2 Bitcoin ETFs DELAYED! BlackRock (& Fidelity) move forward with Ethereum ETF! (Do Not Be Fooled)

Breaking news smash the like button if You appreciate us coming at you on a Friday to clue you into this the SEC has Officially delayed the 1.5 trillion Asset manager Franklin templeton's spot Bitcoin ETF application this date was Marked on our calendars you can see Franklin Bitcoin ETF you can see this Date marked on our calendars here in Addition look at this Global X's spot Bitcoin ETF application delayed as well A comment period is beginning on this One they have 35 days taking us into Late December for the SEC to review Comments you can see that this one was Marked on our calendars as well and Actually the SEC ended up delaying it a Few days early in addition Bitcoin daily Momentum is drying up analyst crypto Rover says I think we remain to trade Between $38,000 and $35,000 for the coming 2 months after The news hits the market that the ETFs Get accepted we will enter the next Range and that's the question and this Is my question to you do you think There's still a 90% chance that spot Bitcoin ETFs will get accepted by January 10th January 10th is the final Deadline for Ark invests spot Bitcoin ETF now the analysts have been saying For days and subscribe to our Channel we Show you this kind of stuff they've been Saying okay we're nearing in on deadline

Dates for three spot Bitcoin ETF Applications I want to get ahead of it Because there's a pretty good chance We'll see delay orders from the SEC this Is what we saw this is what we saw What's the takeaway delays would not Will not change anything about our views 90% chance spot Bitcoin ETF applications Are accepted by January 10th the big 110 2024 I see so many people being fooled I Hope it's not you because I've been Seeing many comments in our comment Section on our videos saying that a spot Bitcoin ETF will do nothing for Price This is Michael son anden Heim CEO at Grayscale Investments grayscale is one Of the big ones waiting spot ETF Approval is a Bitcoin spot ETF really The Savior for price that we all think It is what if no new money enters isn't That a possibility he really spells it Out here listen I wish more people Understood this the premise behind the Rise in Bitcoin is that ETF is going to Be approved by the SEC and all of a Sudden everybody's going to want to be In it there's going to be a lot of Buying of Bitcoin Etc why should we Believe that new money will be attracted Into Bitcoin once an ETF is approved as Opposed to Capital being reallocated Within the Bitcoin Universe it's a great Question you know today without having Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the market there is

Nearly $30 trillion of advised wealth in The US just alone that needs access to Crypto that needs access to bitcoin by And large hasn't had access to it so the Onset of Bitcoin ETFs spot Bitcoin ETFs Really open the door to financial Advisers advised wealth really to have The opportunity to participate in Bitcoin in a way that they really Haven't had before and he was just Speaking about the wealth markets what About the institutions surely Institutions prefer ETFs too right so You talked a little bit about the wealth Market and the interest there what are You seeing from the institutional Market Are you seeing continued demand Especially given what just talked about With rates I think that the introduction Of spot Bitcoin ETF will allow for Institutions to participate as well What's been interesting about crypto as Opposed to other asset classes that came Along before it it was usually Institutions who had access first and Then it eventually trickled its way down To retail in the case of cryp in the Case of crypto it went to retail first And institutions by and large haven't Been able to participate and certainly Having regulated instruments like ETFs Will allow them to participate by the Way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this

Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos now it's important to note And again most people aren't talking About this we are black rock is Continuing their application process to Get that spot ethereum ETF as well so One week ago Black Rock registered its I Shares ethereum trust with Delaware's Division of Corporations today of a Continuation Black Rock filed a form S1 With us SEC again for their spot Ethereum ETF in 2024 do you think Bitcoin's ETF gets approved and Ethereum's ETF gets approved or do you Think one or the other or what are you Thinking this is how I see it in my Opinion this is a realistic scenario now The bullish scenario would be that it Plays out just like Canada eth ETF gets Approved shortly after Bitcoin ETF is Approved just like with Canada but this Is my realistic scenario the SEC will Most likely deny black Rock's ethereum ETF application and others keep reading Like retweet so others understand this Think about it the Bitcoin spot ETF Applications continue to get denied why Wouldn't eths Gary Gensler wants to give Ethereum an even harder time than he's Given Bitcoin even though ethereum is a Commodity here's the bottom line if that

Happens ethereum ETF application denial That might be a good buying opportunity As just like with Bitcoin the SEC will Have to approve the eth ETF eventually It might even play out where the Bitcoin ETF gets approved in 2024 but the SEC Still continues to deny an ethereum ETF For a bit certainly exciting times what Do you think will happen do you think a Spot ethereum ETF is inevitable or how Do you think about it if black Rock's Spot Bitcoin ETF gets approved first I Could easily see something like this Happening blockchain boy his analysis Here I think this is a likely Possibility if the Bitcoin spot ETF gets Approved first and we have to wait for The ethereum ETF going forward into the Next Bull Run I think that Bitcoin is Going to lead the charge by a large wide Majority because right now you have the Spot ETF pending approval Black Rock Pretty much is going to get that your Odds for a Bitcoin spot ETF to pass is 575 to1 odds it's 99.9 % chance of Passing one thing I want to talk about With the spot ETF is the effect that This is going to have on the actual Supply and demand of Bitcoin they're Going to be removing a massive amount of The supply off of exchanges new Bitcoins Being minted a spot ETF is going to be Essentially like having five to six I don't know does this change your

Thesis Fidelity like black rock is Doubling down on crypto they just filed For an ethereum ETF needless to say this Is bullish for ethereum Fidelity wants To create an ethereum ETF joining Black Rock in doubling down on crypto both Fidelity and black rock want to list Both Bitcoin and ethereum ETFs again I Remind you that spot ETFs in this case Holding Bitcoin and ethereum the biggest Cryptocurrency CES in the world According to analysts according to Optimists will dramatically shake up the Cryptocurrency space in theory will Bring a flood of new investment money Into digital assets particularly with The market heft of famous firms like Fidelity and black rock my friends Subscribe to the channel feel free to Watch these for you type videos that pop Up on our homepage here on YouTube it's Going to be a fantastic Thanksgiving and Christmas and we're really preparing for An epic 2024 see you guys tomorrow


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