12 Best Crypto Coins After BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Approval πŸ‘ˆ

12 best altcoins after black Rock's Bitcoin ETF approval crypto winter is Over a massive Bitcoin Bull Run is Coming particularly with bitcoin's Having coming up a black rock Bitcoin ETF on the horizon black rock is the Largest money manager in the world my Friends 9 trillion plus assets under Management and the CEO is doing press Going crypto is a flight to Quality this Rally is Way Beyond the rumor I think The the rally today is about a flight Into quality with all the you know all The issues around the Israeli War now um Global terrorism and I think there's More people running into a fight the Quality whether that is in treasuries Gold or crypto depending on how you Think about it and I believe crypto will Play that type of role as a flight to Quality understand what happens after an ETF gets approved because it's not just Going to get approved for Black Rock Many ISS issuers of a Bitcoin ETF are Going to start striving to attract Customers I like this Bloomberg analyst James safer James saart of Bloomberg Discusses the competition among the Issuers of Bitcoin ETFs as they strive To attract customers by offering a range Of diverse Services understand they're All going to be competing this is very Good for Price the ETF industry is a win Or take most right it's not win or take

All first mover Advantage matters one of Them they're obviously going to compete On fees if you're charging double the Amount of everyone else and you're Offering the same product like you're Going to be pushed out and I think Ultimately there's going to be other Ways to compete some I believe at some Point down the line we're going to have ETFs that actually lend out the Underlying Bitcoin as much as Crypt Native people are going to be ripping Their hair out at me saying that but if You can earn significant yield and give That in a dividend at an ETF there will Be people that want that just like there Will be people that I want this in cold Storage and no one touching the Bitcoin I have exposure to and then there will Be different ones that will try to do Things like there are gold ETFs where You can literally get gold delivered to Your doorstep if you have like a few $10,000 in there so I suspect that we'll See some ETFs come out here and be like Oh if you have X amount of dollars $10,000 $55,000 we can send the Equivalent underlying asset directly to Your your wallet which some people might Want that my friends this is already Starting I'm at Newark Airport this Morning for an extended weekend trip but I can't escape grayscale or Bitcoin We're all going to see a lot more Market

Like this in the coming Months think about it like this galaxy Digital estimates that Bitcoin ETFs in The USA could bring in 14 billion in Fresh cash in the first year of trading Alone that's equal to 410,000 coins at The current price in 3 years 39 billion And 1.15 million coins but even just 14 Billion will drive prices insanely High Get ready guys when these ETFs start Getting approved combined with Bitcoins Having combined with so much more Altcoins are going to fly you need to Get ready I'm getting ready here is my List and I'm curious to know yours 12 Best altcoins after black rocks Bitcoin ETF approval like the video If you Appreciate content like this like coin Litecoin is often overlooked cuz it's Just not as sexy as things like ethereum Or different tokens on ethereum but Litecoin has regulatory Clarity like Bitcoin Litecoin is a commodity for sure Like Bitcoin in addition breaking news Litecoin's hash rate just hit a new All-time high today look at this most People don't know about this most people Forget about Litecoin Litecoin makes our List injective like other blue chip Tokens in the space just made a Strategic partnership with Google cloud In fact injective is being integrated Into Google Cloud's big query this Integration is going to enable both

Developers and businesses to do a lot of Key things if you're unfamiliar Injective is the fastest L1 blockchain For finance backed by binance panta and Mark cubin and injective is the only Major token I can find writes ninja that Is continuing to Rally straight up with Volume increase in while everything else Is pretty much consolidating won't be Long before you start to see everyone Talk about it and starts to snowball due To its deflationary mechanics injective Makes our list next up is kind of an Interesting pick I'm putting anything in The board ape Yacht Club on the list Let's face it nobody wants an ape right Now we are in the depths of the nft bare Market yet Bard ape Yacht Club just had A major win with two individuals named Ryder rips and Paulie ordered to pay Nearly 1.6 million in Damages to Yuga Labs and transfer ownership of their Project to them because they infringed On board apach Club trademark and Copyright this makes the brand stronger I tend to believe that the blue chips in The space like Bard apot Club will rise To the top when the bull market hits Again but make your own opinions do your Own due diligence ba ayc makes the list You guys know that I like Tommy net I'm A Tommy Ambassador freedom of speech and Information is a human right building an Alternative decentralized internet for

