20 Crypto Controversies in 2022 [ Crypto Espresso 27.12.22 ]

Well we have a handful of days until 2023 but 2022 still has some life left Right I'm your host Andrew and this is Crypto espresso and until 2023 we're Going to be looking at some of the Biggest crypto stories from the past Year today we're going to be looking at Some of the most salacious scandalous Crypto controversies to Grace our news But before we get started on today's List make sure to ask Alex in that Description below about the CMC 50. we Want our community to tell us what the 50 biggest crypto news stories of 2022 Were so make sure to check out our link And vote like you've never voted before In between all of the bankruptcies and The hacks there have been plenty of Controversies engulfing the crypto space We've seen squabbles cock-ups and no end Of very questionable decisions but to Put a slightly positive spin on 2022 it Wouldn't be the same without all of this Chaos and when you move fast it's Inevitable that you break things right And so here's a look at some of the Biggest controversies of the Year One One Greenpeace rocks the boat the Environmental charity caused a bit of a Stir by suggesting that bitcoiners Change the code not the climate and Follow ethereum's lead with a move to a Proof of stake algorithm well this Didn't go down well with some accusing

Green Piece of naivete and lacking Understanding of why proof of work Matters two celebrities feel the heat Over crypto endorsements Kim Kardashian Ended up paying a 1.26 million dollar Fine which I'm sure bankrupted her to The SEC but saw down a lawsuit brought By aggravated ethereum Max investors and A-listers who helped promote FTX that's Larry David Tom Brady and Naomi Osaka Now have legal headaches of their own to Deal with three tornado cash sanctions Cause a storm the U.S faced considerable Backlash when it imposed new Restrictions on one of the world's most Used mixing Services officials said this Was driven by concerns that tornado cash Was a national security threat with North Korean hackers using it to Launch Under stolen crypto for Bitcoin helps Power the freedom Convoy movement Truckers in Canada took to the streets Of the Capitol in protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates they were Subsequently blocked from GoFundMe after Raising millions of dollars and so they Turned to bitcoin well crypto exchanges Ended up facing a bit of pressure from Police to block addresses that were Involved 5. the war in Ukraine raises Some very tricky issues the West moved Quickly to impose economic sanctions on Russia with many major businesses Shutting up shop in the country but many

Crypto exchanges were reluctant to Follow suit warning that it goes against The libertarian values that the industry Was built upon 6. Kyle Roche Falls Victim to Candid Camera a mysterious Website called crypto leaks published a Series of secretly recorded videos Featuring The Roche Friedman lawyer he Was heard calling jory's idiot and Boasted of suing half the companies in The industry months later and Roche has Stepped down from the law firm that he Helped found seven coinbase's reverse Ferret Ruffles feathers I'm gonna try Saying that five times fast at the start Of the year coinbase was boasting about Plans to hire 2 000 more staff and just Four months later it cut 18 percent of Its Workforce and rescinded the job Offers of talented professionals who Were about to join as a result Brian Armstrong admitted that his exchange had Simply grown too fast eight Craig Wright Keeps on suing he won just one pound From Peter McCormick in nominal damages After a court in London concluded that He was not a witness of Truth and Hodlonot ended up smelling of roses After winning a high-stakes trial in Norway with a judge concluding that Tweets where he called right a scammer Were actually lawful nine were Politicians and Regulators a little too Friendly with SPF when Maxine Waters

Ever so politely invited Sam bankman Freed to testify before Congress on Twitter she was inundated with photos of Them arm in arm smiling to the camera And then there's Joe Biden coming under Pressure to return 5 million dollars of Campaign donations that he received from FTX his founder but remember too SBF Says that he also donated a good chunk Of money through dark means to the Republicans also and ten it's just not Cool being called the FTX Arena anymore Miami Heat stadium was rebranded in a Nine-figure deal but these days being Named after a doomed exchange accused of Serious malfeasance just it doesn't Doesn't sit well awkwardly it is a 19-year contract but negotiations are Already underway to help the venue Wriggle out of it and speaking of Wriggling why don't you wriggle on over To that like button subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that little Bell icon to get buzzed whenever a new Crypto espresso video goes up we'll be Back again tomorrow with another look Back at crypto for 2022. again I've been Your host Andrew and we'll see you then


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