of Extra points and now I'm able to travel The world anywhere I want or I could Travel you know my grandparents over to The US and Korea at any time they want In a first class flight so it really is Beneficial in knowing that I have this Whole horde of points and it's something That all of you guys can do as well so

If you do want to get started be sure to Check out the links Down Below in the Description and we also have a full Business credit card newsletter as well So drop your email down below as well For that thank you all so much again for Watching this video let me know if you Do act on this offer and follow me on Instagram Twitter if you haven't done so Already and I'll see y'all soon peace


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