2022 crypto year in review: Inflation high, CeFi collapse, and more!

Welcome to the crypto minute 2022 year In review race yourselves it has been a Year inflation hit a 40-year high I Wonder how that happens Microsoft Jeanette owns 132 500 full Bitcoins oh Yeah the ethereum merge finally happened 350 new scam tokens were created every Single day this year we saw a true Black Swan event with the collapse of Terra Luna mass of crypto hedge fund 3ac fall Apart first there was a Celsius where do I even start with all the FTX you know Let me just stop all you really need to Know is that I'm sorry saw a few big Cruises nothing big just people like Voyager digital block buys Celsius after All that there's now approximately four Of us left I don't know why everyone's So upset my market Cycles are pretty Predictable at this point crypto was all Over the Super Bowl with ads from Coinbase fgx etoro and crypto call ton Of big hacks to see blue winter mute Horizon Bridge Ronin and Wormhole U.S Sanctioned tornado actual war on code a Ton of celebrity endorsements for crypto This year Matt Damon Tom Brady Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton shirt none of Them regret that Tesla sold 75 of their Bitcoin holding yeah at least we finally Got some regulatory clarity here that's A joke good job gemsler we still don't Have a spot Bitcoin into you let's take A look at how nfts are doing Elon

Finally bought Twitter and it's been Quite the Whirlwind keep stacking and I'll see you next year


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