Anyone in the world to access censorship Free Speech controlled data free Information manipulated agendas these Are all things that are either problems Or ideal that we can get behind so I Like what Tommy is doing in my opinion Out of all the Privacy Solutions and Alternatives in the space Tommy is a Blue chip in privacy now they just Launched an interesting program that's Really going to start to develop a buzz Around Tommy so they're making our list Today check this out Tommy is proud to Introduce the new Tommy Army Bounty Program let's shape the future together Join the new Tommy Army now and be part Of the Revolution engage and earn get Involved and earn Tommy tokens they say We've added five exclusive time limited Missions including a welcome Mission We're waiting for you I don't know guys This is the kind of thing that really Builds strong communities Tommy makes Our list I'm bullish on Multiverse X Kind of a dark horse in the L1 space if You subscribe to our Channel you already Know Europe's largest telecommunications Company by Revenue deuts Telecom is now Running a Multiverse X eold validator I Made a whole video on this so check out This video to kind of find out why I Like Multiverse X for next cycle Multiverse X makes our list salana for Sure is being set up for success for

Next cycle not only are they backed and Partnered with some of the biggest in The world salana becomes ecosystem Partners of Dubai free zone okx web 3 Exchange now supports the salana Ecosystem to Foster growth and Innovation not only does salana actually Have real metrics in their favor going For them salana tvl reaches new yearly High but they also just get great press Solana's impressive price rally guys Vanc vanac just released a monster Report and they're bullish on salana They dive into a lot of different Aspects and kind of future outlook vanak Predicts a 10,600 salana price rally by 2030 the Report also delves into a potential Scenario where salana becomes the first Blockchain to accommodate applications With over 100 million users so it's a Multi-page report and they go over the Bull case the bease and the base case For salana soul as an investment Conclusion salana May outshine ethereum By 2030 their beer case is $10 their Bull case is $3,211 their base case is $335 salana makes our list ethereum Makes today's list obviously ethereum's Economic model is excellent and should Become the industry standard writes Justtin bonds tail inflation guarantees Long-term security and fee burning makes

Eth more scarce instead of having to Choose between security or scarcity Eth's Supply algorithmically adapts to External market conditions ethereum Makes our list Mina protocol the world's Lightest blockchain bringing access and Privacy to web3 with zero knowledge Tech Mina is the world's lightest blockchain Powered by participants 100 plus Countries join us huge milestone 300,000 Blocks produced since Genesis they make Our list 300 ,000 blocks rolled up into One constant sized proof this is the Power of infinite recursion crypto.com Crow token makes our list crypto.com Just recorded its highest Bitcoin Inflows since FTX collapse my takeaway Is crypto.com is still here as the bull Market approaches they're going to be Doing a lot of marketing they're going To be putting Crow token out in front of You come use our exchange crypto.com Crow token makes our list binance BNB Token is is a little bit of a gamble Right binance is going through a lot Binance is going through a lot binance Continues to go through a lot it's Possible maybe even likely though we get A better buying opportunity than we have Now than we have had this bare cycle It's possible binance goes away right But it's also possible that binance Survives and if you want to take that Bet buy when there's fear in the air and

Blood on the streets ultimately up to You binance makes our list fra Finance Makes today's list fra Finance is a Rising star in the defi space recent News fra finances fed yield matching Staking Vault attracts 30 million fxs Steady early Thursday earlier this month Fra unveiled s fra staking Vault Allowing users to take advantage of Higher interest rates in the US so fxs Is the token it's their utility and Governance token as long as fra demand Grows this is a deflationary Tok token Guys make sure you subscribe to our Channel we bring you daily content Keeping you informed giving you an edge In crypto if you're interested in making Money in crypto make sure you subscribe Bull market is a coming baby we're Preparing you final coin making our list Today is xrp guys xrp and ripples Regulatory Clarity in the US is a big Deal just in time for this next bull Market I suspect xrp is going to do Better this coming bull market than B Market and you know I was bearish last Cycle for good reason this cycle I'm a Little bit more bullish


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